ColdType September2020 (Issue 213) is now online

29 August 2020 — ColdType

Coldtype 213

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  • This issue’s main stories are Beverly Gologorsky’s memories of life in the shadow of war, and their relevance to 20st-century America; and the second part of Joe Allen’s tale of life as a roadie with some of the world’s biggest rock tours. We’ve also got a 4-page photo essay showing the massive, mind-altering, sets that he and his fellow techies constructed before their industry ground to a screeching halt.In other top stories, we have Conn Hallinan on the 21st-century’s new Great Game between China and the US; Thomas S. Harrington on the ‘No one could have known’ response to Covid-19, W. Stephen Gilberton the woman the Republicans call a Marxist; Tony Sutton on the Covid-spreading farts of death, Jonathan Cook on Israel’s war against Palestine history; and Linh Dinh in the back streets of Belgrade.

    You won’t want to miss John W. Whitehead on tomato killing, Amy Binns on why parents fear their changeling kids, Sam Pizzigati on the college football financial greed, or Chris Gosden on the magical roots of modern science. We’ve also got George Monbiot, Sarah Anderson, Mark Hurwitt, V.J. Prashad, and Andrew Fischer.


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