Bolivia News Links 11 November 2019

11 November 2019 • 21:45  — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm’s Lithium Deal

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Chorus of Critics Condemning Coup in Bolivia That Forced Out Socialist President

“This Is a Military Coup”: Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns After Army Calls for His Ouster

Coup in Bolivia rejected worldwide

5 Fast Facts About the Military Coup in Bolivia and What You Can Do

Bolivia Set Back Twenty Years

Urgent Words on Bolivia

The Military Coup Against Morales Won’t End the Hybrid War on Bolivia

Selected Articles: Coup Plot in Bolivia against Evo Morales

Urgent Words on Bolivia

Corbyn condemns tragic hard-right coup in Bolivia

We will come back, says Bolivia’s Evo Morales after rightist coup forces him to resign

MSM Adamantly Avoids The Word “Coup” In Bolivia Reporting

No Evidence That Bolivian Election Results Were Affected by Irregularities or Fraud, Statistical Analysis Shows

Bolivian President Morales announces his resignation (Updated)

Statement by the Political Committee of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (Movement for Socialism) of Bolivia

Morales’ decision to step down worthy of true statesman, Duma committee chief

Bolivia: reactionary coup forces Evo Morales to resign

We Will Come Back, Says Bolivia’s Evo Morales after Rightist Coup Forces Him to Resign

Russia monitors situation in Bolivia, urges all states to show restraint — Kremlin aide

World Leaders, Organizations Condemn Coup Against Evo Morales in Bolivia

PSL Statement: We Condemn Military Coup; US Hands Off Bolivia

Bolivia: President Evo Morales Resigns Amid Right-Wing Coup

Bolivia: The Right Hastens The Coup Against Evo Morales

Evo Morales Resigns In The Face Of Fascist Attacks

Situation in Bolivia is reminiscent of staged coup — Russian Foreign Ministry

Global Condemnation of ‘Appalling’ Coup in Bolivia as Military Forces Socialist President Evo Morales to Resign

Bots? ‘Thousands’ of newly-created generic Twitter accounts defend ‘right-wing coup’ in Bolivia

‘Coup against Bolivian people’ forced Morales out of office, Corbyn says

UN chief voices concerns over events in Bolivia

Bolivian President Resigns As Result Of Post-Election Riots

Morales calls warrant for his arrest illegal

Armed protesters force their way into Venezuela’s Embassy in Bolivia, diplomats flee – report

Police chief refutes opposition’s claim that warrant was issued for Morales’ arrest

‘Morales’ resignation undermines claims he is dictator, US may be behind push to oust him’

Morales calls warrant for his arrest illegal

Down With the Right-Wing Coup in Bolivia!

Five Lessons From The US-Supported Coup In Bolivia

US-Backed Coup Deposes Evo Morales In Bolivia

U.S.-backed coup Deposes Evo Morales in Bolivia

The Coup in Bolivia: Five Lessons

Bolivia’s Coup Does Not Erase History

Bolivia Coup d’état: Evo Morales Resigns in the Face of Fascist Attack

Bolivian President Morales announces his resignation

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