VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 16 March 2013: One week before killing Palestinian dad, Israeli policeman stated wish on Facebook to slay Arabs

16 March 2013 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Palestinians, Israeli troops clash in Hebron; 6 minors detained
3/16/2013HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained six Palestinian minors in the southern West Bank city of Hebron and al-Tuwanivillage east of Yatta near Hebron on Friday. Locals told Ma’an that clashes erupted Friday in Hebron’s Bab al-Zawiya neighborhood between young Palestinian men and Israeli troops who detained three minors. On….

Settlers seize Bethlehem agricultural land, group says
3/16/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A group of settlers seized farmland in the Bethlehem village of al-Khader on Saturday, official news agency Wafa reported. Settlers from Elazar settlement planted olive trees and placed other structures, such as clay pots, on land belonging to farmers in the village. A few months earlier, settlers seized five dunams of….

Lawyer: Israeli court delays delivery of report about death of Jaradat
3/16/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — An Israeli court in Petah Tikva has decided to postpone delivery of final medical reports related to the death of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat in Israeli custody in February, the Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs said Saturday. Lawyer Nasim Abu Ghoush, who works for the ministry, said the ministry requested….

Israeli forces ‘detain 3 teenage shepherds’ in Hebron
3/16/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces arrested three teenage shepherds in the south Hebron hills on Friday after settlers complained to Israeli police that the boys had damaged a settlement fence, an international peace group said Saturday. The boys, aged 14, 15, and 16, were grazing their sheep near at-Tuwani village, located opposite Maon settlement….

Obama won’t trip over Netanyahu’s Iran ‘red line’
3/16/2013 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — US President Barack Obama visits Israel next week at the onset of spring – the “red line” previously drawn by his host, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to trigger an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. But an Israeli-Iranian war, Washington’s nightmare as it tries to scale back defence commitments abroad and….

PM: Bulgaria will not take lead in blacklisting Hezbollah
3/16/2013 – SOFIA (Reuters) — Bulgaria’s new interim prime minister said on Saturday he would not initiate any move to impose EU sanctions on Hezbollah, even though the country had implicated the Islamist movement in a bombing at a Black Sea resort. Marin Raikov did not give a reason for his decision — but it will likely….

Corrie family calls on Obama to seek justice from Israel
3/16/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The father of Rachel Corrie on Friday called for justice from Israel, a day before the tenth anniversary of his daughter’s death. Rachel Corrie, 23, was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in the Gaza Strip on March 16, 2003, while trying to prevent the Israeli army from demolishing….

Palestinian official: 15 killed in Jordan bus accident
3/16/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Thegovernor of Jenin district said Saturday that most of the 15 victims who died after a bus carrying pilgrims in Jordan overturned were from the Jenin area.”We are working on arrangements to bring the bodies to Jenin,” Talal Dweikat told Ma’an. The bus, carrying Palestinian pilgrims who performed…. Related: Report: 14 Palestinians killed in Jordan bus accident

UN body agrees on women’s rights policy, skirting sexual politics
3/16/2013 – UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — A UN policy-making body agreed upon a declaration Friday urging an end to violence against women and girls despite concerns from conservative Muslim countries and the Vatican about references to women’s sexual and reproductive rights. Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Nigeria and Sudan, along with Honduras and the Vatican….

Source: Arab League considers moving headquarters
3/16/2013 – CAIRO (Ma’an) – The League of Arab States is considering moving its offices to a capital of another Arab state or elsewhere in Cairo due to the violence there, a source in the league said Saturday. The official highlighted that the ongoing clashes between Egyptian police and demonstrators in Tahrir Square, Qasr al-Nil andCorniche….

UNRWA staff member killed in Syria camp
3/16/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Syrian shelling killed a staff member of the UN agency for Palestine refugees on Thursday in Khan Eshieh refugee camp, UNRWA confirmed Saturday. Nasri Hassan is the sixth UNRWA employee to be killed in the conflict, the agency said.”At this difficult time of bereavement, the thoughts of UNRWA staff are….

Ashton urges caution on lifting arms ban for Syria rebels
3/16/2013 – BRUSSELS (Reuters) — The European Union’s foreign policy chief urged caution on Saturday about a Franco-British drive to lift an EU arms embargo to help rebels in Syria, questioning the impact such a step might have on attempts to reach a political settlement there. Other EU governments rebuffed efforts by Paris and London at….

Syrian general, 20 soldiers defect, opposition says
3/16/2013 – BEIRUT (Reuters) — A brigadier general and about 20 soldiers defected from the Syrian army in two separate incidents on Saturday, activists said, in another sign that the strength of President Bashar Assad’s armed forces is diminishing. Brigadier General Mohammed Khalouf appeared dressed in a camouflage military uniform in a video on Al Arabiya….

Libyan embassy suspends work in Cairo after protest
3/16/2013 – CAIRO (Reuters) — The Libyan embassy in Cairo on Saturday suspended work for security reasons, days after Egyptians protested in front of the building over the death of an Egyptian Copt in Libya. Tensions between the North African neighbors have risen after attacks on Egyptian Coptic targets in Libya and the burning of the Libyan flag….

Saudi cleric issues rare warning in call for reform
3/16/2013 – RIYADH (Reuters) — One of Saudi Arabia’s leading clerics has delivered a rare warning to the government that it could face “the spark of violence” if concerns over detainees, poor services and corruption are not addressed. The conservative Islamic kingdom avoided any major unrest among its Sunni Muslim majority during Arab Spring revolts elsewhere….

Palestine News Network

WATCH: Dozens Killed, Wounded in Bus Crash Carrying Palestinian Pilgrims
Palestine News Network

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Relief Web

Syrian Arab Republic: UNRWA statement on killing of UNRWA staff member
Relief Web 16 Mar 2013 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic 16 March 2013 East Jerusalem It is with great sadness that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine…

Syrian Arab Republic: Five children dead in Syrian town bombardment
Relief Web 16 Mar 2013 – Source: Agence France-Presse Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic 03/16/2013 17:44 GMT BEIRUT, March 16, 2013 (AFP) – Syrian regime forces pounded the rebel-held town of Binesh near the Turkish border killing a woman and five children, and also…

The National

Date with the media is just the job in UAE
The National 16 Mar 2013 – For young students, finding that first job can be a nerve-racking experience. So why not try speed dating?

Assad accused of using more cluster bombs
The National 16 Mar 2013 – In the past six months, Syrian forces have dropped at least 156 cluster bombs in 119 locations across the country, causing mounting civilian casualties, a human-rights report said.

Egypt’s crisis may prompt army to return to politics
The National 16 Mar 2013 – Public comments by top generals that the military would not hesitate to side with the people if political unrest continues is feeding speculation that they are not ruling out intervention altogether.

Hydrogen still on the back burner
The National 16 Mar 2013 – Hydrogen has the potential to fuel the world’s cars, despite fears generated by airship disasters such as the Hindenburg in the 1930s. The problem is unlocking its potential cheaply. Using a chemical ‘midwife’, methanol may provide the answer, as Robert Matthews reports

Answer to UAE’s water needs may lie in cleaning up waste water
The National 16 Mar 2013 – According to the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, in 2012 treated wastewater met less than 10 per cent of Abu Dhabi city’s total water demand.

How to navigate Abu Dhabi by numbers
The National 16 Mar 2013 – Every home and office in the capital is soon to get an unique address but and older system based on numbers also adds up to a city guide.

Why the old Abu Dhabi address system can work with the new one
The National 16 Mar 2013 – As a lifelong citizen of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed Al Neaimi said he can find his way to any building, in any street, in any sector and zone thanks to a system he believes is actually the most user-friendly possible.

Pictures of UAE’s past found lying in an attic
The National 16 Mar 2013 – Neville Ryton, a corporal who served the British Army in Trucial States, has uncovered a series of slides showing the emirates as they were in the 60s. 


Secret Peruvian vote made way for ex-judge’s arrest, despite no extradition agreement with Israel
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Source: Obama says he’s not bringing peace plan because Israeli gov’t uninterested
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

After death at Tel Aviv half marathon, Health Ministry panel will set standards for ‘extreme’ sports events
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Marina Solodkin, former Knesset member who ‘never forgot immigrants’ dies, aged 60
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Netanyahu informs Peres that Israel’s 33rd government has been formed
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Peru extradites Israeli ex-judge wanted for bribery
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Bulgaria will not take lead in blacklisting Hezbollah, says PM
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Exposed: How much money went through Lapid Yair Ltd.
Ha’aretz – 16 Mar 2013

Jerusalem Post

Former MK Solodkin found dead in Latvia hotel
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Ex-Yisrael B’Aliya, Likud and Kadima MK had been at anti-fascism conference in Riga when she felt ill and returned to hotel room. 

Eisenbud’s Oddysey: The lesson of Israel’s existentialism
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – The most important lesson Israel teaches us is as timeless as it is priceless: that we are the sum of our parts, which will only function at peak performance with a shared sense of humanity and responsibility. 

Europeans at AIPAC
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – 70-strong delegation from Europe, including 25 members of the European Parliament and national parliaments, together with European pro-Israel activists attended AIPAC conference. 

Improving the status of teachers in Israel
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – It is troubling to see that the very discipline meant to produce our future scientists and to cultivate creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership in sundry fields does not merit the type of compensation expected for professionals in our society and economy. 

Protecting a holy site
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Mourners should not fear for their lives at any cemetery anywhere in Israel, but all the more so at the oldest continuously used burial ground on earth. 

Yesh Atid deal calls for school curriculum reform
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Soon-to-be Education Minister, Shai Piron to formulate new elementary school curriculum, according to coalition deal. 

Oren: Obama itinerary shows support for Zionism
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Ambassador to says Obama‘s visit sends important message of support for Israel at a time when “the Middle East is burning.” 

Netanyahu presents new government to Peres
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – New government to be sworn in at Knesset on Monday; Likud infighting over portfolios continues; new coalition plans to implement extensive electoral reform. 

‘Streisand to hold 1st ever Israel concert in June’
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Jewish legend of song and screen to hold two shows at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium in June, Channel 2 reports. 

Peru extradites former judge Cohen to Israel
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Dan Cohen, charged with taking bribes while serving as Israel Electric Company official, to face trial in Israel after fleeing in 2005. 

‘Bulgaria won’t push for EU sanctions on Hezbollah’
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – New Bulgarian PM Raikov says despite implicating Hezbollah in Burgas bombing, Sofia will not push EU to blacklist group. 

Passover items used in WWII found at death camp
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Worn out Haggadah belonging to Jewish prisoners was discovered at Chelmno concentration camp in Poland. 

15 Palestinians, Jordanians die in Jordan bus crash
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – At least 42 pilgrims returning from Mecca injured after bus turns over, Jordanian news agency reports. 

US asks Turkey for help with ME peace process
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Kerry calls Turkish counterpart, asks for Ankara’s help in restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace process; Ankara turns down request. 

‘CIA is collecting intelligence on Syrian rebels’
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – ‘LA Times’ reports the US is collecting intelligence that would be used for possible drone strikes on extremists rebels. 

Major US Jewish group elects 1st openly gay rabbi
Jerusalem Post 16 Mar 2013 – Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association chooses Rabbi Klein to lead organization, who vows to “create welcoming communities.” 

‘Obama is serious about peace commitment’
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – White House spokesman: Common ground will not be reached without discussing settlements, Palestinian appeals to the UN

Baby survives fall in NY strapped to suicidal mom
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – 44-year-old Jewish woman jumps eight stories in Harlem; 10-month-old infant strapped to her rolls away unscathed. 

Poll: American sympathy for Israel at record high
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – Gallup poll finds in run up to President Obama‘s visit to Middle East, 64% sympathize with Israelis and 12% with Palestinians. 

Plotter of NY synagogue attacks gets 10 years
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – Algerian immigrant admitted to conspiring to bomb synagogues in retaliation for “Jewish mistreatment of Muslims.” 

‘Kol dichfin, kol ditzrich’: All with special needs
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – Participants of ‘Darkaynu’ post-high school program may have special needs, not needy; full participants this Seder. 

Apartheid, genocide and the slander of Zionism
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – No, Israel does not sanction racism nor is it even remotely responsible for crimes against humanity. What we are guilty of, however, is at times being our own worst enemy. 

Grumpy Old Man: Tell the truth
Jerusalem Post 15 Mar 2013 – There’s plenty of blame to pin on the other side, but let’s be smart – and that means openly confronting our own foibles and even stupidity. 


UN Official: US Drone War in Pakistan is Illegal

Pakistan government says ‘at least 400 civilians’ killed in drone strikes

Documentary Exposes US Role in Iraq Sectarian Conflict (Video)

Gitmo Atrocities Continue

013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Excerpts from life in Gaza

The Falklanders Have the Right to be Stupid

Aida Camp residents drilled hole in Apartheid Wall


Ahead of Obama’s visit Israel detains scores of Palestinians in the West Bank

Daily Star

Security situation tops Mikati’s agenda
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 Mikati makes a series of contacts to discuss the security situation in the northern city of Tripoli and agrees with the head of the Lebanese Army to work toward limiting breaches along the shared border with…

Assad urges BRICS intervention to end Syria war: aide
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 Syria‘s President Bashar Assad calls on the BRICS nations to intervene to end the conflict in his country, in a letter delivered by his adviser Bouthaina Shaaban during a trip to South Africa.

Jumblatt calls for unity, says difficult days ahead
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 MP Walid Jumblatt warns that Lebanon faces a difficult period in the coming days and pays respects to Syrians seeking to topple their president, Bashar Assad.

10 years on, Iraq still grapples with war’s legacy
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 Throughout Iraq there are tens of thousands of victims like her whose lives are forever scarred by the violence of war. Their wounds – and those of tens of thousands of U.S. and other foreign service…

EU’s Ashton urges caution on lifting arms ban for Syria rebels
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 The European Union’s foreign policy chief urges caution about a Franco-British drive to lift an EU arms embargo to help rebels in Syria, questioning the impact such a step might have on attempts to reach a…

Aden strikes in protest at Yemen national dialogue
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 Residents of the port of Aden staged a general strike after a call by southern separatists in protest at the start of a national dialogue aimed at ending Yemen’s political crisis.

Iraq to spend $173 bn on energy infrastructure
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 Iraq plans to invest $173 billion in its energy infrastructure over the next five years in order to dramatically ramp up crude output, Oil Minister Abdelkarim al-Luaybi says.

Lebanon farmers alarmed by swarms of locusts
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 Farmers in north and south Lebanon wake up to swarms of locusts invading their gardens and crops and the Agriculture Ministry says it is investigating the phenomena brought on by the sudden rise in temperatures.

Obama renews call for investment in efficient energy
Daily Star 16 Mar 2013 U.S. President Barack Obama renews his call for developing new technologies that would reduce dependence on fossil fuels and shift American cars and trucks off petroleum gas.

YNet News

Pakistan government ends historic 5-year term
YNet News, 16 Mar 2013 – ….

Mofaz: Solodkin did her best to make Israel better
YNet News, 16 Mar 2013 – ….

Netanyahu: Solodkin cared for welfare in an honest, humble way
YNet News, 16 Mar 2013 – ….

Yachimovich on Solodkin: Helped thousands of people
YNet News, 16 Mar 2013 – ….

Livni on Solodkin: Never forgot the olim’s hardships
YNet News, 16 Mar 2013 – ….

Separate buses just a symptom
YNet News, 16 Mar 2013 – Op-ed: Palestinian-only bus lines mere expression of discrimination, complete segregation in West Bank ….

Palestine Information Center

Families of detainees urge UN to intervene and end their suffering
PIC – Families of two Palestinian detainees delivered on Saturday a message to the UN Secretary General’s envoy for human rights in Palestine on the prisoners’ plight.

Haneyya: Gaza will remain a shield for Egyptian security
PIC – Palestinian premier in Gaza Strip Ismail Haneyya said that Gaza would continue to serve as a shield for the security and stability of Egypt.

Appeals for saving Palestinian prisoner’s life
PIC – Family of prisoner Sami Issa Aridi appealed to all human rights organizations to save the life of its detained son, who suffers from a weakness in the heart muscle and shortness of breath.

Jewish settlers seize control of Palestinian farmland
PIC – A group of Jewish settlers seized control of a Palestinian cultivated land lot in Khader town, south of Bethlehem, on Saturday.

Ex-captive Mazen Natshe: Prisoners will resume mass hunger strike
PIC – Liberated captive Mazen Jamal Natshe said that the prisoners inside the Israeli jails plan to step up their protest steps in April in protest at the escalation of the repressive measures against them.

Egypt wary of scheme to assassinate Hamas leaders on its territory
PIC – Well informed Egyptian security sources have warned of a scheme to assassinate Hamas leaders on Egyptian soil in a bid to escalate tension between Egypt and Hamas.

IOA orders removal of EU-funded solar cells in Al-Khalil
PIC – The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) ordered the removal of solar cell panels providing a Palestinian community east of Yatta town in Al-Khalil with electric power.

IOF in southern Jenin prevents farmers from entering their land
PIC – Israeli occupation forces prevented citizens from the town of Ya’bad from entering their lands in the village of Mraiha, southwest Ya’bad, under the pretext of closing the area for military purposes.

Euro-mid welcomes putting key Palestinian issues on HRC’s agenda
PIC – The Euro-mid observer for human rights welcomed the UN human rights council’s intention to table key issues related to the Palestinian affairs during its 22nd round of meetings.

Adalah: Israel denies Palestinian kids in its jails access to education
PIC – Adalah center demanded in a joint letter with defense for children international (DCI) the Israeli prison authority to grant Palestinian children and minors access to schooling in its jails.


Israeli Settlers Seize Land near Bethlehem
WAFA – 16 Mar 2013

UNRWA Mourns Death of Palestinian Staffer in Syria Conflict
WAFA – 16 Mar 2013

Dozens Killed, Wounded in Bus Crash carrying Palestinian Pilgrims
WAFA – 16 Mar 2013

Obama’s Visit will Reinforce Palestinian Authority, says US Official
WAFA – 16 Mar 2013

PA Finances Focus of Donor Coordination Group Meeting
WAFA – 16 Mar 2013

Newspapers Review: Funeral in Ram, Confrontations Focus of Dailies
WAFA – 16 Mar 2013

Consumer Prices Down in February
WAFA – 14 Mar 2013


President Obama plans listening mission in Israel, West Bank
LA Times 16 Mar 2013 – The White House seeks to lower expectations for Obama‘s Mideast visit this week, avoiding any anticipation of a breakthrough on peace talks. WASHINGTON — President Obama heads to Israel this week with quiet hopes, but little real expectation, that by smoothing rough relations he can…

CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes
LA Times 15 Mar 2013 – The strategy is part of the agency’s secret contingency planning to protect the U.S. and its allies as the violence there grows. Some militants in Syria are seen as closely linked to Al Qaeda. WASHINGTON — The CIA has stepped up secret contingency planning to…

Israel sees Obama visit as chance for positive publicity
LA Times 15 Mar 2013 – An estimated 500 foreign journalists are arriving to cover the trip, and Israel is determined not to squander any second of its opportunity to shine. JERUSALEM — When the White House tweaked the president’s upcoming Holy Land itinerary to include Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity,…

In Jerusalem, Jewish Apartments in Arab Neighborhoods Complicate Issue
New York Times 16 Mar 2013 – New apartments are being sandwiched into the fabric of Arab East Jerusalem, a construction many say undermines the idea that the area could serve as the capital of a Palestinian state. 

Top Syrian General Defects as War Enters Third Year
New York Times 16 Mar 2013 – Brig. Gen. Mohammed Nour Ezzedeen Khallouf, who once led a military intelligence office widely believed to be a torture site, has joined the rebels against President Bashar al-Assad. 

At War Blog: Still Together, 30 Years and 6 Deployments Later
New York Times 15 Mar 2013 – An Army general and his wife, an Army colonel, talk about their 30 years of marriage, through two children and six deployments. 

San Diego students pass divestment measure targeting companies that do business with Israeli military
Mondoweiss – A drawing from a fellow student group in support of the University of California San Diego’s divestment measure (Photo: SJP UCSD Facebook) The student government at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution last Wednesday that recommended divestment from companies implicated…

Vivian Gornick stashed book critical of Israel lest she ‘commit literary suicide’
Mondoweiss – The literary critic Vivian Gornick reviews a book by A.B. Yehoshua in the latest Nation and the piece represents another landmark in open contempt for Israeli culture. It’s plain and devastating, and ends with the haunting image of a society facing “the escalating isolation and the…

Pamela Olson starts book tour of Palestine memoir in CA
Mondoweiss – Fast Times in Palestine Cover Our friend Pamela Olson’s book  Fast Times in Palestine (previously self-published) has just been published by Seal Press , and her tour began this week in the Bay Area. Today she’ll be in Corte Madera, Monday in Palo Alto, Tuesday in Berkeley….

On the tenth anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death her parents urge supporters to take action, change US policy in Israel/Palestine
Mondoweiss – Ten years ago today American activist Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli Caterpillar D9 bulldozer as she tried to protect a Palestinian home from demolition in Rafah, Gaza. Her death, and selfless act of heroism, has galvanized and inspired millions worldwide in the decade since…

Barack Obama’s Israeli Classmates Don’t Remember Him From Columbia 
The Foward Breaking News 16 Mar 2013 – Among those Israelis vying for the attention of Barack Obama as he prepares for his visit here next week, one fairly large, yet little-known group can claim a special long-standing connection to the U.S. president: We were his classmates in the Columbia University undergraduate class of…

Children in Hebron 
Palestine Solidarity Project 16 Mar 2013 – On Friday March 15 2013, Palestinians and Israeli troops clashed in Hebron. During the clashes six Palestinian minors were arrested in the southern West Bank city of Hebron and al-Tuani village east of Yatta near Hebron. Clashes erupted between young Palestinian men and Israeli troops who…

Syrian general ‘defects to rebels’ 
BBC 16 Mar 2013 – A Syrian army general reportedly defects to the opposition while a human rights agency accuses the Assad government over cluster bombs.

Now Here Then Elsewhere: Capturing the Japanese Red Army 
Al-Akhbar News 16 Mar 2013 – Eric Baudelaire, still from The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi, and 27 Years Without Images (2011) Eric Baudelaire, still from The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi, and 27 Years Without Images (2011) In 1971, a radical Japanese left-wing group believing…

Fifteen Palestinians killed in Jordan bus crash 
Al-Akhbar News 16 Mar 2013 – At least 15 Palestinians were killed on Saturday and 30 injured, some seriously, when their bus collided head-on with a truck in Jordan, local media reported. The passengers had been on the way home to the West Bank from Saudi Arabia where they had performed a…

Yemen’s pro-secessionist south strikes over national dialogue 
Al-Akhbar News 16 Mar 2013 – Residents of the port city of Aden staged a general strike on Saturday after a call by southern separatists in protest at the start of a national dialogue aimed at ending Yemen’s political crisis. Businesses, offices and public services all shut down for six hours between…

Lebanon’s president: don’t send fighters to Syria 
Al-Akhbar News 16 Mar 2013 – Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman talks during a news conference at the presidential palace in Cote d’Ivoire’s capital Abidjan on 15 March 2013. (Photo: Reuters – Luc Gnago) Lebanon must prevent fighters from crossing into Syria, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman said after Damascus said it would respond…

Hundreds of Afghans demand US withdrawal 
Al-Akhbar News 16 Mar 2013 – Several hundred demonstrators marched to the Afghan parliament building in Kabul to demand a withdrawal of US special forces in Afghanistan’s Wardak province, Press TV reported. The report said the protest comes after a two week deadline set by President Hamid Karzai for US troop withdrawal…

US weighs drone strikes in Syria: report 
Al-Akhbar News 16 Mar 2013 – A “Predator” drone operated by the US Office of Air and Marine is inspected on 7 March 2013 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images – John Moore) The US Central Intelligence Agency is collecting information on Islamic radicals in Syria for possible lethal drone strikes

Syria’s ‘Silent Majority’: “To Hell With Both of Them” 
Al-Akhbar Politics 15 Mar 2013 – Syrian refugee children play outside their shanty rented by their parents in a poor neighbourhood at the entrance of the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on 7 March 2013. (Photo: AFP -Joseph Eid) Syrian refugee children play outside their shanty rented by their parents in a…

Two years on: Assessing the Facts on the Ground in Syria 
Al-Akhbar Politics 15 Mar 2013 – A boy holds a candle during a candlelit vigil in central London on 14 March 2013 as part of global action on the second anniversary of the start of the Syria conflict. (Photo: AFP – Carl Court) A boy holds a candle during a candlelit vigil…

Kurds remember Halabja gas attack 
BBC 16 Mar 2013 – Iraqi Kurds mark the 25th anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s poison gas attack on the town of Halabja, where thousands of people were killed.

Syrian general ‘defects to rebels’ 
BBC 16 Mar 2013 – A Syrian army general reportedly defects to the opposition while a human rights agency accuses the Assad government over cluster bombs.

VIDEO: Ex-BP boss on operating in Kurdistan 
BBC 16 Mar 2013 – Kurdistan’s oil industry has the potential to be lucrative but is not without its challenges, according the chief executive of Genel Energy.

VIDEO: World records boost for Middle East 
BBC 16 Mar 2013 – Middle East Business Report examines the growing appeal of setting new world records in the Middle East.


Waiting for Obama: Hebron youth take cue from U.S. Civil Rights Movement 
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 3/16/2013
      If it had happened anywhere other than Hebron, one would have been justified in assuming that the scene unfolding was coordinated for a not-too-sophisticated film about “the conflict”. Surely somewhere out of sight there is an entire movie crew ready for the director to yell “cut!”, so that all actors on this bizarre and horrific set can trade the severity on their faces for laughter and ease during their coffee break.
     But this is Hebron, and the dramatic horror is very much real. In front of us is a small landing at the top of a hill overlooking the old city, with the Cave of the Patriarchs in plain view. On the landing, a Palestinian youth guide is taking children on two-minute horse rides, one at a time. Watching the horse and its successive little riders are the kids whose turn is coming up, a group of settler girls in the same age group, and five soldiers in full combat gear.
     The group of girls, encouraged by the recent arrival of the soldiers, is starting to heckle the horse riding group. “You’re ugly,” shouts one girl at another child looking her way. “You’re all heathens and I want you all to die,” laughs another 7-year-old, meaning every word. “Why are we afraid? Let’s tell the soldiers to kick them and their horse so that we can play,” calls out a third as a challenge to her friends while holding a football in her hand. No one moves. Two older women pass by and one girl spits in their general direction and half-whispers “fat whores!” Nothing happens. The soldiers stand on the side, talking to each other, and the other kids keep going on and off the horse, looking timidly at the girls. They know that they cannot possibly talk back without the soldiers intervening. In the background, loudspeakers are blasting a song into the air. “We shall overcome…” No. Seriously? Yes. This is Hebron.
     I came here after being invited by Youth against Settlements (YAS) – a local group dedicated to work with Palestinian youth and promote popular nonviolent protests against the occupation – in the one city which, more than anywhere else in the West Bank, has “apartheid” written all over it…. more.. e-mail

One week before killing Palestinian dad, Israeli policeman stated wish on Facebook to slay Arabs 
Nora Lester Murad, Jerusalem, Electronic Intifada 3/15/2013
      One week before he shot Palestinian motorist Ziad Jilani in the head at point blank range, Israeli border policeman Maxim Vinogradov expressed on Facebook his wish to kill Arabs and Turks. And on his profile on another social media site, Vinogradov identifies himself as belonging to the extreme right, expresses his love for violence, names “undocumented Arab workers” as his favorite sport, his hobbies as “hitting and destroying things,” and for the category of favorite food, he lists “Arabs.”
     The Israeli border police claim that on 11 June 2010, Jilani attempted to run them over in a terrorist attack in the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood of Jerusalem, and, fearing for their lives, they shot to kill in accordance with police procedures. The Israeli state prosecutor agreed with police claims and refused to press charges against Vinogradov and Police Superintendent Shadi Har al-Din, both of whom admitted to shooting Jilani. Jilani’s family is now pursuing justice for Ziad in Israel’s highest court.
     “If it was a terrorist attack, why would Ziad bump into the group of police officers at such a slow speed? Not a single police officer spent one night in the hospital because of their injuries. It was not even a major accident,” said Bilal Jilani, Ziad’s brother. “Just doing my job”
     “They know they [the border police] were wrong, because if my husband had been a terrorist, the government of Israel would have demolished my house, and they wouldn’t be giving me a widow’s pension,” Moira Jilani, Ziad’s wife, said. But the question, of course, is whether the officers acted properly based on information they had at the time, or if there was wrongdoing sufficient to press criminal charges. more.. e-mail

Palestinian university shuts down in wake of violence, teacher strikes 
Mya Guarnieri, +972 Magazine 3/16/2013
      Critics often say that Palestinians should concentrate on state-building rather than fighting the occupation. But the prolonged closure of a Palestinian university is a reminder that Palestine can’t get on its feet when it’s under Israel’s boot.
     It’s been 10 days since I’ve seen my students at the Palestinian university in the West Bank. A week and a half ago, I was in the middle of teaching one of my afternoon classes when a number of my male students got up to leave. “Sorry, Miss Mya,” one said. “But there’s a fight outside.”
     It was the latest flare-up in a long-running family feud between two clans—one from Abu Dis, the other from a neighboring village. This round included stone-throwing and gunshots. It took place right outside the university gates.
     According to the Oslo Accords, Abu Dis is in Area B, which means that it is under Israeli security and Palestinian administration. This also means that there are no police in Abu Dis. Thus, in situations like this, there is no one to restore order. This is a common problem in Palestinian areas of the West Bank, including those that are part of the Jerusalem municipality but are on the Palestinian side of the wall. While I was reporting in one such area recently, locals told me that whenever there is crime, the villagers—who pay taxes to Israel and hold Jerusalem residency—have to handle it by themselves.
     Abu Dis is in a similar situation. Parts of the village are, technically, inside Jerusalem’s borders; the university is right next to the separation barrier. When the Israeli army heard about the violence, they came and fired tear gas at the crowd, thinking that the fight was about the occupation. The gas wafted into the building I teach in. When the soldiers realized that the feud was internal, they left. more.. e-mail

Israeli appetite for US welfare funds 
Jamal Kanj, Redress 3/14/2013
      Milking US taxpayers for Israel
     Failing to agree on ways to reduce the deficit, US President Barack Obama was forced earlier this month to enact the Budget Control Act (BCA) into law.
     The debt ceiling compromise was originally agreed between Congress and the president in summer 2011.
     Known as sequestration, it forces across-the-board spending cuts by over 85 billion dollars in 2013, increasing to 109bn dollars thereafter and reaching 1.5 trillion dollars by 2021.
     Budget Control Act cuts were divided equally between domestic and defence programmes.
     It was originally stipulated to take effect on 1 January 2013 but was delayed for two months to avoid the “fiscal cliff”.
     Economists predicted the US economy would nosedive into recession if the compulsory budget cuts were combined with the expiration of the Bush tax breaks for the rich and increased income tax.
     Each of the two parties were hoping the results of the 2012 election would send a resounding message to the new leadership to settle the argument over the best approach to reduce US budget shortfall.
     The election, however, put things back to pre-summer 2011 when again one party was re-elected to the executive branch and another, albeit weakened, remained leading the House of Representatives.
     The discretionary reduction in defence covers areas such as weapon purchases, base operations, construction work and educational assistance to American soldiers, in addition to $168 million for security enhancement at US embassies. more.. e-mail

Palestinians fleeing Syria face grim future in Lebanon
Electronic Intifada: 15 Mar 2013 – Anne Irfan 15 March 2013 About 85 percent of Palestinians in Yarmouk, an unofficial refugee camp in Damascus, have been displaced.more

One week before killing Palestinian dad, Israeli policeman stated wish on Facebook to slay Arabs
Electronic Intifada: 15 Mar 2013 – Nora Lester Murad Jerusalem 15 March 2013 Family of Ziad Jilani bid to put his killers in the dock.more

10 year anniversary of murder of Rachel Corrie, justice activist bulldozed by Zionist army
In Gaza: 16 Mar 2013 – Rachel Corrie, killed 10 years ago today by a Zionist soldier in his massive, armoured bulldozer, the kind the Zionists use to destroy Palestinian homes to this day. No justice 10 years on for Rachel’s family, nor the families of the thousands of Palestinians rendered homeless by Zionist bulldozers, bombing, and racist laws. An Israeli court said Corrie’s death was a ‘regrettable accident’, and the state was not responsible [GALLO/GETTY]  [ Al Jazeera ] A number of good articles on and by Rachel here A wealth of resources, including how to become involved in justice issues Rachel was working on here From the Rachel Corrie Foundation website : Memorials and article archives on Rachel Electonic Intifada has a detailed photo story regarding Rachel’s killing in Rafah, a list of links to subsiquent court actions, Eyewitness reports and official statements and numerous articles on Rachel Corrie. MIFTA.org has set up a tribute page that…more

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