UK: Half a million renters need your help

19 February 2021 — Generation Rent

Thank you for taking action to end the Rent Debt Crisis.Your work is essential in our campaign to get private renters the support they need.

We are now moving onto the next stage of our campaign and we need you to take action again.

Option 1 – Twitter Users

We need to put as much pressure on the Chancellor over this weekend and next week as possible, and Twitter is the best social media platform to do this on.

If you have a Twitter account, you can Tweet a picture that best suits you from our Image Library here.

The library includes a general supporter image for anyone to use for our campaign, a general image for renters in rent debt and some specific rent debt scenarios you can use if they fit with your experience.

Or you can use our general picture in your Tweet.

You can Tweet out this text we wrote ourselves.

Follow this link to bring up our pre-written Tweet on Twitter

Feel free to edit it, or write your own version. But please do include @RishiSunak and #EndTheRentDebtCrisis.

Option 2 – Not on Twitter?

If you are not on Twitter, you can forward this email to a friend you think might support our campaign to help us.

You can help us to build up our support base and make us even stronger.

The more noise we can make about this issue, the more likely we will be able to get renters the support they need. Together, we can win this.

They can follow this link to email their MP.


Tilly at Generation Rent

Generation Rent

Generation Rent · 71 Howard St, North Shields NE30 1AF, United Kingdom

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