Video: The Veil of Civilisation Swept Away

21 December 2021 — John Waters Unchained

On Gemma O’Doherty’s livestream, surveying the second calendar year of the Covid horror show, as the terror and scapegoating campaigns are ramped up and sundry ‘liberals’ emerge in their true colours.

Peak scapegoating. Hypnotic blackout.  Max mass formation. The powderkeg of propaganda.

Kill the witch! Cut her throat! Bash her in!

And, at the same moment, unprecedented excess mortality (not from Covid, but from the proclaimed ‘cure for Covid’.)

Journaliars, as though under a trance of self-hypnosis, their industrial lying subsidised by murderous purveyors of dangerous pharmaceuticals, seek to silence any and all critics of these peddlers in death, and suppress every attempt to alert the public to what is happening.

Kill the witch! Cut his throat! Bash him in!

Much is explained by the strange ideological ricochet of Covid and the bizarre doctrinaire flip that has placed leftists on the same side as the richest, most powerful, most sinister forces in the world. Now, according to those who see ‘fascists’ at every turn, experimental procedures are fine. The banal evil of ‘secure transport’ to the ‘quarantine’ camps is okay. Apartheid is suddenly unexceptionable. Discrimination is just dandy. Eugenics? No problem!

Kill the witch! Cut her throat. Bash her in!

Who, here, are the fascists? Those who support coercive medical experimentation, concentration camps, scapegoating and ‘Papers please!’, or those who oppose such phenomena as unworthy of a civilised society?

The Cult of Covid will go down in history — if there is any history in the New Normal — as the blackest period, and the greatest crime, in all human existence.

The answer now is the same as it’s always been: Do not comply.

The most important thing is to continue opposing, despite the slings and arrows of outrageous journaliars, to respond to their attacks and untruths as to the utterings of the sick and deranged.

Click Here For Video

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