Racism and the Protest Movement in America

2 June 2020 — Global Research

Combat Troops Coming to US Streets?

By Stephen Lendman, June 02, 2020

On Monday, Trump threw more fuel on a national inferno of public rage instead of showing leadership to calm things by pledging transformational change to serve all Americans equitably. Last week, he inflamed things by tweeting: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Focus on Looting Detracts From Racism

By Robert Fantina, June 02, 2020

What this writer finds troubling is the focus away from the systemic racism that is inherent in U.S. governance, and plainly manifested by the U.S. police force, toward a ‘blame the victim’ mentality that allows the government to maintain business as usual. As yet another unarmed, defenseless Black man is brutally murdered, on video, for all the world to see, it is the protesters and the destruction resulting from the demonstrations that are being condemned by all ‘mainstream’ news outlets.

Floyd Murder Sparks Violent Protests in US – Citizens at Breaking Point with Police State Oppression?

By Joachim Hagopian, June 02, 2020

The brutal oppression and slaughter of darker skinned people on this earth for centuries has colored human history blood red, the same color we all bleed. Conquering, colonizing, slaughtering and inhumanely exploiting races deemed “inferior” or “weaker” that happen to possess darker skin pigment is sadly an entrenched historical fact. That “the great melting pot land of the free” called America has always been at the epicenter of this raging battlefield over race should come as no shock. After all, America’s roots were founded on racism from its very genesis, first with the genocide inflicted on the indigenous race calling the Western Hemisphere its home for centuries, and then the barbaric uprooting of a darker skinned race from its African home for nearly four centuries of legalized enslavement. If that’s not tragically diabolical enough, the fact is, out of the 244-year history of the United States, it’s been warring almost exclusively against virtually every nonwhite nation on earth throughout its entire existence – 93% of the time to be precise.

Anti-Racist Demonstrations Continue Despite Escalating Government Repression

By Abayomi Azikiwe, June 02, 2020

Even though Minnesota Governor Tim Walz ordered the National Guard into the Twin Cities, it would take a full mobilization of these military forces which spread out around the unrest areas utilizing teargas, pepper spray, igniting concussion grenades and the random firing of rubber bullets into large crowds of people to clear the streets. In Minneapolis there has been at least one death since the rebellion and demonstrations erupted. Many others have been arrested and abused by the police. Journalists and bystanders are routinely arrested and held without being charged for hours.

A Superpower in Chaos

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, June 02, 2020

Minneapolis could not have happened at a worse time for the US elites. While violence perpetrated against African Americans by White police officers has happened a number of times before, its occurrence right in the midst of a huge health emergency that has already claimed more than a 100,000 lives and a related massive economic disaster that has robbed 30 million people of their jobs, is truly unprecedented. The mayhem and chaos accompanying the violence have spread to a number of other cities right across the United States of America.

African American Mayors and Sheriffs Stand Among George Floyd Protestors in Central North Carolina

By Danica Jorden, June 02, 2020

Walking in the crowd was Fayetteville mayor Mitch Colvin. Wearing a promotional polo shirt and plain pants, he was a nondescript member of the group, without retinue or escort. With Rakeem Jones’ help, Colvin and a coalition of other regional mayors and sheriffs quickly decided to refrain from visible police presence as they organized their towns’ participation in the mounting protests sweeping the country.

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