India News Links 16-21 December 2019

21 December 2019 — The New Dark Age

India’s 2019 Legislative Season

We Live in Hysteric Times: What Trump’s Impeachment Really Means

The fight against communal reaction in India is the fight for socialism

India’s Government Is Going to War Against Its Own People

Citizenship Law Protests Shut Down India’s Capital

Tens of thousands defy Indian government threats and demonstrate against Hindu-supremacist laws

Indian Government Going to War Against Its Own People

Closing ceremony of Russian-Indian joint drills ‘Indra-2019’ held in India

Protests Banned Across India After All Hell Breaks Loose

‘They Are Turning India Into Kashmir’: Government Crackdown Intensifies as Protest Movement Grows Across Subcontinent

Biosphere Collapse?

The Indo-‘Israeli’ Trans-Arabian Corridor Will Push Russia Closer to Pakistan

I  Never Saw a World So Fragmented!

India’s Government Is Going To War Against Its Own People

Exercise INDRA 2019: Strengthening Indo-Russian Strategic Ties

Kartarpur Corridor Becomes Complicated

BRICS Countries Make Strides Towards Digital Sovereignty

BRICS Member States Negotiating Earth Observation Satellite Sharing Framework

BRICS Need to Develop Talent: DG Rosatom

Russia expects several thousand guests from India for 2020 UEFA Euro Cup matches

The Mother of Us All: Ancient India’s Vedic Civilization

India Looks to Russian Coal to Lessen Dependence on US, Canada & Australia

Pakistan at crossroads. Turkish footfalls beckon.

India’s highest court greenlights repression of protests against discriminatory citizenship law

Who was the Target of the Active Cooperation between US and British Intelligence Agencies?

US’ Afghan War: Imperialism’s Limit exposed

Russian security chief to attend multilateral Afghanistan meeting in Tehran

Mass protests erupt against Modi-led Indian government’s Hindu supremacist agenda

Internet Blocked as Protests Intensify in Northeast India against the Citizenship Amendment Act

Russia, India Start Practical Part of Indra-2019 Joint Exercise

India: The Self-Professed ‘World’s Largest Democracy’ Is Experiencing a Real Social Uprising

2019 Latin America in Review: Year of the Revolt of the Dispossessed

Pro-Indian ‘fake websites targeted decision makers in Europe’

BRICS’ NDB Pledges $100  Million to NIIF’s Fund of Funds

Protests across India against new Hindu chauvinist Citizenship Act

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