The Israelis are very good at pirating other people’s technology. What if they sell mine to our enemies? By David Rose

16 October 2011 — Daily Mail

The link to the Israeli government

Adam Werritty has close links to a London-based pressure group whose former chief executive held senior positions in the Israeli government.

Members of the Britain Israeli Communication Research Centre contributed to funds which enabled Liam Fox’s self-styled adviser to join the Defence Secretary on dozens of trips abroad where he attended sensitive meetings.

Until July 2006, Danny Scheck, a former senior official at Israel’s foreign ministry – who later became his country’s ambassador to Paris – was boss of BICOM in the UK. The close ties between the Israeli government and BICOM have raised concerns that Mr Werritty may have unwittingly been influenced by Israel’s secret service, Mossad.

Intelligence experts say Mr Werritty’s presence at meetings could have allowed Israel to monitor the latest developments in UK military technology. It could also have enabled the Israelis to discover in advance details of British defence contracts agreed with Arab countries.

Mr Scheck was Israeli ambassador to France from 2008 to 2010 and is believed to have since returned to a high-level post at the Israeli foreign ministry. He had previously been the director of the ministry’s press division.

BICOM also funded Mr Werritty’s appearance at a high-profile security conference at Herzilya in Israel which was also attended by Dr Fox in 2009. The organisation paid Mr Werritty’s return flights and accommodation. 

In February this year, Mr Werritty and Dr Fox were again guests at the same conference, which promotes Jewish causes. Mr Werritty organised and attended a dinner with Dr Fox, British Ambassador Matthew Gould and Israeli politicians. 

One of the biggest donors to Mr Werritty’s companies is Bicom’s billionaire chairman, Poju Zabludowicz, who is reported to have made donations to Pargav, the most recent company set up by the ‘adviser’ to fund his activities.

Businessman Michael Lewis, who runs the fashion retailer Foschini, was, until four years ago, Bicom’s deputy chairman. The Mail on Sunday understands he has contributed to all three of Mr Werritty’s charities and companies. 

Last night Bicom confirmed it had paid for flights and accommodation for Mr Werritty in 2009, but said it had no record of paying him any further money.

Asked if the centre had any connections with Mossad, a spokesman said: ‘Bicom receives no funding from any foreign government or agency.’

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