The July 2022 issue 236 of ColdType is now online

Thursday, 30 June 2022 — Coldtype


Trevor Grundy dissects a new book by Tariq Ali that takes a highly critical look at Winston Churchill, Britain’s war-time PM, voted the best loved leader in the country’s history. The book, says Grundy, will shock a country trying to find a place in the post-imperial world.

In other long reads in this issue, Chris Hedges exposes the dangers posed by Christian fascists in America, Noam Chomsky discusses the state of the nation with David Barsamian, Joe Allen casts a wary eye over the emergence of sentient artificial intelligence, David Edwards shows how the US military linked with the entertainment industry to create a propaganda movie smash-hit, and Robert Lipsyte recalls the days when he became obsessed by guns.

In other stories, we travel up Shit Creek with George Monbiot, and linger with Michael T. Bertrand over the legacy of Elvis. We’ve also got Binoy Kampmark on the latest shameful episode in the UK government’s onslaught against Julian Assange, Ralph Nader on the smearing of trade unions, Christopher Nineham on the looming defeat of Ukraine in its war with Russia, and much more


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