Ukraine News Links 16 – 25 September 2022

Sunday, 25 September 2022 • 21:00 — The New Dark Age

Just clearing up the backlog of links. Unfortunately, these are not necessarily in chronological order.

As Democracy Dies in the EU, Von der Leyen Reveals Its Sins

As We Move Closer To WW3, It’s A Good Time To Reassess Our Priorities In Life

The Spoils of War

Europe’s Biggest Enemy Isn’t Russia Nor Islamic Terrorism, but Israel

Initial comments: FM Lavrov at UNGA


China’s Position Regarding Ukraine: A ‘Challenge’ to the US-NATO Alliance?

EU States Thrust Aside Kremlin’s Warnings of Nuclear War Over Ukraine

Ukrainian Army War Crimes Include Shelling of Ambulences, Firetrucks, and Rescue Workers in the Donbass Republics—Similar to Israelis and U.S. Backed Terrorists in Syria

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-157

Daily Chronicles

Exposed: Covert Pro-Western Info Op

Not Really The News…

COP27 To Be Held In Egypt Amid Global Challenges

Historic Context Of The Referenda In Ukraine

Government Advisor Repeats ‘Russia Funded Anti-Fracking Protests’ Myth

Russia’s Special Military Operation Might Soon Transform Into A Defense Of Its Own Borders

Russia Responds To America’s Plan To Win WW III

87% Of World Doesn’t Support West’s New Cold War On Russia

Brainwashed For War With Russia

Why Ukraine Referendum Is A Big Deal

Tackling Inflation in Canada: For Corporations or Workers?

Suppression of Contrarian Voices

How The War Changed Overnight

Time to challenge Pro-Apartheid Toronto United Jewish Appeal

US Gas Exporters Grabbed A Wartime Windfall From Conflict In Ukraine

Evo Morales: US The Only Pariah That Provokes Coups And Wars

The Orientation of World Political Power Moves Inexorably Eastward

Peace Activists Hit The Streets From DC To SF Urging Ceasefire In Ukraine

Will The US Salvage What’s Left Of Ukraine Or Provoke Russia Into Completely Destroying It?

Who is to Blame for the Escalation of the Situation on the Border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan?

A New World Order is Emerging and Not Before Time

Pentagon Opens Review Of Its Clandestine Psychological Operations

Could Forthcoming Donbass Referenda Be Russia’s Defensive-Oriented Response To Kharkov?

Zelensky And NATO Plan To Transform Post-War Ukraine Into ‘A Big Israel’

‘Leading From Behind’: Is Washington At War With Moscow?

Europe’s Real-Time Experiment In Energy Contraction

Donbass separatist republics provide model for what American post-colonial confederalism could look like

Europe’s Economy And Living Standards Are Plummeting

New Fakes about Russia-DPRK Military Cooperation

Dear Friends’ Xi And Putin: Project Unity

How and Why Billionaires’ Charities’ Efforts to Help the World Are Now Turning It Rapidly Worse

Washington Throws Kiev under the Turkish Bus

War Is Not The Answer To Deep Planetary Insecurity

Ukraine Is The New Israel

Ukraine – Dissecting Some War Propaganda News Items

Thunder heard from downunder

Ukrainian “Hit List” Publishes Names and Addresses of Alleged “Russian Propagandists:” Turns Out to be Based Not in Ukraine But in Langley VA Where CIA Headquarters Is Located

Our materials in Telegram (17.09 – 23.09)

From Suicide to Dead and Buried… Germany Now Provokes China

Mapping the War in Ukraine: Russia Is Expanding

Biden Condemns Nuclear War in Lie-Filled UN Address… But He Is Making Such a War Happen

US Media Held Murdered Russian Journalist to a Dangerous Standard

Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste

Bundestag Resolution: “Defending peace and freedom in Europe”. Germany Will Risk Europe’s Security by Exhausting Its Stocks for Ukrainian Military

MoA’s take on the Empire’s Proxy War against the Global South

Stop the Escalatory Ladder in Ukraine, We Want to Get Off

Two short news and some US week-end music

Why Ukraine referendum is a big deal

In a nutshell: Lavrov, UNSC, Ukraine

Daily Chronicles: Theme, the wider view

Tackling Inflation in Canada: For Corporations or Workers?

Selected Articles: What Would a Nuclear War Look Like?

A Failed Globalist Experiment

Partial Mobilization, UNGA, Noise vs Serious

Why Is Germany Committing Suicide?

Biden Keeps Pledging Direct U.S. War With China Over Taiwan

Germany’s Move to Become a Military Power Will Be Suicide Pill Both for Berlin and EU

NATO prolongs the Ukraine proxy war, and global havoc

The Arc of a Covenant: The United States, Israel, and the Fate of the Jewish People – Book Review

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-155

India’s gaffe at Samarkand

Putin’s Address: West’s Anti-Russia Policies, Partial Mobilization & Referendums in Ukraine

Multipolar World Order – Part 1

Biden: Nuclear war cannot be won, must never be fought

US Hypocrisy Knows No Limits

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Newsweek, September 21, 2022

How Covert British Information Wars Target Russia, Threatening Civilians and Journalists

Zelensky Quietly Deletes Photo of His Bodyguard’s Pro-Hitler Patch

Empire of Lies Christens the New World Order. Part II: American Exceptionalism Means Global Domination

Address by the President of the Russian Federation – September 21, 2022

Stalin’s Jews

Fake mass grave in Izium

Why the Ukraine is Not a New Afghanistan

On The Upcoming Putin Speech And Announcements

The Shelling of Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Takes Ukraine Side, Making UN Secretary-General Guterres Either a Liar or a Fool

Chris Hedges: Strike, Strike, Strike

Daily Chronicles: Referenda and War

The European Central Bank’s Zimbabwean Model

‘Samarkand Spirit’ to Be Driven by ‘Responsible Powers’ Russia and China

Goodbye Westification: The World Moves On

Zelensky and NATO Plan to Transform Post-War Ukraine Into ‘a Big Israel’

Italian journalist Mattio Sorbi almost became a new victim of Ukrainian nationalists from “Mirotvorets”

Open thread: Russian, the Ukraine, Armenia, China/Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Russian Chief: biologic and chemical weapons+

Russian Ops in Ukraine Sept.18, 2022

Whitewashing the Monarchy and the Zionist Regime: Two Sides of the Same Blood-Soaked Coin

‘Leading from Behind’: Is Washington at War with Moscow?

Russia, the SCO and international terrorism

Why the Ukraine is Not a New Afghanistan

Ukraine: Somewhere between Afghanization and Syrianization


West Needs a Safety Catch on Grand Policy Decisions, Not Come Back Kids

The SCO Summit and the Need for a New Global Security Architecture

More SCO: comments and the fight continues

Daily Chronicles post SCO Summit

President Putin: Final SCO News conference

Ukraine News Links 15-16 September 2022
Ukraine News Links 15-16 September 2022

The Kyiv Security Compact

Economist Richard Wolff: Sanctions Against Russia, Inflation & Class War

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