COLDTYPE Issue 178 Mid-February 2019 – is now on line

19 February 2019 — COLDTYPE

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Our 44-page special issue focusses on the USA’s latest attempt at regime change – this
time close to home in Venezuela, a long-standing
socialist thorn-in-the-flesh for America’s oil-hungry governing classes. The call for the replacement of President Nicolas Maduro with Juan Guaido, a right-wing ‘friend’ of the US, follows the usual pattern of imposing a corporate-friendly dictatorship on the people of South America. Contributors to our Special Report are Vijay Prashad, Whitney Webb, Neil Clark, Yves Engler, David Edwards, Linda McQuaig, CJ Hopkins, Alan MacLeod, Justin Podur, Caitlin Johnstone, Medea Benjamin & Nicholas JS Davies, and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

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