ICH 8 October 2012: Romney: ‘We’ll Arm the Syrian Rebels’

8 October 2012  — Information Clearing House

The Maimed: On Eleven Years of War in Afghanistan

By Chris Hedges

We envy those who, in their innocence, believe in the innate goodness of America and the righteousness of war and celebrate what we know is despicable.



Plucky Little Turkey Standing Up to Evil Syria? It’s Not as Simple as That

By Robert Fisk

Turkey is funnelling weapons and armed men across the border into Syria.



Mitt Romney: ‘We’ll Arm the Syrian Rebels

But Only Those Who Share Our Values’

By Ian Black

Romney is calling explicitly for weapons deliveries to rebel forces and framing the conflict in geostrategic terms as one which can lead to defeat for Iran.



Christian Zionists Back Israel’s Risky Policy Decisions

Censored Op-ed taken down from the Jerusalem Post

By Tristan Sturm

Nuclear war between Iran and Israel means they will finally be Saved by their Messiah.



Top 10 Things You Should Know About Iran’s Hyperinflation

By Cullen Roche

The current monthly inflation rate implies a price-doubling time of 39.8 days. For certain goods, such as chicken, prices may be doubling at an even faster rate.



Financial Warfare: Destabilizing Iran’s Monetary System

By Nile Bowie

It is important to recognize that these sanctions are not aimed against Iran’s government, but at its poor and merchant population.



Christian Zionism – The Rapture:


History and Influence in America.



‘Jewish Democracy An Oxymoron’

Democracy and Theocracy cannot exist together in one place.


Former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg on Israel‘s future.



U.S. Congressman : Evolution, Big Bang Theory are “Lies Straight From The Pit of Hell”


He serves on the Congressional science and technology, and homeland security committees.



Hugo Chavez Declared Winner


President Hugo Chavez has retained power in Venezuela, after defeating opponent Henrique Capriles, by a comfortable victory of one million votes.



US Prepares for Overthrow of Venezuela

By Tony Cartalucci

Rigged polling, coordinated Western propaganda campaign, and open conspiracy to install Henrique Capriles Radonski as head of new Western client-regime.



Khadr and Black

Stalin Would Have Been Proud

By Morley Evans

People everywhere can compare the treatment in Canada of Omar Khadr to Conrad Black.



Get Off My Land!

Daryl Hannah and Eleanor Fairchild Defend Fairchild Farms From Keystone XL


How can you be arrested for “trespassing” on your own land? Well, anything can happen when a multinational corporation comes in and expropriates your farm for their profit.



In case you missed it: The True Cost of Oil/Tar Sands

By Garth Lenz @ TEDxVictoria

What does environmental devastation actually look like? At TEDxVictoria, photographer Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of the Alberta Tar Sands mining project.



Reconsider Columbus Day

By Peter Rothberg

If you’d like to know the true story about Christopher Columbus, please read on. But I warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart.



28 “militants” killed in Afghanistan:

Twenty-eight “Taliban militants” were killed in overnight operations by the security forces in Afghanistan, the interior ministry said Sunday.



2 Afghan policemen, 2 U.S. occupation force troops killed:

U.S. military official said two U.S. special operations forces were killed by small arms fire. In the south, an Afghan policeman was killed and another was wounded when a remote-controlled bomb planted on a motorbike was detonated in Sangin district of Helmand province, according to provincial spokesman Ahmad Zarak.



Taliban mock US as Afghan war enters 12th year:

America‘s longest war entered its 12th year Sunday, with the anniversary marked by a Taliban statement claiming that NATO forces are “fleeing Afghanistan” in “humiliation and disgrace”.



UK: Labour MP: Afghanistan war ‘unwinnable’:

Members of military families will join Labour MP Paul Flynn at today’s ceremony, who was suspended from parliament over comments he made about the conflict in Afghanistan.



Pakistani authorities halt Anti-drone protest outside

Pakistani tribal belt: Pakistani authorities on Sunday blocked a motorcade of thousands of peace activists from entering the semi-autonomous tribal region of South Waziristan, where the activists had planned to hold a rally against the US drone war. Khan also criticized the Pakistani government for not taking concrete steps to stop the drone strikes.



U.S. Bribes Pakistan:

Pakistan freed of anti-terrorism obligations;

U.S. billions flow instead: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has quietly informed Congress that she’s waived the legal restrictions that would have blocked some $2 billion in U.S. economic and military aid to Pakistan. Disbursing the funds, she said in an official notice, is “important to the national security interests of the United States.”



50 killed as rebels take border town:

Nearly 50 soldiers and rebels were killed yesterday in clashes near Syria’s northern border, as Turkey hit back against what it said was new mortar fire from inside Syria.



Dozens of Syrian rebels killed near Lebanese border:

Dozens of fighters of Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been killed in a large-scale operation of government forces in Homs province, near the border with Lebanon, Al-Mayadeen TV reported on Saturday, Oct 6, according to RIA Novosti.



One killed in Damascus car blast:

A Syrian government official said the first blast was caused by a car bomb in the Fahameh district near police headquarters.



Arab allies limit Syrian rebel aid:

Saudi officials said the U.S. was not barring them from providing shoulder-fired missiles, but warning about the risks. The Saudis and Qataris said they hoped to convince their allies that those risks could be overcome.



Journalist Exposes Turkey Delivering Weapons to Syrian Insurgents – Video

Lebanese Journalist for Al Jadeed TV, Yumna Fawaz was embedded with Syrian opposition groups on the Syria-Lebanese border. When she witnessed Turkish officers distributing weapons to insurgent groups inside Syria, as a result she was taken hostage by the Turkish officers and her video tapes siezed.



Syria – Rocket Launchers Base In The Hands Of The FSA – Video



Turkey “retaliates” at Syria for sixth consecutive day:

The round from Syria landed 150-200 meters within Turkey’s border in the district of Hacipasa, according to a local official.



Erdogan tells Turks to prepare for Syria war if necessary:

“You have to be ready at every moment to go to war if it is necessary. If you are not ready for this, you are not a state, if you are not ready for this, you are not a nation,” Erdogan said in a speech on Sunday.



Turkey’s foreign policy takes a dangerous turn: OP-Ed :

By abandoning its “soft power” strategy and adopting a “military deterrence” policy, Turkey risks war with Syria, deeper tension with Iraq, Iran and Russia.



Turkish jets strike Kurdish rebel hideouts in Iraq: sources:

At least 12 F-16 fighter jets bomb Kurdish targets inside four camps in the Kandil Mountains in the autonomous Kurdistan region of north Iraq



Iran warns Iraq against inspecting planes:

Iran’s Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaeifar has warned against the consequences of Iraq‘s inspection of a Syria-bound Iranian cargo plane, saying Tehran would reciprocate the move in case of its recurrence, Press TV reported.



In goodwill gesture, Iran shifts uranium to fuel stock:

Experts say Tehran has converted over a third of its most highly enriched uranium into powder for medical research reactor



Israel kills Palestinian in attack on Gaza :

The air strike targeted a motorcycle in the Rafah area of Gaza. Another five people were hurt, one seriously, the report said. Two of the wounded were said to be children.



Israeli officials “honor” settler who tortured Palestinian child:

The settler website, Israel National News posted video and a report of the party which featured live music, many children and families



Israeli attack on Iran this fall is no longer in the cards:

The harsh international sanctions that took effect in July are now being felt with increasing force. Thus the question of whether continued economic pressure could bring about regime change in Iran has once again become legitimate.



Drone shot down by Israel appears Iranian-made headed for Dimona reactor:

Israeli news website Ynet reported that although the aircraft that entered the Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea would not have caused damage to the nuclear plant, it would give Iran and Hezbollah a major psychological victory.



Isreali death rate 10,000 troops in case of invading Iran:

“We don’t want war, but are fully prepared to defend [our country against any strike]. Of course the Zionists don’t dare to invade Iran and only speak [of war] to win concessions from the next US president,” said Rezaei, a former long-serving chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).



Freedom Flotilla sets off to Gaza:

A Swedish ship with rights activists from several countries aboard has sailed from Naples in the latest bid to break Israel‘s blockade against Gaza.



Yemen troops shoot dead gunman, hurt southern activist:

Yemeni troops shot dead a gunman and wounded another after they attacked an army checkpoint in the southern Lahj province, residents and a military official said on Sunday.



Boots on the ground:

US aircraft carrying soldiers, equipment lands in Yemen:

US airliner carrying soldiers and military equipment arrived in Aden International Airport in southern Yemen on Sunday, October 7, a day after the Yemen authorities announced they thwarted a military operation that aimed at targeting Anad Airbase in Lahj province.



Hundreds of police storms Yemen Interior Ministry:

The capital police briefly stormed the Interior Ministry in protest of deployment into southern regions and being replaced by what they called “Islamist militants”, a security source said.



South Kordofan: ‘Rebel shells kill five’ in Sudan town:

Five people have been killed and 23 wounded in an attack by rebels in the capital of Sudan’s South Kordofan state, government radio says.



Libya ‘dangerous arms source’ – Kremlin envoy:

Russia has called attention to the fact that the continuing spread of illegal arms from Libya fuels armed conflicts everywhere in North, Northwest and Northeast Africa.



Libya’s parliament passes no-confidence vote in prime minister:

Libya’s parliament passes no-confidence vote in prime minister, removing him from his post.



Did ExxonMobil Pay Torturers?:

The oil giant has long said it has no responsibility for atrocities committed by the government soldiers it hired to protect its plant in Indonesia. Now the issue could be headed to the Supreme Court.



Paul Ryan: 60 Percent Of Americans Are ‘Takers,’ Not ‘Makers’ : Video –

So we’re going to a majority of takers versus makers in America and that will be tough to come back from that. They’ll be dependent on the government for their livelihoods [rather] than themselves.”



Glenn Greenwald: The US presidential debates’ illusion of political choice: Op-Ed:

The issue is not what separates Romney and Obama, but how much they agree. This hidden consensus has to be exposed



Obama’s September Campaign Take: $181 Million:

The Obama campaign collected $181 million in September, significantly topping its prior fundraising record for the 2012 election, as donors energized by the Democratic convention rallied to the president’s cause.



Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit:

A program that built its reputation when times were good offered little help when jobs disappeared. Despite the worst economy in decades, the cash welfare rolls have barely budged.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,199


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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