Venezuela Newslinks 26-27 January 2019

27 January 2019  21.46 — The New Dark Age

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UNSC on the topic of the situation in Venezuela (MUST SEE!)

Of biggest danger in situation around Venezuela is US’ interference — Kremlin spokesman

Venezuela crisis: White House ‘will respond to threats against diplomats’

Netanyahu says Israel recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s new president

PRESSTITUTES AT WORK: These Media Claims About Venezuela Are Lies Or Misconceptions

Attempted Coup in Venezuela with Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay. (Video & Text)

Why thousands of people are fleeing Venezuela

Venezuela crisis: Diplomat to US defects from Maduro

Juan Guaido: Designated US Puppet in Venezuela

Pompeo Puts Elliott Abrams in Charge of Regime Change in Venezuela

The Vultures of Caracas

Under the Suzerainty of Washington: Cruel Masters Know No Compassion

Everybody Else’s Business: Coup Fever in Venezuela

Hands Off Venezuela: Divided UN Security Council: Fierce Opposition to Violation of Venezuela’s Sovereignty

Venezuela at Another Crossroads

Guns & Butter – Here’s Russia’s Two-Punch Plan To Help The Venezuelan People

Former U.N. Expert: The U.S. Is Violating International Law by Attempting a Coup in Venezuela

‘Resistance’ Media Side With Trump to Promote Coup in Venezuela

The Dirty Hand of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Venezuela

Russian envoy explains why Security Council failed to agree joint statement of Venezuela

Venezuela: All you need to know about the crisis in seven charts

Power Play: The U.S. and Canada back a Coup in Venezuela

Statements of the Russian Federation for the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Venezuela

Russia’s envoy asks Pompeo if US ready to intervene in Venezuela

America to Venezuela – “Your Money AND Your Life!”

How much money will Russia lose in Venezuela

Russia’s UN envoy warns against discriminatory economic measures against Venezuela

Yet Another U.S. Coup Attempt to Eradicate the Bolivarian Revolution By Stansfield Smith

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