ColdType Mid-June (Issue 208) is now online

11 June 2020 — ColdType

You can read this issue at or at


  • WHEN COPS KILL – This issue’s cover is given to Joe Allen’s searching – and exclusive – essay, No True Friends in a Race War, which heads a trio of hard-hitting pieces on the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed. Allen’s powerful essay is complemented by striking stories from William J. Astore and C.J. Hopkins.
  • Other main items include Trevor Hoyle’s story of his efforts to counter George Orwell’s  most famous  route along The Road to Wigan Pier with his own book, The Road to Bognor Regis, John Pilger on the forgotten CIA coup against its ‘most loyal ally, and David Storey on the juggled identities of Africa’s soccer stars.
  • We’ve also got Sam Pizzigati on the world’s biggest failed state, Ross Cole on when it’s admirable to steal music, Linh Dinh stranded in South Korea, Sonali Kolhatkar on pandemic profiteers, George Monbiot on the rings of power that debase democracy.
  • We have  photographs from Mats Svennson’s latest book, Apartheid Is A Crime: Portraits of the Israeli Occupation,plus Caitlin Johnstone, Andrew Fischer and Final Wordsfrom Thomas S. Harrington.


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