Information Clearing House Headlines 2 March 2020

2 March 2020 — Information Clearing House

Syria – A Short Note on Recent Developments

By Moon Of Alabama
The Pentagon announced that it will not provide air support to Turkey. –



Are Russia and Turkey on a Collision Course?

By The Saker 
Erdogan is desperately trying to pit the US against Russia. – Continue


The fabrication of the myth of the “Syrian revolution” by the United Kingdom

By Thierry Meyssan
New documents have leaked on the organization of British propaganda against Syria. – Continue



Whitewashing the West’s Disastrous War in Libya

By Ted Galen
Carpenter The media is happy to report on the chaos there now; less so on what caused it in the first place. – Continue


Israel’s UN ambassador calls Sanders an ‘ignorant fool’: ‘We don’t want him in Israel’

By Justin Wise 
Senator Sanders is insulting his very own colleagues and the millions of Americans who stand with Israel,”- “Truly shameful.” – Continue


Seth Rich, Julian Assange and Dana Rohrabacher – Will We Ever Know the Truth About the Stolen DNC Files?

By Philip Giraldi 
If Rich was indeed responsible for the theft and was possibly killed for his treachery, it reminds everyone of what the Clintons and their allies are capable of. – Continue


The Armoured Glass Box is an Instrument of Torture

By Craig Murray
They are attempting to create in him the condition where his death might be explained away as suicide. – Continue


Assange Rips the Matrix

By Finian Cunningham
The saccharin myths of “democracy” and “free speech” are shown for the ugly, putrid reality that they are. – Continue


Why Are Stocks Crashing?

By Mike Whitney
Despite this week’s big sell-off in equity markets, the worst is yet to come. –


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