Scandinavians: Against the Sands of Time

Tuesday, 1 November 2022 — The van says…

Scandinavia is already cold enough, they really don’t need a new Cold War. And most certainly not against Russia.


The debate regarding the enlargement of NATO has been talked to death since the collapse of the USSR, yet since Russia launched its Special Military Operation in the Ukraine, amongst a myriad of global events, Finland and Sweden have applied to join the Atlantic Alliance. This topic was covered in this previous article, yet statements coming from the two nations over recent days need further examination as part of the bigger picture, nations with small populations attempting to play a part in rather larger happenings. Scandinavia is moving closer to NATO at the same time as the West attempts to push its influence eastwards, and this article will take a further look at the two states’ membership of NATO as well as examining how their latest statements may play a big part in affairs to come.

Joining the Gang

When we look back over the last century, it is the various wars that have to a very great degree shaped present-day Europe. Moreover, it was the previous postures that many of today’s nations took in the past that make them what they are today. Notwithstanding this fact, it is the behavior of the current Western establishment that absolutely divides West from East. This is largely due to that Western establishment having grown and matured on the basis of war, the fruits of conflict and occupation making them what they are today. As conflict again rears its head, DC and its lackeys-in-tow are keen to ensure that not only do they retain their positions, but that they remove all opportunities for any nation outside of Washington and its sphere to be competitive in a way that does not benefit the West.

Past Peculiarities

Sweden was a neutral state for the length of World War Two, this meaning that although shortages of materials were acutely felt, neither the people nor state suffered as did many of those around them. Stockholm broke with its absolute neutrality, joining the EU in 1995, yet other than this, has not actively participated in global affairs as part of any large organization. It has given token assistance to the Ukrainian effort, but until this week, had not started shipping arms to Kiev’s sinking ship.

Finland has not joined Brussels’ band at all, it also keeping its affairs very much to itself. Helsinki and Moscow fought both the Winter and Continuation Wars, and whilst these happened eighty years ago, there is still a degree of distrust between the two. After sitting on the sidelines for decades, both states this year decided to make big changes regarding their relations with nations both near and far, yet the reasons behind this are not apparent to the casual observer.

The Shifting Sands of Time

The situation in the Ukraine needs no explanation, the conflict under way being headline material worldwide. What is less obvious however is that pressure from the western seaboard of the Atlantic is bringing profound changes on the eastern side, this over the last year creating a schism rather than a divide between the East and West. Moreover, with the inevitability of both Russian and Chinese power increasing over coming years whilst the West at best stagnates is creating a real quandary for the West as we know it.

Diplomatic Quicksand

This quandary is the fact that for the last millennium, in spite of the numerous conflicts that have taken place, global power and wealth has remained firmly in the West. The colonial powers which ruled the globe for centuries were all western powers; it is from this hegemon that the current status quo is rooted, yet with the East rising as it is, a thousand years of western nations living very well off the back of everyone else is coming to an end.

Warning Signs

It was western powers that their form of rule over others for so long, yet today a stale West has little more than war and threats to offer whilst China is embarking on a plethora of overseas projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative. An Eastern power rather than one from the West is helping others to help themselves rather than colonial powers just helping themselves to another country’s resources. With the promise today coming from the East whilst the West requires continued reliance and subservience to an outdated world order, it is obvious that a huge shift that has already started and will only accelerate as time passes.

Jumpin’ on the Bandwagon

Returning to the original theme of this article, it is becoming obvious to some nations who are not yet fully part of the western sphere of influence that the War in the Ukraine is just the precursor to much bigger things. The rising star of the East must be countered in any way it can by the western establishment; this will eventually lead to something akin to a showdown at high noon as Washington and those who have come to depend on it realize that their ‘do or die’ moment is upon them. The more the merrier they say, and rather than become part of a world that is more fair, the Scandinavians have opted to become part of Uncle Sam’s carnival.

Red Carpet against Russia?

With neither Sweden nor Finland yet full members of NATO, they are already rolling out the red carpet to Kiev, this week beginning to fully involve themselves in Washington’s war whilst not yet members of Uncle Sam’s club.

Firstly, after giving Kiev dribs and drabs, Sweden has finally decided to send Ukrainian forces the Archer 6×6 self-propelled 155 mm artillery system, this being compatible with anti-armor BONUS rounds that attack vehicles from above. Whether these weapons will be used with conventional shells or the BONUS rounds which cost around forty thousand dollars apiece is not yet known, but with the West throwing money at Kiev like there’s no tomorrow, in all likelihood, these more expensive munitions will be used. Quite who will operate this system is also a question nobody in Stockholm will be answering soon.

Finnish or Finish?

The Finns have gone even further with their efforts to please their new master in DC. We all know that there have been a number of differences between Finland and Russia over the ages, yet even before they are in the door, they are allowing NATO nuclear weapons through their own door. Quite what Helsinki thinks it is doing is beyond anyone with any sense, yet using a distant conflict as a pretext to both rile your neighbor whilst inviting his nuclear-armed arch enemy in your house is certainly not the best way to solve a problem but sure as hell a good way of starting one.

No End to Neutrality

As a sideline, in contrast to the behavior being displayed by both Stockholm and Helsinki, it is interesting to note that to date, Berne has not made any move whatsoever to align itself with NATO or its efforts against Russia. The opinion of their government is clear, yet those Swiss in the know are aware that is pays to be on a winning side, but by not getting involved and taking sides, you will never end up as a loser. The alpine nation famed for neutrality may not be pleasing some with its passive posture, yet with them being who they are, the Swiss are expert investors; they may trade in futures, but they will not buy into anything with as uncertain a future as the war that the West currently wants.

The Ukraine is not the End

For many, the war in the Ukraine is a war waged by Russia, yet those who have seen it for what it is know that it is not only a pushback from the East, but only the first manifestation of what is to come. Russia has put a halt to American adventurism in Eastern Europe, yet in Asia, Washington is making other efforts. Obama’s Pivot to Asia may have been in the headlines decades ago, yet the intervening years have not diminished the White House’s ambitions in the East. The foundation of the AUKUS alliance along with simmering tensions regarding Taiwan mean that rather than the war in the Ukraine being a means to an end for Russia, it is the beginning of the end for Washington’s global power.


A new Cold War is now being fought, though to date, only as a phoney war for most in the West. As the light of the Eastern Star puts the West into the shadows, a great polarization across the globe is beginning, some previously indifferent nations now jumping to take sides.

Today’s Cold War may be invoking memories of a Winter War for some, yet by taking sides when the outcome is increasingly clear, certain Western capitals may be leaving themselves out in the cold later.

Tomorrow’s Hot War is where the chill may set in for those who have chosen to ride the Western bandwagon for all it is worth. In a worldwide situation, pledges and allegiances made today will have to be followed through tomorrow by those who have made them; by involving themselves in someone else’s business around the globe, there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Sweden and Finland have finally been galvanized into siding with the western cause, but as the future will show, there’s little to be gained from joining a rusty old empire…

2 thoughts on “Scandinavians: Against the Sands of Time

  1. WillD says:

    Yes, Finnish or Finish. Or perhaps, Finish the Finnish. I think the Finns will soon come to regret bowing to US/NATO pressure, blackmail, coercion, and inducement to join NATO and become pawns and cannon fodder.


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