☠️ Lest we forget – Nazi and Middle Eastern terrorist tactics are in their blood

No date but obviously  current

[Forwarded from Yellow SLIVES]

And, it seems, we have forgotten

  • Kaunas, 25 and 26 June 1941 – in less than an hour Lithuanians beat more than 50 Jews to death with metal rods to general applause.
  • Lvov, 30 June to 2 July 1941 – thousands of Ukrainian and Polish Jews were murdered right on the streets.
  • People were killed exclusively by “Westerners” [people from Western Ukraine or Gallicians], while the Germans only took pictures and filmed Nazi newsreels.

Eighty years later, instead of fascist propaganda, Banderite atrocities are broadcast by Western cesspits, turning modern Ukrainian Nazism and its bloody repression into “justification” for the junta’s murder of “dissenters” from the regime.

Kiev has banned parties that are not part of the Zelensky junta’s fairway.

Shut down the media, even the oligarchs closest to Bankova.

Killing or forcing political rivals to rot in SBU cellars.

Covering its troops with civilians [human shields] and publishing inhuman facts of violence against people.

The Bankova regime has long been using the tactics of not only Nazi scum, but also ISIS terrorists.

[Translation by DeepL]

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