Jeremy Corbyn News Links 12 December 2019

12 December 2019 — The New Dark Age

The British establishment is very afraid of a Corbyn victory
The negative media barrage on Corbyn and Labour in the UK has been incessant but if Corbyn were to succeed it would be a major boost to the Sanders campaign in the U.S.

The vilification of Jeremy Corbyn
The vilification of the leader of the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, as an antisemite has intensified in the run up to the December 12 election in Britain. What makes this especially troubling, not to say bizarre, is that since he first became a member of parliament in 1983 Corbyn has been the most consistent […]

Lecturer slams the ‘absolute rotten failure to the core of our media system’ in its reporting on Corbyn

The Sun forced to delete article promoting fascist propaganda against UK left

How Trump’s New Anti-Semitism Order Effectively Criminalizes Dissent

‘Take Nothing for Granted’: On Eve of UK Election, Tightening Polls Mean Anything is Possible

[Video] Britain: all out for a Labour victory! Vote for Corbyn, fight for socialism!

With one photo, Jeremy Corbyn sums up ‘nine years of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives’

I’m a Christian. And I believe 100% that voting for Corbyn’s Labour is the right thing to do.

General election 2019: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn make last pitches of campaign

I sat next to Corbyn on a budget flight. No, all politicians are not the same.

US & UK Military-Intelligence Apparatus Deploy Media Smears Against Corbyn

UK Politicians Are Cynically Using London Bridge Attack to Drum Up Votes

10 Reasons to be Cheerful on Election Eve

The Second Coming and Going

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