Wikileaks Newslinks 3 December 2011

3 December 2011 —

WikiLeaks set to out companies in ‘Spy Files.’
At least three Canadian companies are set to watch potentially damaging documents released online to the world, part of the latest dump of secret files obtained by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks. The website lists three Canadian companies it …

No more easy polls for PAP
Malaysia Star
According to WikiLeaks, the leaked US diplomatic cables, PAP MP Charles
Chong admitted that the party had to field “second and third-tier
candidates” since the 2006 election. Unless PM Lee succeeds in reversing
his recruitment fortune, …

Parliament rejects restoring immunity for ALDE MEP
New Europe
He quoted a diplomatic note released by Wikileaks, saying that his trial
for false accounting was politically motivated. The Parliament, however,
found no connection between the alleged statement of the Lithuanian foreign
affairs ministry and the legal …

Carrier IQ is BYOD kiss of death — urgent action required
Computerworld (blog)
While we’re thinking about this, how about WikiLeaks’ revelation that
governments around the world are using iTunes exploits to spy on people?
You may choose to trust your own government, but what about the governments
of your international competitors …

Luis Fleischman and Nancy Menges
The Cutting Edge
Nicaragua’s Ortega has followed Chavez’s footsteps in strengthening
relations with drug cartels (who financed his 2008 municipal campaigns,
according to American diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks) and with
Iran. Nicaragua can turn into another …

WikiLeaks’ Spy Files shed light on the corporate side of government …
By Amar Toor
WikiLeaks’ latest batch of documents hit the web this week, providing the
world with a scarily thorough breakdown of a thoroughly scary industry.

Think Carrier IQ is bad? Wikileaks founder says all smartphones can …
By Todd Haselton
During a recent speech to delivered at the City University in London,
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that most smartphones can be hacked

WikiLeaks Unveils 160 Firms’ Surveillance Gear Sales Docs, Still No …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The site on Thursday unveiled a new trove of 287 documents it’s calling the
Spy Files, a collection of 160 digital surveillance firms’ marketing
materials, price lists and catalogues, a joint effort with Bugged Planet,
The Bureau of Investigative …

US targets WikiLeaks like no other organisation | Citizens for …
By legitgov
US targets WikiLeaks like no other organisation 03 Dec 2011 WikiLeaks is
the target of an “unprecedented” US government criminal investigation,
Australian diplomatic cables obtained by the Herald reveal. The cables also
show the …

WikiLeaks Spy Files Expose Surveillance Industrial Complex …
By John Glaser
WikiLeaks Spy files project should go a long way in educating the public
about how intrusive and privacy-violating the government is and how this
new high-tech industry – the surveillance industrial complex, as some are
calling it – is enabling …

WikiLeaks Site to Raise Awareness of Worldwide Surveillance …
By Jason Ditz
Looking to move on from its last selection of leaks, WikiLeaks has launched
a new site called Spy Files centering on raising awareness of government
surveillance and privacy violations worldwide. TechNewsWorld has a first
look at the …

WikiLeaks release Spy Files; Veterans for Peace call support action …
By occupylsx
This week, WikiLeaks – working in association with Bugged Planet, Privacy
International and media organizations from six countries – released a
first selection of documents revealing the international trade in mass
interception of phone and …

WikiLeaks unveils 160 firms’ surveillance gear sales documents …
By Lidija Sabados
WikiLeaks unveils 160 firms’ surveillance gear sales documents. Source:
Andy Greenberg, Forbes. WikiLeaks is still in the secret-spilling business.
But not, apparently, in the business of accepting those secrets through the
anonymous …

WikiLeaks: The Spy Files & Assange Video on Mass Surveillance …
By razavi
When citizens overthrew the dictatorships in Egypt and Libya this year,
they uncovered listening rooms where devices from Gamma corporation of the
UK, Amesys of France, VASTech of South Africa and ZTE Corp of China
monitored their …

Wikileaks docs reveal that governments use malware for …
By TheAngryindian
Wikileaks docs reveal that governments use malware for surveillance: A
report that Wikileaks published alongside the documents raises concern
about the growing use of mass surveillance tools that indiscriminately
monitor and analyze entire …

Lawmakers propose SOPA alternative: Fight online pirates ‘like …
By Stephen C. Webster
That’s a tactic which has been frightfully effective: since Visa,
MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America, Western Union and other financial
institutions began refusing to deliver funds donated to WikiLeaks, the site
has stopped publishing more …

WikiLeaks to expose the latest global mobile device listens for the …
By admin
Beijing on December 2, according to foreign media reports WikiLeaks founder
Zhu ????? (Julian Assange) today said the 25 countries of 150
private sector not only has the ability to track mobile devices, but also
to intercept the …

IndieLondon: Wikileaks play Man In The Middle coming to London …
By Rob
A NEW play based on the life of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is coming
to London in January 2012, where it will be making its European premiere.
Man In The Middle, by Australian playwright Ron Elisha, will be staged at
Theatre503 …

WikiLeaks “spy files” show global surveillance industry
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange launched the website’s new project on
December 1, publishing hundreds.

Wikileaks docs reveal that governments use malware for surveillance
Wikileaks has published a collection of confidential brochures and product
presentations that companies use to market intrusive surveillance products
to …

Wikileaks play to hit the London stage | Stage |
Theatrical treatment of the life of Julian Assange gets its European
premiere, writes Matt Trueman.

Wikileaks warns of ‘massive internet surveillance’ – Hindustan Times
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has launched the website’s new project,
the publication of files it claims shows a global industry that gives
dictatorships tools …

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange Win Major Australian Prize for …
Over the weekend, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accepted the award for
Most …

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