Bullying Belgrade

Wednesday, 2 November 2022 — The van says…

With the exception of Hungary, Serbia has become an island surrounded as a sea of Atlanticists and aspirants attempt to play a western game in Eastern Europe


Over the last month, several statements have been made by the EU in Brussels as well as its member states as they attempt to pressure Serbia into acting against Russia as the West moves against the East. This shorter article will look at Serbia, the role it plays in Europe as well as what the future may hold as the West attempts to halt a presently unstoppable Russia. This short article is looking to the current situation rather than looking at affairs over the last few decades.

A State Apart

In spite of Serbia and its neighbors being at the center of Eastern Europe, it has been the Western world that has shaped the political scenery of the region since the fall of the Soviet Union. After promising ‘not one inch eastwards’ in Reykjavik all those years ago, Washington and NATO have pushed their influence eastwards, slowly bringing an entire continent under the control of the White House. Serbia has been the only country to stand its ground against both the political and military aggression that has confronted it since then, the tide of American imperialism slowly turning the country into an island that is today not only surrounding Belgrade’s lands, but attempting to wash even further to the east.

A Country Apart

To say that the stance taken by Belgrade is unique would be to forget Budapest, yet as a war rages further to the East, it is only Serbia and Hungary that have refused to supply weapons and resources to the western-orchestrated war in the Ukraine. This has to a very great degree isolated both nations from their neighbors, yet we must remember that rather than all of Europe’s governments running to aid Kiev, the flood of assistance has been a result of pressure from Brussels rather than brotherly love from individual states. With Serbia being neither part of the EU nor NATO, there is no obligation to serve the interests of either organization, yet in spite of Belgrade not being on anybody’s guest list, the hosts in Washington and Brussels are attempting to gatecrash Serbian politics in order that Belgrade join their party.

Advantage through Aspirations

It is no secret that Serbia, a country at the center of the European continent feels that it would be a valued member of the European Union, and to that end has made attempts to become part of the continental community. This is now becoming more of a burden than a boon however, Brussels and now Berlin attempting to use Belgrade’s dreams as a hammer in order to force it into acting against Russia. According to welt.de, ‘If Vucic decides to lead his country towards the EU, he has the support of the federal government. “If he decides on the other way, it will have consequences the other way around.’ The German government is de facto pointing a gun at the head of Serbia’s leadership, any ideas of Belgrade having a say in its own affairs going straight out of the window. Not content with the backblast that a year of sanctions have caused the Old Continent, European powerbrokers are now becoming so desperate to exert their will on Moscow that they are effectively attempting to blackmail third parties into joining their party.

A Near Neighbor

Although this article is concerned with Serbian affairs, the role that Hungary plays in this area cannot be overlooked. Although Budapest is part of the EU and NATO, the auspices under which it joined these alliances were very different from the aims which member states are now supposed to aspire to. The Hungarian capital, just like Belgrade, feels that it has a right to play a full role in European politics, yet it too has come under increasing pressure to toe the pan-Atlantic line, venom and vitriol being poured upon the Hungarian government when it fails to play NATO’s game.

Browbeats from Berlin?

With the Germans being so meticulous about preparation, they can hardly be ‘surprised’ or ‘disappointed’ by Belgrade’s approach to European affairs.

Not satisfied with just Washington and Brussels trying to coerce the Serbians into playing the Western game, we need a closer look at how the Germans are also coming into play, they demanding that Belgrade choose between Brussels or Moscow. At the same time as Germany through its membership of the European Union preaches peace and understanding, the motto of ‘United in Diversity’, appears rather hollow when it becomes evident that Berlin is more interested in uniting diverse nations into coming round to its understanding of politics. In spite of the Germans knowing European history better than most, it is completely incredible that they are ‘surprised and disappointed’ by Serbia maintaining its relations with Russia.

To quote the previous statement in more detail, we read: ‘However, it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to sit on the fence’…’If Vučić decides to lead his country towards the EU, he has the support of the federal government. If he decides on the other way, it will have consequences the other way around’ is not only indicative of an increasingly desperate Germany, but also of a union that has failed in its efforts to stymie Washington’s enemy in its own backyard.

Walking the Tightrope

In spite of Berlin spitting feathers, this leaves Belgrade in a bit of predicament, its aspirations of integration into Europe being used as a carrot, others denying its dream being the stick. This is however part of the transatlantic plan, European pressure being used to put Serbian president Alexandar Vučić’s arm up his back regarding both EU membership and the conflict. This situation has been engineered to create divisions in his political security, today attempting to divide his people in the hope of conquering Serbia after the bombardments of decades ago failed to bring the country into ruination. With that, we have to look at the deterioration of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, NATO’s tame idiots in Pristina a constant threat to affairs in Belgrade. With political hostility from most of the nations around it and puppets running the show to the southwest, Serbia is feeling increasing pressured as both Brussels and Washington attempt to bring what they see as a rogue nation into their sphere of influence.


In simple terms, Washington’s eastern ambitions have ensured that their subservient European political élite have put Serbia between a rock and a very hard place. This has been part of long-laid plans, yet the upsets caused by Russia’s refusal to play by western rules is most certainly rocking the apple cart in Europe. As the consequences of sanctions make Brussels and its cronies feel more pain by the day, it can only be expected that other nations will lambast Belgrade.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however. As an engineered conflict brings European governments to their knees, it may bring their peoples to their senses, ever more public pressure forcing capitals to change their tune. All the while, Belgrade’s stand against the tranatlantic empire as well as its bully boy tactics will serve as an example not only to the world of what sovereignty really is, but also to the stalwart stand of Serbia and its people…

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