Register: War and the Environment Online Course

18 November 2021

Thank you to everyone who helped raise the issue of military pollution around COP26. While the conference itself was a major COPOUT, vastly more people now know and care about military climate destruction.

Militarism is a top destroyer of more than the Earth’s climate. For the full story, we have to look at soil, air, and water — both in places wars are fought and in places supposedly benefited by distant wars.

We’re now accepting registrations for a six-week online course (done on your schedule, apart from a few optional zoom calls) to begin in mid-January. The course will survey the environmental impact of militarism and the range of nonviolent activism being done for peace and planet.

Can you please share this online course announcement with your lists and friends?

Topics for the six weeks are as follows:

Week 1: Where Wars Happen and Why

Week 2: What Wars Do to the Earth

Week 3: What Imperial Militaries Do to the Earth Back Home

Week 4: What Nuclear Weapons Have Done and Could Do

Week 5: How This Horror Is Hidden and Maintained

Week 6: What Can Be Done


World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war.

Donate to support our people-powered movement for peace.

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