ColdType August (Issue 211) is now online

30 July 2020 — ColdType

Coldtype 211

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  • WHICH WAY TO THE REVOLUTION? It seems America, which has become so used to instigating ‘colour’ revolutions in other countries, now has its own, according to this issue’s cover story from C.J. Hopkins. Two other hard-hitting pieces by Sonali Kolhatkar and Medea Benjamin & Zoltan Grossman, also highlight the growing unease about the stability of society in Donald Trumpland.
  • In other top stories, Joe Allen struggles to stay human in a creepy world created by a technological plague, while Rebecca Gordon wonders why the government is quick to praise essential workers, but reluctant to pay them what they’re worth; George Monbiot asks why we’d want to return to normal, and Trevor Grundy finds the fascism that has lurked beneath the surface in UK politics for many years.
  • We’ve also got a third excerpt from Greg Palast’s latest book, a new short story by Philip KraskeTrevor Hoyle uncovers some hidden gems from a group of lost writers, Clint Randles recalls Little Richard’s influence on the Beatles, and Tim Luckhurst tells the story of an unlikely legless wartime hero.—————————-

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