A Warm Welcome to War Criminals?

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 — The van says…

Von der Leyen and Zelenskiy may stand together, but would the European electorate stand for Ukrainian criminals being admitted into the European Union?


The Kiev regime has been attacking the civilians of the Donbass Republics since 2014, yet the last few weeks have seen a huge uptick in attacks at the same time as certain western nations wish to accelerate the Ukraine’s accession to the EU. This article will examine how a nation led by savages is being eased into the Western European fold.


The core foundations on which the European Union claims it is laid are those of unity and that a repeat performance of the Second World War should never happen. That conflict through its savagery and intolerance tore the continent apart, it taking decades and billions of dollars of Marshall Plan money to put right.

Human Rights.

That same war brought into being the current international legislation regarding human rights, red lines being clearly laid as to how war could be waged and where limits stood. These were respected until the new millennium, after which a slow drift away from these rules began to happen.

Human Wrongs.

In the case of the Ukraine after 2014, an unruly state under the control of an even more unruly and arrogant US began to completely disregard what had been established before, a war turning into nearly a decade of illegal and morally reprehensible attacks against largely civilian objectives, the West watching every move whilst ensuring that its public were kept in the dark. This disgraceful situation eventually culminated in Moscow recognizing the Donbass Republics before quite rightly starting its Special Operation in the Ukraine very soon after.

The Situation Today.

With Russia carrying out operations in the way that it is, the center of the city of Donetsk is unfortunately still well within the range of both artillery and the famously inaccurate Grad rocket system, the Ukrainians running short enough on munitions to be impotent when facing the Russians, but still having enough spare to attack civilian targets and kill with every shot. Anti-air systems do to a degree work against rockets, but artillery shells are impossible to intercept. This has meant that for all the success enjoyed by Russia, the population of the largest city in the Donbass is not yet enjoying the peace seen in other regions.

Known Knowns.

The author, as well as any reader who wishes to inform themselves, knows precisely both what is happening and why events are developing in this way. Western military commanders in Kiev and the Donbass alike will be immeasurably better informed as to the nature of these operations meaning that in Brussels as well as every other capital city obedient to Washington, Zelenskiy’s crimes are known just as well as they are to the Ukrainian president himself. In short, the West knows the score and equally should know that many others know that it knows.

Donbass Deliberations.

The people of the Donbass know Kiev’s criminal actions better than anyone and trials held in Donetsk over recent days have sentenced certain mercenaries to death, but there are hundreds if not thousands of nazis also awaiting trial. This may seem inconsequential regarding Kiev’s bid to become part of the EU, yet for all the fascists languishing under Russian control, there are immeasurably more still roaming around the Ukraine. The EU was founded in the aftermath of Hitler’s destruction of Europe, yet the same mentalities and ideologies have caused the first large European war since then. Quite how a land with so many who are so misguided can be incorporated into Brussels’ empire is a very good question, yet not one that any prominent European politician has bothered to answer.

Part of the Establishment.

The knowledge of Kiev’s crimes is widespread, yet even knowing that the Ukrainian government is a very loose cannon indeed, western nations continue to deplete their own arsenals in order that gung-ho idiots still have guns. This comes the week before the EU Commission is due to discuss the candidate status of Moldova, the Ukraine and Georgia. Before we look at how a nation that absolutely violates the principles on which the EU was founded be even considered for membership, we have to look at Europe itself.

The Establishment.

Whilst this article will take a longer look at the Ukraine itself, it cannot be forgotten that the entire political apparatus in-country is de facto controlled from the US Embassy in Kiev. As obvious as it is that EU is merely a tool in the service of Washington, the Ukraine is already absolutely under White House control, and rather than Brussels suddenly having a say in the political decisions being made by the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament), it would be more a case of transatlantic power sharing. The Ukraine has absolutely been a slave to western interests for the last eight years, and no move between Brussels and Kiev will make an iota of difference to the direction in which the country will head going into the future.

The East goes West.

This week, Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president stated that ‘We want to support Ukraine in its European journey.’ The candidacies of Moldova, the Ukraine and Georgia are going to be a very hot topic indeed during next week when the European Council convenes for a summit in Brussels. There are a whole gamut of different opinions from the different member states concerning Kiev’s bid to be part of the union, some saying that this status can take decades to become formalized, whilst the French have suggested that it would be apt that the Ukraine be given a special status regarding relations with the EU. On Tuesday, Clément Beaune, the French Foreign Ministry for European Affairs, stated that before joining the European Union, all hostilities must end before the Ukraine even can request membership. This has also in the past been echoed by French premier Macron.

The single viewpoint from the EU as an organization however is that the Ukraine has to be brought on board as soon as is possible, Brussels now obsessing over not only gaining more member states, but attempting to further lock horns with Russia.

What’s the Deal?

If we are to take the Ukraine’s membership of the EU as a fait accompli, (and there are many in Europe that are doing precisely this), we have to look at what this means for all concerned.

The first thing we have to look at is what the Ukraine has to offer the EU. The country has a vast area of excellent arable land, it being the former breadbasket of the Soviet Union. It would also be the easternmost part of Brussels’ territory (unless of course Georgia is also admitted), a traditional crossroads between East and West, and in all honesty, as far as the EU could credibly push. Apart from that, there is little or nothing that can be said to support Kiev’s candidacy as we shall now see.

The West goes South.

Volumes could be written concerning the other side of the argument, yet for the sake of brevity, matters will have to be much more concise.

The first point is that the country was a ravaged wreck of corruption long before the current conflict or even the Maidan coup. Were the political élite not as corrupt as they were, western powers would never have been able to topple Yanukovych’s government in 2014, yet even after the US installed ‘our men in Kiev’, money and materials continued to disappear at a frightening pace. For thirty years, two generations of politicians and oligarchs alike have robbed the country blind, it only the most blinkered of europhiles that are blind to this fact.

With the country not having been run in anything like a proper fashion, relevant investments have not been made, and rather than infrastructure and industry forging their way forward, they have been allowed to wither and die, one of the industrial powerhouses of the Soviet Union now being nothing other than a memory.

Outside of the corruption that has been the backbone of the Verkhovna Rada, we have to look at the politics that have allowed extreme ideologies to become as epidemic as they now are. No other country in the world is home to as many nazis and fascists as the Ukraine, yet no attempt has been made by the government to rein in what is now a very dangerous issue. Even more worrying is the fact that many of these fascist fanboys are part of the military, a legion of wannabe SS stormtroopers being armed and running amok throughout the country.

Another problem is that the country (or what is left of it) is in a complete and utter shambles. Things were bad before current hostilities began, yet a combination of war and wanton destruction on the part of Ukrainian forces leaves the land in a truly desperate state. Only this week, it was discovered that Ukrainian units had burned thousands of tonnes of grain that was due for export, a potential Holodomor 2.0 being created just to ensure that food does not come into Russian hands.

The final issue is that the country in itself is just not united. It is impossible to integrate any nation into a union if it is not itself a union and with the people in certain areas being so pro-Russian, others being pro-Hungarian, others wanting to be part of the Third Reich and others just not wanting to be part of a country on its way down, this is simply not compatible with the Ukraine being part of any union, irrespective of Brussels’ desperation to expand its borders.

As we have seen, the Ukraine is dead in the water and other than having vast swathes of prime agricultural real estate, has absolutely nothing to offer any union that wishes to succeed.

Peering at the Prospects.

Should the EU attempt to integrate the Ukraine into its community, it goes without saying that millions of Ukrainians will leave the country like rats off a sinking ship. Quite where so many people would end up is anybody’s guess, but such a number of immigrants would surely have a very adverse effect not only on European labor markets, but judging by the number of right-wing idiots in the country, also create havoc in their societies as well. The fact that the language they speak is so different to most of those found in Europe would cause immense hurdles in the efforts to integrate them into their new host nations. One must also remember that when arriving in Germany, those immigrants that have already arrived demanded that their children be taught in Ukrainian rather than in German, Berlin being far warmer to Kiev’s refugees than they were to the hospitality afforded to them. The only real benefit on offer to Europe is farmland, yet with so much of this already in the hands of large western corporations, even that benefit may be lesser than expected.


The core of this matter is quite literally one of wheels within wheels. A country that is in itself not a union simply cannot become part of one. Moreover, one that permits the ideology that destroyed Europe eighty years ago simply has no place in the Europe of today. The fact that thise leading the country continue committing crimes to this day only reinforces the idea that Kiev has place at the table in Brussels. Not only that, but a transatlantic political football that has been kicked by a number of western powers will only end up being an own goal for any empire that wishes to make the Ukraine one of its own. A thoroughly ruined country is like a bad apple, spreading the rot around it, and with the EU already suffering challenges unseen since 1945, the last thing it needs is a beggar state run by war criminals trying to set up home within its borders.

Establishment politics however transgresses the bounds of common sense and the leaders in Brussels are part of the same élite in Washington that caused this war to start in the first place. In time, the Ukraine will doubtlessly gain candidate status with Brussels, but with the world now being as dynamic and unstable as it is, by the time this happens, not only will so much of what was the Ukraine be under Russian control, but the European Union may well be a very different organization to the one which it is today…

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