ICH 8 January 2013: The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014

8 January 2013 — Information Clearing House


The Syria Endgame:

Strategic Stage in the Pentagon’s Covert War on Iran

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

“Rebel” attack on Syria is a front in the covert multi-dimensional war against Iran.



Destabilizing Iran as a Nation State:

Targeted Sanctions as an “Alternative” to War?

By Ben Schreiner

Sanctions are an act of war. After all, what else are we to call the deliberate crippling of a nation’s economy?



The Day After Iran’s Tomorrow

By Benny Morris

A pre-emptive Iranian strike to ward off an Israeli or American attack on its nuclear project is a real threat, one that could send the region entirely off-kilter and one we must be ready for.



Will There Be A World War Three?

By Sergei Vasilenkov

According to General Ivashov, this is not a question of protecting Turkey from an attack by the Syrians, but the invasion of Turkish troops into Syria, as Ankara has been interested in the country for a long time.




Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense

By The Onion

“Because congress does not possess the necessary nine-tenths majority to override an Israeli veto, they’ll have no choice but to head back to the drawing board and provide a Defense Secretary whom we find more suitable.”



“So Many People Died”

The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014

By Nick Turse

Nobody will ever know just how many civilians were killed in the years after that. “The number is uncountable,” he said



Dehumanising War

By Lesley Docksey

Killing at a distance dehumanises those doing it – it is not killing but a computer game. Scoring a ‘hit’ that involves no blood, no entrails, no broken lives brings no guilt, no remorse and no proper awareness of the hurt inflicted on others.



Murder Inc.

Obama Names Head of Drone Assassination Program to Lead CIA

By Barry Grey

Obama gave a clear signal that he intends to expand the illegal program of drone assassinations that has already killed thousands of innocent civilians-men, women and children-and mutilated thousands more in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.



Excusing Torture, Again

By Ray McGovern

Jose Rodriguez now seeks to rewrite this sordid chapter in the CIA’s history and put his own complicity in a more favorable light.



“Why you came to fight U.S.A.?”

Video and Transcript

Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Hajj on 6-Year Ordeal of U.S. Detention, Torture.



Contesting the Systems of Power

By Charles Sullivan

We Americans are locked in an asylum for the criminally insane with the criminally insane, and they are armed to the hilt. We are in a dangerous place.



“Rambling’ And ‘Unhinged”?

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control


Things get a little heated.



Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

By William Blum

How can the country of Henry David Thoreau, separation of church and state, and family Thanksgiving dinners produce American super-nationalists capable of firing missiles into Muslim family reunions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia?



Secrets and Lies of the Wall Street Bailout

By Matt Taibbi

The federal rescue of Wall Street didn’t fix the economy – it created a permanent bailout state based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme. And the worst may be yet to come.



Whither Hugo?

Chavez’s Enemies See Opportunities in Cancer

By Mike Whitney

These rumors just illustrate how despised Chavez is among the racketeer class of brandy-drooling plutocrats who want to return Venezuela to the pre-Chavez glory days of widespread ignorance, injustice and grinding poverty.



Obama regime kills another 8 people in Pakistan: :

At least eight people have been killed in two suspected US drone attacks in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal areas, security officials say. Both attacks took place in the Mir Ali area of the North Waziristan tribal district in the early hours of Tuesday.



Pakistanis hold protest against US assassination drone strikes:

The protesters in the central city of Multan condemned Washington’s unsanctioned drone strikes that claim the lives of hundreds of Pakistanis every year.



Retired general cautions against overuse of “hated” drones:

 Aerial reconnaissance and attack drones have had a liberating effect on U.S. military forces, but they are deeply hated by many people and their overuse could jeopardize Washington’s broader objectives, retired General Stanley McChrystal said on Monday.



US drone attacks ‘counter-productive’, former Obama security adviser claims:

US reliance on drones to target terrorists undermines rule of law, is ineffective and has strategic drawbacks, argues Michael Boyle



7 Taliban Killed In Afghanistan:

NATO said in these operations seven militias attributed to Taliban and Haqani network were killed.



British occupation force soldier killed by Afghan Forces:

A British soldier from 28 Engineer Regiment, attached to 21 Engineer Regiment, was killed by a suspected member of the Afghan National Army yesterday in Afghanistan.



India says troops killed in Kashmir skirmish:

Army spokesman says two Indian soldiers are fired upon by Pakistani troops in Indian-administrated Kashmir.



India: Maoist rebels kill seven paramilitary soldiers:

Seven paramilitary soldiers have been killed in a clash between security forces and Maoist rebels in India’s eastern Jharkhand state, police say.



Militants shoot dead 11 Syrian civilians in Homs:

The militants in Syria have shot dead at least 11 Syrian civilians in the city of Homs as the fighting rages on between the country’s army forces and the militants.



Five civilians killed around Damascus Palestinian camp:

 Five civilians were killed in heavy fighting around a Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital on Tuesday as rebels withdrew from a northwestern town after a night of clashes, a watchdog said.



Syrian Jihadist Al-Nusra Militants Execute Three Assad Soldiers [VIDEO]:

Syrian rebels with the jihadist al-Nusra Front, labelled a terrorist outfit by the US government, have executed three soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the city of Deir Ezzor, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.



Syria’s foreign minister calls for ‘unconditional’ dialogue with opposition:

Zo’bi urged opposition forces to participate in what he called a “national dialogue,” and said that a specialized committee will start communicating with all political forces and figures to facilitate the inception of a national dialogue.



Syria rebels rejects Assad offer:

Opposition group says it has ruled out direct talks, day after president outlines peace plan.



Study shows rise of al Qaeda affiliate in Syria:

A jihadist group with links to al Qaeda has become the most effective of the different factions fighting the Syrian regime, according to a new analysis, and now has some 5,000 fighters.



Germany begins deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey:

Tuesday morning saw a ship carrying two Patriot missiles set out from a northeastern German seaport and a convoy of German soldiers fly out of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. They will assemble along the Turkish-Syrian border in preparation for the arrival of the defense systems in several weeks’ time.



Militants attack Turkish outpost, 13 killed:

Twelve Kurdish militants and one Turkish soldier were killed in clashes along the Turkey-Iraq border after the militants opened fire from inside Iraq on a remote outpost in southeast Turkey, security sources said on Tuesday.



Israel Pushes Washington to Give Iran an Ultimatum:

Israeli Finance Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz parachuted into Washington Monday for two days of meetings focusing mainly on Iran. Steinitz’s main message to the Obama Administration: it’s time to give Iran an ultimatum.



Iran urges US officials to stop warmongering against nations:

Mehmanparast advised the US authorities to respect the rights of the nations and not to interfere in other countries’ affairs for the world to show less hatred toward the United States.



Israel responds with concern and caution to Hagel nomination:

Conservative U.S. Jews have been vocally criticizing Hagel since his name was first floated last month, for his past warnings against the “Jewish lobby” and his preference for engagement with Iran and the Palestinian group Hamas



Jewish Democrats ‘confident’ Hagel will follow Obama’s pro-Israel lead:

J Street, National Jewish Democratic Council welcome nomination while the ADL, AJC express reservations, and several Republican representatives express outright opposition.



6 killed, 18 wounded in 2 car bombings in Iraq:

At least six people were killed and 18 others wounded in two car bomb explosions at commercial areas in the east and north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Tuesday, the police sources said.



Demonstrators rally to support Iraqi government:

Demonstrators took to the streets in Iraq‘s second largest city Tuesday to show support for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government, which has weathered over two weeks of angry protests.



Iraqi Sunnis, Kurds boycott cabinet session:

Iraqi Sunni Muslim and Kurdish ministers boycotted a cabinet session on Tuesday to show support for protests that threaten Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s fragile cross-sectarian government, lawmakers and a government source said.



Two policemen killed in firefight in southern Egypt:

Two policemen were killed in an exchange of fire with gunmen in Egypt‘s southern province of Qena Tuesday, the province’s security chief said, dpa reported.



Qatar buys Egypt‘s support for war on Syria:

Qatar to aid Egypt with extra $2.5 billion to boost ‘critical’ foreign currency reserve levels:

Qatar announced Tuesday it was doubling its financial aid to the Egyptian government with a new injection of $2.5 billion, underlining its role in propping up Cairo’s foreign currency reserves and highlighting its strong ties with the Muslim Brotherhood leadership.



Assailant killed in assassination attempt on Libya Islamist:

Assailants tried to kill a prominent Libyan Islamist leader by planting a bomb under his car in an apparent revenge attack dating back to the uprising that ousted veteran leader Muammar Gaddafi, police said on Monday.



Belfast police say British must intervene:

Rioting in Belfast has continued for the fifth night in a row. According to Terry Spence, chairman of Northern Ireland’s police federation, local politicians have lost control of the situation.



European unemployment hits ‘unacceptable high’:

The 19th rise in a row for the eurozone, home to some 330 million people, represented an increase of more than two million on the dole compared with a year ago, according to data published by the EU statistics service Eurostat.



Venezuela plans pro-Chávez rally for president’s swearing-in:

The Venezuelan government called on its citizens to ignore the “psychological warfare coming from abroad” on Tuesday in a public declaration stating that the president, Hugo Chávez, remains in a “stationary condition” and is still suffering from a lung infection almost a month after emergency cancer surgery in Cuba.



Caught at the Canadian border with $7M in Iraqi currency and two handguns:

Three family members from California were arrested at the Ambassador Bridge after they were discovered carrying the equivalent of $7-million in Iraqi currency and two handguns.



Judge: Manning endured unlawful pretrial punishment:

The military court grants the soldier 112 days sentencing credit but does not drop his charges



We Now Spend More On Immigration Than the Rest of Federal Law Enforcement Combined:

The big, headline-grabbing stat is that we now spend roughly $18 billion annually on immigration control.



11,000 US teachers laid off in December:

Since the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report was released last Friday, very little discussion in the media has been devoted to the fact that of the 13,000 local government workers that were laid off last month, more than 11,000 were teachers or school-related staff.



‘Armed Teacher Training Program’ Launches In 15 States:

An Ohio gun owners’ group is launching an “Armed Teacher Training Program” to instruct teachers and school staff on how to shoot off firearms in the classroom.



Guns off the street? Fleet of cop cars robbed of weapons in Kansas City:

Is it really all that easy to just get weapons off the streets? It’s hardly a challenge in Kansas City, Missouri, where six law enforcement vehicles were robbed of weapons in a single morning this week.



Fiscal cliff deal includes at least $67.9 billion for special interests:

Lawmakers gave the green light this week to extending dozens of business and industry tax breaks, like a cost-recovery program that will save the owners of “motorsports entertainment complexes” (that is, racetracks) about $70 million over the next two years.



US government spent $80.4 bn on food stamps in 2012:

The US government has spent a record USD 80.4 billion on food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that helps Americans who cannot afford to buy food.



BofA Earmarks $11.7 Billion to Cap Fannie Mae’s Claims:

Bank of America Corp. agreed to an $11.7 billion package designed to resolve most mortgage disputes with U.S.-owned Fannie Mae after a deal announced two years ago proved inadequate.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,254


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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