Gaza/Palestine News Links 26-27 May 2021

27 May 2021 — The New Dark Age

Dockworkers To Boycott Israeli Ships Until Total Liberation Of Palestinians

‘Feeble coexistence’: Palestinians in Israel are crying out for equality

Palestine: Hamas defeats Israel

Michigan Marches Unite Palestine Solidarity And BLM

Palestine is a Mirror into the Contemporary World Struggle Against Imperialism, and its Contradictions

Call for Arms Embargo

Nasrallah: Future violation of al-Quds will trigger regional war with Resistance Axis

From BLM to Palestine: Only a Marriage of Movements can Counter a Marriage of Empires

“The Savage Punishment Of Gaza”: Israel’s Latest Assault On Palestine’s Open Prison

To Distract From Gaza, Israel Lobby Manufactures Antisemitism Freakout

The Spotlight on Israeli Apartheid Must Not Fade, by Kenn Orphan

The Emperor’s New Rules

Israel to carry out more mass arrests of Palestinians

AP Firing Shows Right-Wing Hypocrisy, Illusion of ‘Objectivity’

Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah: The land dispute in the eye of a storm

Hundreds of Palestinians Volunteer to Clean up War-Ravaged Gaza

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