RIP – Darya Dugina

August 21, 2022 — Moon of Alabama

Some voices on the death of Darya Dugina:

Darya Dugina

Car blast kills daughter of Russian philosopher Dugin –
Investigators suspect an improvised explosive device was used

A powerful explosion ripped apart an SUV near Moscow on Saturday night, instantly killing its driver, identified as Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian political commentator Aleksandr Dugin.

Earlier on Saturday evening, Dugin was giving a lecture on ‘Tradition and History’ at a family festival in Moscow Region. His daughter attended the event as a guest. Unconfirmed reports say Dugin initially planned to leave the festival with his daughter, but later decided to take a separate car, while Darya took his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Dugina was a political commentator and daughter of the veteran Russian philosopher, known for his staunch anti-Western and ‘neo-Eurasian’ views.

Western media has painted Dugin as a driving force behind President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy over the past decade. In recent months, CBS dubbed him “the far-right theorist behind Putin’s plan,” while the Washington Post called him a “far-right mystical writer who helped shape Putin’s view of Russia.”

In Russia, the supposed shadowy puppet master is largely considered to be a marginal figure. While he has served as an adviser to several politicians, Dugin never enjoyed official endorsement from the Kremlin. In 2014, he was fired from his position at Moscow State University, after critics interpreted his call to “kill, kill, kill” those behind massacres in Ukraine, such as the Odessa tragedy, as a call for a genocide against Ukrainian people.

The US think tank RAND Corporation wrote in 2017 that despite Western media reports of Dugin’s alleged “ties and connections” to the Russian leadership, he is “perhaps best thought of as an extremist provocateur with some limited and peripheral impact than as an influential analyst with a direct impact on policy.”

The Assassination Of Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Darya Was A Dastardly Terrorist Attack – Andrew Korbyko

This targeted assassination that was indisputably influenced by half a decade’s worth of fake news about that philosopher shows the deadly consequences of America’s information warfare campaign. It also confirms that the declining unipolar hegemon’s proxies in Kiev are truly state sponsors of terrorism who must accordingly be treated as such by the international community. This dastardly terrorist attack threatens the legitimate rules-based order enshrined in the UN Charter and thus confirms that the US is deliberately sowing the seeds of chaos in a desperate last-ditch attempt to erode Russian morale after the slow but steady advance of its forces over the past half-year of its special military operation.

Gerhard Mangott @gerhard_mangott – 11:31 UTC · Aug 21, 2022

Nach dem Mordanschlag auf die Tochter des rechtsnationalistischen russischen Ideologen Aleksander Dugin, wird nun immer darauf hingewiesen, dass er der ideologische Einflüsterer Putins ist. Das ist schlichtweg nicht wahr.

Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 – 9:11 UTC · Aug 21, 2022

The attempted assassination of Dugin which instead resulted in the killing of his daughter, was part of the increasingly demented propaganda and infowar of a desperate and crumbling U.S. proxy Putsch regime in Kiev in lieu of success on the battlefield of which it is incapable.

The killing of “Putin’s brain” who “inspired” the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil conflict would be celebrated by Kiev regime propagandists as a “victory”. It does not matter in the slightest that none of it is true.

It doesn’t matter that in reality Dugin has never met or spoken to Putin. It doesn’t matter that his unique ideas had zero influence in the Kremlin and little to none in the rest of Russian society. In doesn’t matter that to the contrary the Kremlin got Dugin fired from Moscow State University and banned him from government media because of his strident views on the Putsch in Ukraine at a time when the Kremlin was pushing the Minsk accords to resolve the civil conflict there.

The truth doesn’t matter because Dugin has been blown up as a caricature bogeyman in the minds of the West and Putsch-controlled Ukraine. And his assassination would thus still serve as a propaganda victory, in spite of it’s complete divorce from reality.

In this, the Western media which caricatured and inflated Dugin and the Western governments which nonsensically sanctioned him are fully complicit in the murder of Darya Dugina, his daughter.

Some folks in Kiev and London will have to pay a high price for this ugly deed.

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