Ukraine News Links 26-28 September 2022

Wednesday, 28 September 2022 — The New Dark Age

The Conflict Between The West And Russia In Ukraine Has Reached The Point Of No Return

The Democratic Party, Now the Leading Party of War

Disgruntlement with US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan Reaches Critical Levels

The Return Of Fascism

Why Ukraine Referendum Is A Big Deal

How To Stop The Escalation To War

The Democratic Party, Now the Leading Party of War

Larry Gives A Superb Treatment To…

Humanity Will Eat Itself Through Violence, War, Hatred and Neglect

I Already Touched On It In My Video…

Survivors Uncensored: Voices From Rwanda And The Rwandan Diaspora

In The Terrain Of Word War III

Turkish Foreign Policy: Geopolitical Adventurism at a Crossroads

US Hard at Work Preparing Taiwan for War with China

Neo-colonial apologia, imperialist hypocrisy, & the chauvinism driving pro-NATO liberals

Imperial Demon Watch: Vladimir Putin

John Pilger’s 2014 Warning About Ukraine

In Mind-Blowingly Hypocritical UN Speech, Biden Tries To Rewrite History

Despite What Biden Says, The Pandemic Isn’t Over

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-160

Means, Motive, Opportunity?: NS I and II

Can America Isolate Anyone?

Macron’s New EU 2.0 Will Make Him and France Great Again While Alienating NATO

Ukraine War: Implications of “Joining Russia”: Referendums in Donbass, Zaporozhe and Kherson

Giorgia on Our Mind

Left Party Representatives Demand Expulsion of Sahra Wagenknecht for Criticising German Government War Policy and NATO

The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase

Brainwashed for war with Russia

How to Stop the Escalation to War, by Thierry Meyssan

Will The Ukraine De-Militarise Itself?

Ukrainian recurring themes

Unpacking the Ukraine ‘Game Change’; Is a Major Conflict Inevitable?

U.S. Hypocrisy Knows No Limits

The Return of Fascism

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine, New York

Turkish Foreign Policy: Geopolitical Adventurism at a Crossroads

Ukraine News Links 16 – 25 September 2022

As We Move Closer To WW3, It’s A Good Time To Reassess Our Priorities In Life

Daily Chronicles

US Media Held Murdered Russian Journalist to a Dangerous Standard 

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