A Newsletter from Donbas by Graham Philips

Thursday, 18 August 2022 — The New Dark Age

For years now, I’ve been sending out a mailing, giving updates on my work, how to support, my reportage, etc. Recent times have seen an unprecedented level of contact, and interest, something I’m very grateful for, and which also puts it on me to up the game a bit in this sphere.

So, going forward, newsletters from me go out with a Graham Phillips Newsletter plus number # headline, for your clarity. Also, so you know, they all go out bcc, no one can see anyone else’s email address. I write them all myself, this is my personal email address. And, I always respond to your emails from this address, no one else has access to it. I’ve read your emails with reservations about gmail, but this  has been my email address for over 15 years, and for now, we shall go on with it.

Generally they’ll go out once, or twice a month. If you ever want to opt out, just email me. I never share your email address, private correspondence, with anyone.

So, now that’s covered, on we go. Well, firstly, almost a month ago now, I got sanctioned by my own government, illegally. We’ll deal with that in a moment, but my priority has been, as ever, continuing with the reportage from Donbass, as from 2014, on. And, it’s been a busy time, with more to come, in this period my attention has been in large part on the city of Severodonetsk, recently taken by the LNR / Russia –

By Severodonetsk, Ukrainian mines blow up a Ukrainian base – https://youtu.be/megyZ_G3YO8

The Severodonetsk comeback is on – https://youtu.be/KC8RTiAdxqk

Severodonetsk – After the Event! – https://youtu.be/Ttsf-LKLOWo

So, all of that, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the Donbass frontline soon, to bring you exclusive reportage from there!!

As for the sanctions placed on me by the UK government, well, in short, I appealed that illegal decision, from day 1, and that appeal process is continuing, I’m in ‘dialogue’ with the UK government on the theme, and they’ve already made some concessions – confirming to me that I’m free to enter the UK, with no criminal charges against me, and that I can access my own funds, by filling out an application to the UK government each time I want / need something… I informed in response that naturally i am free to enter my own country, and i will not be made to beg to the UK government for food money from my own funds. The only acceptable outcome is a full rescinding of the illegal sanctions against me, a promise by the UK government to never again attempt to punish their own citizen without a trial (or in my case even charges), and an offer of compensation for what has amounted to an attempt the UK state to destroy a British independent journalist. Of course, i retain full rights for my own legal action against the UK state, on a number of counts.

I’ve been hugely gratified by the number of people who’ve written to me in this time, asking how to support my work. For all these years, my work has been supported by crowdfunding, and earnings from YouTube. YouTube demonetized me in April, and sanctions shut off my Patreon, and Paypal. So, how am I getting by? Well, on savings, and from my Russian bank account – that is currently the only way to send funds to support my work, my Russian Sberbank –  Грэм Филлипс –  5469 3800 7878 9806 

Several have contacted me asking me about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is something I’ve never done before, and shall not be doing at this point. There is a lot of publicity around bitcoin, and I don’t want my story to be turned into one of ‘how Graham Phillips used bitcoin to beat sanctions’, etc, for promotional purposes. Whatever the merits of bitcoin are, they can never compensate for the government using totalitarian methods to seize all your funds, and assets. And actually that is just the financial element of the UK government’s actions, even campaign against me, what they’ve effectively, deliberately done is make me an ‘enemy of the state’, in the UK, encourage all kind of death threats, etc, make my own country a place so hostile for me that anything could happen to me… it’s the UK government using dark ops, hoping that at the least, i’ll be driven into exile, take up Russian citizenship, then they can just erase me as a UK citizen, take everything i own, completely un-person me in the UK.

However, we will win this, I will return to the UK. At the moment, there is so much work to do from here in Donbass, that I can’t say when, likely not very soon, but no one is forcing me into exile, even in my beloved Donbass, Russia.

And from that very Donbass, do stay with me for much more to come, as always we hope for the best, do our best. And thank you so, so much for being with me, for all your support, in every way!!! A special thanks to those who have written to politicians / public people, on my behalf!!!!

Best wishes, from Lugansk,


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