Ukraine News Links 11-14 November 2022

Monday, 14 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

The next economic crisis, liberal fascism, & America’s ever-closer revolutionary moment

This Is Getting Curiouser And Curiouser…

“On The Highway To Climate Hell”: The Climate Crisis, Activism And Broken Politics

Not May, But Will.

Egypt: a milestone in climate change policy

Fourth Reich Biden

Real Challenge At COP27 Is Private Greed Versus Devastation Of All

November 11: The Command of the Donkeys Continues

Biden Nods To Compromise In Ukraine

U.S. Now Has Spent $60B For Ukraine’s War

Drones are changing the nature armed conflicts

Against social pacifism: why Operation Z is the death catalyst for imperialism that deserves our support

Pakistan’s Delicate Balancing Act Between China and the U.S.

Surovikin’s Difficult Choice

‘Culture Block’ Is Leading to Ukraine Escalation (and risking WWIII)

Leaked Files Show DHS “Ministry of Truth” Lives On In Secret

Canadian Professor Attacked by Mainstream Media for Opposing NATO Narrative on Ukraine

Video: Russia’s De-militarization of Ukraine Continues. US Sending Decades-Old Arms to Kiev

Russia strategises with Iran for the long haul in Ukraine

Attack on Russian Orthodox Churches in Ukraine

The Stage Is Set for US Combat Troops in Ukraine? The Russian Army’s “Kherson Retreat”

The Myth of Post-Industrialism

Concealing U.S. Militarism by Making it Sacred

U.S. Has Now Spent $60 Billion for Ukraine’s War

‘Seize the Moment’: Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley Sees Opportunity for Peace Talks Between Russia and Ukraine

Israeli military vehicles appear in Ukraine for first time

Pakistan: Dangerous Interregnum, Catastrophic Equilibrium?

Daily Chronicles

Drought, Heatwave and Revolution

After Lula’s Narrow Victory: Return to Democratic Capitalism or an Ongoing Rightwing Insurgency?

Lula’s Victory and the Fight Against Fascism in Brazil

COP27: Still Fiddling While the World Burns 

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