VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 29 November, 2010: ‘Holy Land’ does not include Bethlehem – It’s official!

29 November, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israel Tries to Improve Its International Image
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 17:47, The Israeli foreign ministry has called on 10 of its embassies in Europe to begin an advocacy campaign for Israel, starting with recruiting 1,000 public members. The new policy comes in response to the boycott campaigns against Israel that are gaining support in Europe.

A Palestinian Boy Arrested Near Hebron
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 16:17, On Sunday night, Israeli troops arrested a 17-year-old Palestinian boy in the village of Sair, near Hebron, after inspecting his house.

Golan Leaders Disown Likud MK Ayyoub Qarra
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 12:38, During a meeting led by dozens of Druze figures in the occupied Golan Heights, social and religious leaders and residents declared that they disown Member of Knesset Ayyoub Qarra of the Likud Party, and that al-Qarra will not be welcomed or acknowledged by anyone.

Israeli-Palestine Holiday Tour, Without Showing the Conflict
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 12:26, The French tour company Voyageurs du Monde (World Travelers) has launched a new brochure to promote tourism in Israel and Palestine as a whole, under the slogan “peace and love” but only mentions, superficially, the separation wall or the checkpoints. The project has been supported by the Israeli National Tourism Office as well as the Delegation of Palestine in France.

Fighters Fire Mortars At Invading Troops In Gaza
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 12:02, The al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility on Monday morning for firing mortars at Israeli troops invaded an area, east of Beit Hanoun in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Prevents Two Fatah Leaders From Entering Gaza
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 09:52, The Palestinian Security Forces operating under the dissolved Hamas led government in the Gaza Strip, prevented, on Sunday, two Fatah leaders, sent by President Mahmoud Abbas to hold talks with Hamas, from entering the coastal region.

Washington To PA; “Don’t Over React Over WikiLeaks Documents
IMEMC – 29 Nov 2010 – Monday November 29, 2010 – 07:59, After some documents regarding the U.S. Palestinian relations and alleged plans prepared by Washington to foil Palestinian reconciliation attempts, the White House told the Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, that the P.A. should not overreact.

Ma’an News

Protesters: Israeli forces fire on Gaza march
11/29/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces opened fire on a peaceful protest march in the northern Gaza Strip near the Erez crossing point, demonstrators said. The march was organized by the Beit Hanoun Local Initiative to commemorate the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The demonstrators were carrying Palestinian flags. Israeli forces….

Center condemns nights raids in Israeli prisons
11/29/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli prison authorities assaulted detainees during overnight cell raids at Nafha prison, a detainees’ center in Gaza said Monday. The center issued a statement condemning the raids and said the treatment of Palestinian political prisoners violated human rights….

Israel`s latest settlement plan angers Palestinians
11/29/2010 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli authorities on Monday approved a request for 130 new Jewish homes on the outskirts of annexed east Jerusalem, drawing an immediate protest from Palestinian officials. The Jerusalem municipal council approved a request that would rezone an area in the settlement of Gilo, near Bethlehem, allowing residential construction on a plot of land….

Israel army detains 15-year-old
11/29/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces seized a 15-year-old Palestinian during a late-night raid on his family’s home in the village of Sair, near Hebron, local sources said Monday. Rifat Jaradat was taken from his house in the West Bank village while still wearing his pajamas, sources in the village said. Jaradat….

2 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike
11/29/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Two prominent Palestinian prisoners in solitary confinement in Israeli prison are on hunger strike for a fourth day Monday. The two say they will not end the hunger strike until they are out of solitary confinement, according to Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies. The center’s director, Foad Al-Khafash….

Islamic Jihad ‘shells’ Israeli tanks in Gaza
11/29/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The armed wing of Islamic Jihad said Monday that it fired several mortar shells at Israeli tanks that entered the Gaza Strip east of the town of Beit Hanoun. In a statement the group, Al-Quds Brigades, reaffirmed its right to “resist any Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people.” An Israeli….

Erekat: Christmas came early for Bethlehem settlers
11/29/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The chief PLO negotiator said Monday that Christmas had arrived early for residents of a settlement built on land owned by Bethlehem but considered Jerusalem by Israel. In a statement, Saeb Erekat condemned the approval of 130 housing units in the illegal Gilo settlement, saying Israel had “begun its annual tradition….

UN chief calls on Israel to stop settlement activity
11/29/2010 – NEW YORK (Ma’an) — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to freeze settlement activity Monday in a message to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Israel’s resumption of settlement construction after the expiry of a partial freeze in late September was a “serious blow to the credibility….

Israel satisfied as WikiLeaks shows ‘consistency’ on Iran
11/29/2010 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel expressed satisfaction on Monday after the mass release of US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks, saying it proved Israel’s position on Iran was consistent — in public and in private. The trove of documents released via the whistleblower website late on Sunday expose remarks made behind closed doors touching on everything from….

Wikileaks: Israel assessed Abbas as weak, unpopular
11/29/2010 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Senior Israeli defense and political figures described President Mahmoud Abbas as weak, unpopular and unlikely to survive politically past 2011, leaked US diplomatic cables showed on Monday. In meetings with US representatives, Israeli officials ranging from then-opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, to senior defense official Amos Gilad expressed doubt about Abbas’s political….

20 new cars to enter Gaza
11/29/2010 – GAZA (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities decided to partially open the Kerem Shalom and the Karni crossings to allow certain goods into Gaza Monday. Palestinian liaison official Raed Fattouh said 190 to 200 truckloads of goods for the agricultural and commercial sectors in addition to 20 new cars will be allowed through the Kerem Shalom….

Leaked cable: Israel could strike Iran without US help
11/29/2010 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States has told France that Israel could strike Iran without US military support but the operation might not be successful, according to a leaked document published Sunday. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates gave his assessment at a meeting on February 8 in Paris with former French defense minister Herve Morin, according….

Reports: Blasts kill Iran nuclear scientist
11/29/2010 – TEHRAN (AFP) — Twin blasts in Iran’s capital killed a nuclear scientist and wounded another on Monday, said state media reports that promptly blame Israeli agents on motorbikes of attaching the bombs to their cars.” In a criminal terrorist act, the agents of the Zionist regime attacked two prominent university professors who were on…. Related: Iran accuses US and Israel of killing nuclear scientist

UN Day of Solidarity marked
11/29/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority called on the UN Monday to act to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land Monday, in a statement marking the world Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The PA Ministry of Information in Ramallah declared in a statement that this day should be “translated into….

Khamenei urges Hariri to ‘consolidate ties with Nasrallah’
11/29/2010 – TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday that the premier should “consolidate relations” with the Shiite group Hezbollah. The website of Khamenei’s office said he was pleased that Hariri and Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah currently had good ties, adding “these relations….

In leaked cable, Egypt says factions unserious on unity
11/29/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Egyptian official charged with reconciling rival Palestinian factions judged in 2009 that neither Fatah nor Hamas wanted a unity deal, a leaked document revealed Sunday. A US diplomatic cable, one of more than a quarter million obtained by the whistleblower group WikiLeaks recounts a meeting between CENTCOM commander Gen….

WikiLeaks: Netanyahu said no peace with right of return
11/29/2010 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — The Palestinians will not be a partner for peace until they drop demands for the right of return, Benjamin Netanyahu said two years before being elected premier, leaked US cables showed Monday. Details of his remarks were catalogued in a diplomatic cable sent by the then US ambassador Richard H. Jones in April….

Iran accuses US and Israel of killing nuclear scientist
11/29/2010 – TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran on Monday accused the US and Israeli intelligence services, the CIA and Mossad, of killing a prominent scientist in the Islamic republic’s controversial nuclear programme.” The Zionist regime this time shed the blood of university professor Dr. Majid Shahriari to curb Iran’s progress,” the office of President Mahmoud…. Related: Reports: Blasts kill Iran nuclear scientist

Solidarity with the Palestinian people
11/29/2010 – Christopher Hazou, spokesman for the General Delegation of the PLO to the US – On this day in 1947 the UN General Assembly adopted a motion calling for the partition of Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish states. UN Resolution 181 allocated 55 percent of the land to the future Jewish state, although Jews comprised only….

US allies, Iran savage WikiLeaks for secrets release
11/29/2010 – PARIS (AFP) — Friend and foe alike of the United States turned on WikiLeaks Monday over its release of secret US diplomatic cables, saying the revelations undermined diplomacy and made the world less secure.” This will weaken diplomacy around the world. It will weaken diplomacy in general, but first and foremost American diplomacy,” Sweden’s….

Hamas: PA detains 8 supporters
11/29/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hamas movement accused the Palestinian Authority security forces of detaining eight of its members in the West Bank Monday. In a statement, Hamas said the detentions took place in Nablus and Jenin….

Abdullah Hourani, former PLO leader, dies in Jordan
11/29/2010 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Former member of the PLO’s Executive Committee and the Palestinian National Council Abdullah Al-Hourani died Monday in Jordan. The Executive Committee announced his death in a statement reminding of his traits as a loyal leader of the Palestinian struggle and co-founder of the contemporary Palestinian revolution.”His extensive national….

Netanyahu appoints Mossad veteran to head spy agency
11/29/2010 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday appointed Tamir Pardo, a veteran of the Mossad, to head the spy agency when its current chief steps down next month.” Pardo served for many years in senior positions in the Mossad. In his last position he served as deputy Mossad chief,” said a statement from….

Jericho hosts fourth horse championship
11/29/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An international panel of judges convened in Jericho’s horse club on Friday to adjudicate the fourth equestrian championship. One hundred horses from across the West Bank and Israel participated in the event. Some cost more than $20,000, one judge said while taking notes and grading the horses. The judges….

Jordan competes in Jericho speed-racing championship
11/29/2010 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — “It was an amazing feeling,” Jordanian race-car driver Husam Salem said after competing in the final round of the 2010 speed racing championship in Jericho on Friday.” I’ve won in several championships but this time I feel totally different because I drove and competed on Palestinian land in this….


Iran: West behind scientist’s death
AlJazeera 29 Nov 2010 – Officials accuse Israel and US for attacks in which one nuclear scientist was killed and another injured.

Aid groups attack blockade on Gaza
AlJazeera 29 Nov 2010 – Aid and human rights groups says there has been little improvement since Israel announced blockade would be ‘eased’.

No gains for Egypt’s Brotherhood
AlJazeera 29 Nov 2010 – Amid claims of fraud, early results show that Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party is maintaining its grip.

Palestine News Network

Palestinian Folk Dance- Dabka – Goes International
PNN – Ghassan Bannoura — PNN — over the weekend a group of internationals from five different cities decided to show solidarity with Palestinians in new form. The groups in Gen?®ve — Switzerland, Toronto…

Daily Roundup: One Arrested in Hebron, New Settlements Planned in Jerusalem
PNN – Bethlehem — PNN – Israeli troops arrested one Palestinian in Hebron after inspecting his home and setting up military checkpoints outside the southern West Bank city. A Sunday night raid was reported…

UN Report Uncovers Israeli Efforts to Drive Palestinians from Jerusalem
PNN – Cairo — PNN – The Cairo-based UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) released a report on Monday saying that Israeli settlers in Jerusalem cooperated with Israeli police to seize…

Gaza Famers Get Home Garden Training
PNN – ANERA — PNN/Gaza – Winter is approaching in Gaza but that doesn’t mean that farmers there are idle. With help from ANERA, 35 farmers are getting ready to launch their own home…

Wikileaks: Abbas Rejected Israeli Offer to Coordinate War on Gaza
PNN – Jerusalem — PNN – According to secret documents recently released by the watchdog website Wikileaks, former Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak tried to coordinate the 2008 Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza…

Fatal Diplomacy
PNN – By Mitri I. Musleh – The Israeli cabinet continues debating on whether to accept the US offer for a 90 day freeze in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, excluding any settlements…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (11. — 24 November 2010)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Int’l groups say Israel not living up to Gaza promises
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – Gov’t responds: The claims of the organizations, as they appear in the report, are biased and distorted and therefore mislead the public.

IDF installs new information security safeguards
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – Measures aim to prevent Wikileaks-type revelations; one safeguard: alarm will go off when disc-on-key inserted in IDF computer.

Likudniks call to oust PM over moratorium
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – “We don’t want to topple the prime minister and bring Tzipi Livni to power, but we refuse to be silent,” MK Danon tells activists.

WikiLeaks: Burying linkage between peace process, Iran
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – Analysis: While US maintains that solving Palestinian conflict is key to peace, Israel’s position is to first deal with Iran – neutralize it.

Rice State Dept. sought info on Palestinian leaders
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – WikiLeaks document: In 2008 cable, Rice told US diplomats to pass on credit card, frequent flier numbers, and other personal info.

Wikileaks: ‘Peres admitted Oslo was mistake’
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – In conversation with US Congressman Ackerman, Netanyahu attacked Peres, called Kadima a “fake party,” said 2nd Lebanon War was “stupid.”

Princeton students push for Strauss boycott
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – The Princeton Committee for Palestine is calling for school-run stores to offer alternative brands of hummus other than “Sabra.”

‘Wikileaks exposure is attack on international community’
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – Secretary of State Clinton says US “deeply regrets” the embarrassment caused by the leak of classified documents, US taking aggressive steps to pursue those responsible for the illegal leak.

Erdogan: Hizbullah not connected to Hariri murder
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – Turkish PM says “Hizbullah claims to be spirit of resistance in Lebanon; organization supports Syria-Saudi initiative,” report says.

Rivlin to light first Hanukka candle in Hebron
Jeruslalem Post 29 Nov 2010 – Event is part of a plan to bring MKs to various places of historic significance in the West Bank during the holiday.

International Solidarity Movement

Buffer zone attacks continue: three more workers shot
11/29/2010 – International Solidarity Movement – 28 November 2010 – The northern border area of the Strip is for the second day under attack of IOF snipers. Yesterday three people were shot, including a 12 year old boy, leaving one man in a critical condition. Today three more people were injured by Israeli gunfire while working in the buffer zone, amongst them….

Israeli forces assault 7 year old Palestinian in Silwan
11/29/2010 – International Solidarity Movement – 26 November 2010 – Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Israeli forces assaulted 7 year old Adam Mansour Rishq during tense scenes in Silwan today. The child was beaten by Israeli troops who accused him of throwing stones at a military vehicle, who then attempted to arrest the youth but were stopped by residents who flocked to the…. Related: Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan


Netanyahu taps Tamir Pardo as new Mossad chief
Ha’aretz – Former deputy chief of spy agency was member of elite IDF commando unit, will replace Meir Dagan after eight-year tenure.

Disgraced general temporarily spared IDF dismissal over attorneys’ strike
Ha’aretz – Brig. Gen. Imad Fares petitioned court after dismissed from IDF for falsifying report about an accident with his army-issued car.

IDF converts win ministerial backing, despite Haredi opposition
Ha’aretz – The Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved Sunday a bill to protect the religious status of Israel Defense Forces soldiers who converted to Judaism through a military court.

Bnei Brak man suspected of raping three teenage daughters
Ha’aretz – Police uncovered alleged crime after raid on drug house led them to one of the victims.

Israel’s cabinet approves building detention center for African infiltrators
Ha’aretz – Netanyahu clarifies that only infiltrators, not ‘refugees of war’, will be detained, says Israeli jobs and society under threat.

Bar-Lev pulls out of police chief race amid sexual assault probe
Ha’aretz – Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch expected to announce the next police commissioner within 10 days or so; deputy IDF chief denies rumors of candidacy.

Police exonerate Israeli officers who shot tear gas canister into U.S. activist’s eye
Ha’aretz – Art student Emily Henochowicz lost her eye during a protest against the IDF raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in late May.

Victim of alleged sexual assault by prospective police chief exposes her identity
Ha’aretz – Dr. Orly Innes, a prominent anti-violence advocate and activist, says she relinquishes right to conceal her identity in order to empower other victims of sexual misconduct.

WikiLeaks blows cover off Israel’s covert Gulf states ties
Ha’aretz – Diplomatic cable dating from 2009 indicates that then FM Tzipi Livni had a good working, personal relationship with U.A.E. Foreign Minister Abdullah Ibn Zayed.

Netanyahu: Germany could play central role in Mideast peace
Ha’aretz – Speaking after joint meeting in Jerusalem, German President Christian Wulff urges Israel to adopt a constructive attitude on settlements and the Gaza Strip.

Clinton: WikiLeaks proves world shares concern over nuclear Iran
Ha’aretz – In first formal response to disclosure of 250,000 U.S. documents, Secretary of State says she has taken “steps to ensure this kind of breach ‘cannot and does not ever happen…

WikiLeaks cable: Russian leadership viewed Lieberman as ‘one of its own’
Ha’aretz – Message from U.S. embassy to State Department shows FM was treated as an ‘old friend’ during a 2009 visit to Moscow., Iranian President says WikiLeaks documents alleging Arab countries asked…

Netanyahu: WikiLeaks cables prove Israel is right on Iran
Ha’aretz – Leaks show how the entire Middle East fears a nuclear Iran, prime minister says.

WikiLeaks expos?©: Israel tried to coordinate Gaza war with Abbas
Ha’aretz – In diplomatic cable documenting 2009 meeting, Defense Minister Barak says Egypt, PA refuse to take over Gaza in case of Hamas defeat.

WikiLeaks expos?©: Iran used ambulances to run arms into Lebanon during 2006 war
Ha’aretz – Top Iranian source told U.S. officials that medical staff loading Lebanon-bound planes in Iran noticed that the aircraft were ‘already half full.’

WikiLeaks expos?©: Karzai ‘paranoid’ and Ahmadinejad ‘like Hitler’
Ha’aretz – The documents revealed Sunday also show U.S. views Saudi Arabia as the ‘worst in the region’ for fighting terrorism.

White House: WikiLeaks disclosure puts U.S. officials at risk
Ha’aretz – U.S. responds to leak of 250,000 classified documents, saying they may include named individuals who in many cases live and work under oppressive regimes.

WikiLeaks expos?©: Barak warned strike on Iran was viable until end of 2010
Ha’aretz – Classified cable quotes State Dept. official as saying U.S. dismissed Netanyahu’s warnings on Iran nukes as ploy.

WikiLeaks: Classified cables will be released even if site goes down
Ha’aretz – Whistle-blowing website says in its Twitter account that it is experiencing a denial of service attack that is making the site inaccessible.

Speculation and denial as nations await WikiLeaks expose
Ha’aretz – Scanned front page of Monday’s Der Spiegel quotes officials calling Ahmadinejad ‘Hitler’; Turkey rejects Al-Hayat report it aided Al-Qaida.

Netanyahu: Israel will not stand at center of new WikiLeaks report
Ha’aretz – PM’s comment comes as United States awaits leak of classified diplomatic cables from the last five years, including secret communiqu?©s with Israel.

Abbas meets UN envoy in Ramallah
29 Nov 2010 – Ramallah, November 29 (Pal Telegraph) – President Mahmoud Abbas meets Monday Robert Serry , the United Nations special envoy for Mideast peace, in Ramallah, local sources reported. President Abbas updated Mr.Serry with the latest developments of peace process and the dilemma it reached because of the Israeli position which refuses the submission to the International legitimacy to stop the settlement…

The Palestinian people mark the International Day of Solidarity
29 Nov 2010 – Palestine, November 29, (Pal Telegraph) — The Palestinian people mark Monday the 63th anniversary of the Palestinian Partition Plan on 29 th Nov, 1947 and the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people which was created in Solidarity in with the Palestinian people in 1977 by the General Assembly. The UN General Assembly Resolution 181, which called for the creation…

Israel raids limited area in Bait Hanoon
29 Nov 2010 – Gaza, November 29, (Pal Telegraph) – Israeli occupation forces raided Monday a limited area in Bait Hanoon, in north of Gaza Strip. According to local sources, bulldozers and vehicles invaded meters in the Palestinian land. Residents in the area reported that they targeted the invaded forces by mortar shells. Israeli occupation forces (IOF) usually conduct limited incursions along with borders…

IOF raids villages in Jenin
29 Nov 2010 – Jenin, November 29 (Pal Telegraph) — Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided Monday Brqeen village and number of neighborhoods in south of Jenin city, in north of the West Bank. Israeli soldiers raided shops and restaurants and questioned number of citezens , local sources reported. Also, they raided shops in the villages of Methlon, Sanor, Aja, Jaba, Al-Rama and Al-Zawya in south…

Israel detains Palestinian in Hebron
29 Nov 2010 – Hebron , November 29 (Pal Telegraph) — Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained Monday a Palestinian boy in Aser village, in Hebron city, in the West Bank. Local sources reported that IOF detained Rami Jradat, 17, and then transferred him to unknown place. The sources reported that the IOF prevented his family from providing him with clothes. The boy was detained before…


GOP Rep. asks Clinton to declare WikiLeaks a ‘foreign terrorist organization’
Uruknet November 28, 2010 – A Republican Congressman from New York has invented a new definition for the word “terrorism” that doesn’t require guns, bombs, vast underground networks of sleeper cells, a criminal conspiracy or even violence. All that’s needed to be a terrorist, according to Rep. Peter King, is a website and some inconvenient information. That’s why King sent…

Will the Palestinian Authority declare an independent state… or collapse?
Uruknet November 28, 2010 – The other day I looked back with sadness on how nothing had changed for the better since my last trip to Palestine three years ago. On that occasion I also visited Gaza, an experience indelibly etched on my memory. The situation there only goes from bad to worse – intolerably worse. But if I’m dispirited,…

Palestinian young woman severely tortured by Israeli soldiers from Nahshon unit
Uruknet November 28, 2010 – Palestinian female detainee Sumoud Karrajeh, 22, said She was violently attacked and seriously wounded by Israeli troops from Nahshon prison unit during her transfer from jail to a military court earlier this month. Karrajeh told a human rights organization that she was transferred by Nahshon soldiers on the eighth of November from Damon prison to…

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

SPF Deivers Tonfa Training to 37 Recruits
WAFA – RAMALLAH, October 20, 2010 (WAFA)- The Palestinian Special Police Force (SPF) has successfully delivered a Tonfa training course to 37 new SPF recruits, according to a press release by EUPOL-COPPS,

Abu Rdeineh: All Settlement Forms are Illegal, Rejected
WAFA – RAMALLAH, October 19 (WAFA)- The Presidency spokesperson , Nabil Abu Rdeineh confirmed today that all the forms of settlement (outposts and non-random) in Palestinian lands are illegal. Commenting

Netanyahu Declines Demolishing Settlements’ Random Units
WAFA – TEL AVIV, October 19 (WAFA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided that he wouldn’t demolish the unregulated construction in a various settlements although the government has issued

The Elders Urge Comprehensive Approach to Arab-Israeli Peace
WAFA – DAMASCUS, October 19, 2010 (WAFA)- The Elders have called for a more comprehensive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks following discussions with officials, civil society, business and

France Provides €4 million for Gaza Wastewater Treatment Plant
WAFA – JERUSALEM, October 19, 2010 (WAFA)- On Sunday 17 of October 2010, at Ministry of Planning, Mr Dov Zerah, CEO of the French Development Agency (AFD), Dr Ali Jarbawi, Minister of Planning and

IOF deploys Ariel Settlement
WAFA – SALFIT, October 19 (WAFA)- The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) deployed, today, the Ariel Settlement that is established by force on the lands of the Salfit, Iskaka, Yasuf and Burkin

Dr. Erakat: Israel Seeks De Facto Recognition of Illegal Practices
WAFA – RAMALLAH, October 19, 2010 (WAFA)- Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Negotiations Affairs Department Dr. Saeb Erakat said, yesterday, “By hosting the OECD conference in Jerusalem,

Observer: Israeli Government on Division Verge, Netanyahu Negotiates Kadima
WAFA – LONDON, October 17, 2010(WAFA) – The British Newspaper ‘Observer’ wrote that the Israeli government is facing the division risk because of the deadlock in the negotiations with the Palestinians

Daily Star

Clinton accuses WikiLeaks of ‘attack’ on the world as US authorities conduct criminal probe
Daily Star 29 Nov 2010 TEHRAN: Assailants on motorcycles attached magnetized bombs to the cars of two nuclear scientists in Tehran Monday, killing one and wounding another who is on a UN sanctions list for suspect activity. The president accused Israel…

Iran blames West, Israel as bombs target 2 scientists in Tehran, kill 1
Daily Star 29 Nov 2010 TEHRAN: Assailants on motorcycles attached magnetized bombs to the cars of two nuclear scientists in Tehran Monday, killing one and wounding another who is on a UN sanctions list for suspect activity. The president accused Israel…

Gaza still struggling despite Israeli let-up
Daily Star 29 Nov 2010 A partial lifting of Israel’s Gaza Strip blockade has had only a limited effect in improving life for residents of the Palestinian coastal enclave, a coalition of humanitarian groups said Tuesday. A report by 22 organizations…

Angry Egyptians riot, burn cars, claiming vote fraud
Daily Star 29 Nov 2010 ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: Protesters set fire to cars, tires and two polling stations, clashing with police firing tear gas in riots that erupted around Egypt Monday over allegations the ruling party carried out widespread fraud to sweep…

Relief Web

Dashed Hopes: Continuation of the Gaza Blockade
Relief Web 29 Nov 2010 – Source: Amnesty, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, Christian Aid, F?©d?©ration Internationale des Ligues des Droits de I’Homme, Handicap International, Medical Aid for Palestinians, Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam, Pax Christi, Save the Children, Tr??caire

Relief Web 29 Nov 2010 – Source: UN General Assembly

Al Mezan: The International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People; a Call to End Gaza Siege and Implement International Justice Mechanisms
Relief Web 29 Nov 2010 – Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

Al Mezan Opens Awareness Symposia on Child Rights and Protection in OPT
Relief Web 29 Nov 2010 – Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

Inter Press Service

U.S.: Wikileaks Reveals Treacherous Terrain for Iran Policy
IPS The leaked reports sent by U.S. officials abroad to Washington reveal a treacherous playing field for the United States in the Middle East.

Stop The Wall

YNet News

UN slams US over ‘espionage’ revelations
YNet News – The United Nations on Monday issued a harsh response to a WikiLeaks revelation that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered staff to spy on UN Secretary-General Ban …….

WikiLeaks: Netanyahu ‘badmouthed’ Olmert
YNet News – One of the document revealed by the WikiLeaks website on Sunday night describes a meeting held in Tel Aviv on April 2007 between former American Ambassador Richard Jones, …….

US: Egypt ‘stubborn and recalcitrant’
YNet News – How will the greatest leak in history affect US-Egypt ties? A memo sent by then-American Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey to Hillary Clinton in February 2009 ahead of …….

Clinton: Leaked memos attack world
YNet News – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the leak of hundreds of thousands of secret diplomatic documents is an attack not only against the United States but the …….

Likud MKs: PM doing what he fancies
YNet News – As talks between Israel and the United States on a new settlement construction freeze continue, the Likud party’s hawkish camp clarified Monday that it was not going to …….

Palestinian Information Center

Palestinian gov’t: Fatah responsible for barring entry of its leaders to Gaza
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – Taher Al-Nunu has said that Fatah’s insistence on retaining Palestinian woman Tamam Abu Saoud in custody led to the ban on entry of its leaders into Gaza Strip.

21 international organizations call for immediate end to Gaza siege
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – 21 international human rights organizations have called for fresh international moves to lift the siege on Gaza immediately and without any conditions attached.

Health condition of isolated prisoners worsening due to hunger strike
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – The health condition of Sheikh Jamal Abul Haija and Ahed Ghulma is deteriorating after six days of hunger strike, Fuad Al-Khafsh, the director of Ahrar center, said.

IOA orders temporary exile of Silwan inhabitant
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – The Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem delivered a notification to Adnan Ghaith, an activist in defense of Silwan lands, ordering him not to approach occupied Jerusalem for four months.

Palestinian detainees in IOA jail go on hunger strike
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – Palestinian detainees in the IOA Jalama jail have gone on hunger strike to protest their continued solitary confinement for three months and refusal to transfer them to central prisons.

IOF troops raid northern Gaza, round up more West Bankers
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) mounting a number of armored personnel carriers raided northern Gaza Strip areas to the east of Beit Hanun town on Monday, eyewitnesses told the PIC.

Israel to build 130 new housing units in Gilo
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – The Hebrew radio on Monday disclosed that 130 new housing units would be built in the Gilo settlement south of occupied Jerusalem.

IOA expels Palestinian families from their homes in OJ
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – The IOA forcibly evicted a number of families from their apartments in a building in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, media sources in the holy city reported on Monday.

French NGOs call for financing an aid ship to Gaza
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – A number of non-government organizations in France called on Sunday for donations to finance a shipload of aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

OIC delegation arrives in Gaza
PIC 29 Nov 2010 – A delegation of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) arrived in Gaza Strip on Sunday night on a few days visit to Gaza.

Los Angeles Times

Nuclear scientist killed in bomb attack in Tehran
LA Times 30 Nov 2010 – Four others are injured, two of them in a second, similar attack. The slaying is the second this year in which an Iranian physicist linked to a project known as SESAME has been killed in a bombing. For the second time in less than a year, an Iranian physicist connected to an international project that includes Israel and the Islamic Republic as member states died in a bomb blast in Tehran, adding to the mystery of what appear to be attacks against Iran’s nuclear brain trust.

Iran ‘must be stopped’: Arab leaders implored U.S. to attack, WikiLeaks disclosures show
LA Times 29 Nov 2010 – Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as among nations strongly urging the U.S. to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. The cables reveal the fear of Iran in the Arab world. Leaders of oil-rich Arabian Peninsula monarchies who are publicly reluctant to criticize Iran have been beseeching the United States in private to attack the Islamic Republic and destroy its nuclear facilities, according to a series of classified diplomatic cables released by the WikiLeaks website.

New York Times

Egypt Votes Amid Charges of Fraud
New York Times 28 Nov 2010 – There was a sense among many that Egypt’s long-dominant party was bent on entrenching its hold.


SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Israeli Army arrests young Palestinian man in South Hebron Hills
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine –

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Shepherd made homeless, livelihood threatened, son in prison
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine –

If you’re going to cite Arabs re Iran in Wikileaks, why not re ‘Israel causing U.S. to lose Muslim hearts and minds’?
Mondoweiss – NPR just aired an exchange between Robert Segal and the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg over the fact that Wikileaks cables show that Arab governments want to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. I don’t doubt the cables; though when Goldberg says that the Arab governments perceive an “existential…

Clinton ‘tore the fabric’ herself long before we ever heard of Wikileaks
Mondoweiss – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s response to the latest Wikileaks release was shaky and full of holes at best. Hypocritical is more like it. Clinton stated “Let’s be clear. This disclosure is not just an attack on America ‚Äî it’s an attack on the international community.”…

WikiLeaks docs expose Egyptian complicity with Israeli war crimes (again)
Mondoweiss – One of the most striking things that I took away from my time in Egypt last winter was the extent to which the U.S.-backed Mubarak dictatorship goes to squash public dissent on their government’s Gaza policy. Swarms of riot police encircled countless peaceful protests calling on…

7-year-old assaulted, 15-year-old detained and father of 3 taken from home under cover of night
Mondoweiss – And other news from Today in Palestine: Settlers/ Land, Property, Resource Theft & Destruction/Ethnic Cleansing Arab League denounces home demolitions CAIRO (Ma’an) — The Arab League on Saturday denounced Israel’s recent escalation in demolitions of Palestinians homes across the West Bank. In a statement, Assistant Secretary-General…

What would you do if . . .
Mondoweiss – Someone had assailed your home, ethnically cleansed its people, annexed its land, exhausted its bounteous resources, and decimated its geographical characteristics? Someone had denied you your inalienable right of defending your home and self, and mendaciously accused you of being “terrorist”, justifying crimes and oppression by…

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Israeli Gunfire Injures Four People in Gaza
Al-Manar 29 Nov 2010 – Israeli soldiers on Sunday shot and wounded four Palestinians as they searched for building materials at a crossing north of the town of Bier Hanoun, medical sources said. A 15-year-old boy was among those shot, according to a spokesman for Gaza’s emergency services. The Israeli…

Gaza blockade still ‘crippling’
BBC 29 Nov 2010 – The easing of Israel’s blockade of Gaza six months ago has led to “little improvement” for people living there, a report by 21 aid and rights agencies says.

Leaked cables ‘attack on world’
BBC 29 Nov 2010 – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounces the leak of classified diplomatic cables as an “attack on the international community”.

Iranian nuclear scientist killed
BBC 29 Nov 2010 – An Iranian nuclear scientist is killed and another wounded in separate but similar bomb attacks carried out by motorbike drivers in Tehran.

Egypt Brothers ‘lose most seats’
BBC 29 Nov 2010 – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest opposition bloc in parliament, says it has won no seats outright in the first round of a poll which it says has been marred by fraud.


Israel’s Racist Polices in Practice: News from the Other Front (PDF)
Michael Warschawski, Alternative Information Center11/25/2010
Knesset: Racism Gone Wild
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman pressured Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman. Yaakov Neeman pressured Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Binyamin Netanyhu pressured Defence Minister Ehud Barak. Ehud Barak pressured the handful of Knesset members from the Labour party. And all of this because of racist Liberman, the fascist! Really? Everything because of Liberman?
When the current Knesset members were elected, we wrote that the Knesset was divided between the radical Right and the even more radical Right, and that Ivet Liberman and his friends would set the tone. At the conclusion of a year, no one can continue denying this abysmal forecast: the elections’ slogan of Yisrael Beitenu has become the national slogan: “no loyalty, no citizenship”.
Indeed, every Knesset member is responsible for her (and his) actions and votes. “No one pressured me,” Binyamin Netanyahu honestly stated after voting, “and I support a declaration of loyalty”. No one pressured Ehud Barak either. These are racist people who do not require external pressure in order to pass racist legislation. People for whom democracy means nothing. Fascist thugs and no more, and who knows what else they will do.
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel expressed concern about the upcoming Knesset session and the legislation expected to be passed: a law that will deny public support to any organization publicly commemorating the Palestinian Naqba on Israeli independence day; a law that sets prison time for one who denies Israel as a Jewish state…. more.. e-mail

‘Holy Land’ does not include Bethlehem – It’s official!
Ken Reed, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)11/30/2010
A new economic squeeze by Israel Government Tourist Office to exclude Palestine from Holy Land pilgrim tours has begun, aided by full page colour adverts in Church newspapers like the Anglican Church Times* and Roman Catholic The Tablet*, which appear to have been taken in. Seven UK and one Irish tour companies** are linked on a new website www.WalkWhereJesusWalked.com to sell IGTO tours for 4, 7, or 10 days. None of the tour itineraries includes Bethlehem, Hebron or Jericho or mention Palestinians. But parts of illegally annexed East Jerusalem feature, including the controversial ‘King David’s City’ controlled by the Elad settlers, as well as Galilee, Tel Aviv and holiday resort Eilat. We do not yet know if Christian Churches condemn this initiative, as Jewish human rights organisations have done.
The IGTO initiative follows the Vatican Synod on the Middle East in which Pope Benedict XVI pleaded for recognition of the ‘Living Stones’ within Israel/Palestine, the dwindling population of Palestinian Christians. This was echoed by RC Archbishop Kelly of Liverpool, the English and Welsh Bishops’ representative at the Synod and also Franciscan Father Pizzaballa, Custodian of Holy Places. But, as the international lay Catholic website Zenit regretted, how pilgrimages can support the local population was not explored. Since its establishment in 1970 the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Migrants has argued for responsible tourism in the world, including pilgrimages, but has somehow not yet dealt with the Holy Land.
Palestinians have now expressed concern themselves. Published in Palestine this week is Come and See: Guidelines for Pilgrimages jointly from Alternative Tourism Group (Bethlehem) and Kairos Palestine (joint initiative by the leaders of all 14 Christian Churches in Palestine taking its inspiration from anti-apartheid Kairos South Africa and has condemned the Israeli occupation as a sin). Their 24 page report argues that any pilgrimage which is not balanced and inclusive should not be recognised as a pilgrimage. It is the outcome of a Geneva forum of concerned organisations in May 2010 with 14 countries represented. more.. e-mail

Real Hope Is About Doing Something
Chris Hedges, Truthdig11/29/2010
On Dec. 16 I will join Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern and several military veteran activists outside the White House to protest the futile and endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of us will, after our rally in Lafayette Park, attempt to chain ourselves to the fence outside the White House. It is a pretty good bet we will all spend a night in jail. Hope, from now on, will look like this.
Hope is not trusting in the ultimate goodness of Barack Obama, who, like Herod of old, sold out his people. It is not having a positive attitude or pretending that happy thoughts and false optimism will make the world better. Hope is not about chanting packaged campaign slogans or trusting in the better nature of the Democratic Party. Hope does not mean that our protests will suddenly awaken the dead consciences, the atrophied souls, of the plutocrats running Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil or the government.
Hope does not mean we will halt the firing in Afghanistan of the next Hellfire missile, whose explosive blast sucks the oxygen out of the air and leaves the dead, including children, scattered like limp rag dolls on the ground. Hope does not mean we will reform Wall Street swindlers and speculators, or halt the pillaging of our economy as we print $600 billion in new money with the desperation of all collapsing states. Hope does not mean that the nation’s ministers and rabbis, who know the words of the great Hebrew prophets, will leave their houses of worship to practice the religious beliefs they preach. Most clerics like fine, abstract words about justice and full collection plates, but know little of real hope.
Hope knows that unless we physically defy government control we are complicit in the violence of the state. All who resist keep hope alive. All who succumb to fear, despair and apathy become enemies of hope. They become, in their passivity, agents of injustice. If the enemies of hope are finally victorious, the poison of violence will become not only the language of power but the language of opposition. And those who resist with nonviolence are in times like these the thin line of defense between a civil society and its disintegration. more.. e-mail

Letter from prison: I have a lot of energy to struggle
Electronic Intifada: 29 Nov 2010 – The following is an excerpt from a letter by Palestinian political prisoner and civil society leader Ameer Makhoul, written in response to a postcard featuring an image of a lighthouse sent by The Electronic Intifada contributor Adri Nieuwhof: “The lighthouse, al-fanar in Arabic, is an inspiration. I have built a lighthouse here in jail. It has been built in my mind because I am not allowed to use the space, but my mind is totally mine.”more

Arrested while helping farmers in Saffa Valley
Electronic Intifada: 29 Nov 2010 – It was a bright, warm morning in the occupied West Bank’s Saffa Valley Thursday, 18 November when, without warning, the Israeli occupation forces were upon us. Within moments, five Israeli soldiers were shouting in Hebrew. “You have one minute to leave the area!” they said, before shooting stun grenades at our feet. Moments later, we were told to sit quietly and hand over our passports. A six-hour detention was to follow.more

Review: paintings scream to break walls of silence
Electronic Intifada: 29 Nov 2010 – Scottish artist Jane Frere’s exhibition In the Shadow of the Wall reminds us that the plight of the Palestinian people is not just confined to periods of overt conflict, but is an ongoing, everyday experience. Stephen Fiddes reviews for The Electronic Intifada.more

Will the PA Declare a State… or Collapse?
Palestine Chronicle: 29 Nov 2010 – By Stuart Littlewood — London The other day I looked back with sadness on how nothing had changed for the better since my last trip to Palestine three years ago. On that occasion I also visited Gaza, an experience indelibly etched on my memory. The situation there only goes from bad to worse – intolerably worse. But if I’m dispirited, heaven knows how the average Palestinian must feel as a result of the incompetent leadership they have had to endure these last 63 years… a leadership which failed to coherently argue and convey the justice of the Palestinian cause and never bothered, even to this day, to formulate and put into action an effective communications plan to win freedom. The Israelis, though accomplished propagandists, are not very bright. In the battle for hearts and minds they have a violent story to tell and a lousy reputation to defend. And it’s…more

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