Wikileaks Newslinks 31 May 2013

31 May 2013 —


The WikiLeaks story exposed, but not resolved

Boston Globe

Alex Gibney’s overlong but fascinating “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks” manages to convince you that both sides of the equation deserve consideration even as the film carefully separates the strands of a maddening snarl of event and accusation.


Wikileaks Insider: Julian Assange Is Everything He Once Despised


Julian Assange “has become everything he originally, rightly, despised,”

according to former Wikileaks spokesperson James Ball. Ball wrote about

working for Assange and his decision to leave Wikileaks in an essay posted

Thursday in The Daily Beast.


WikiLeaks filmmaker and his ‘critic’ trade blows over Assange

Daily Life

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney and a WikiLeaks critic, who he believes

is Julian Assange, have traded savage barbs over a new documentary. As We

Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks began a cinema run in the US, a

scathing critique of the film …


Ecuador says UK violating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s ‘human rights’

Herald Sun

ECUADOR’S president has accused Britain of violating human rights by not

allowing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to leave its London embassy after

he was granted asylum by the South American nation. The Australian hacker,

who founded the …


Assange slams Carr as a ‘well-known liar’

Sydney Morning Herald

From his refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange has called Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr a

“well-known liar” whose “ignorance is only eclipsed by his arrogance”. Mr

Assange, who is sheltering in the embassy …


Take 5: Tom McBride, Wikileaks film, Mad Fox and more

Washington Examiner

On Friday, former D.C. resident Tom McBride celebrates the release of his

new album, “Morning in Glen Burnie,” with a special show at the Black Cat.

McBride was able to record “Morning in Glen Burnie” with the help of, a Kickstarter …


Feds to destroy data seized form Wikileaks ally


BOSTON (AP) — The federal government has agreed to destroy all data

obtained from electronic devices that were seized from David House. He was

an outspoken advocate for an Army private accused of funneling classified

documents to Wikileaks.


Hacktivist Pleads Guilty in New York

Sci-Tech Today

During his guilty plea, Hammond also admitted he “took confidential

information” from law enforcement agencies and contractors in several

states. Secret-spilling group WikiLeaks published much of the material

Hammond stole. A self-described anarchist …


Gogoi supports Rahul comments on AGP


Without referring to the WikiLeaks cables, Gogoi claimed, “AGP had links

with insurgent groups. Rahul Gandhi’s statement is correct.” “ULFA and AGP

were cousin brothers at one point of time. (ULFA C-in-C) Paresh Barua had

confirmed the links. AGP had …


A Review: ‘We Steal Secrets … The Story of WikiLeaks’

City Watch

I have also been at work compiling a database, to launch shortly,

containing a data map of the U.S. Government’s investigation of WikiLeaks–

the largest criminal probe ever conducted into a publisher and its sources.

I was recently awarded a generous …


UID will create digital caste system: Jacob Appelbaum

Business Standard

But all these precautions are not without reason – Jacob Appelbaum,

computer security researcher, hacker, activist and a spokesperson for

WikiLeaks, says he has been detained and harassed multiple times by US

authorities for his work. In Bangalore to …


The doco Julian Assange detests

The Canberra Times

WikiLeaks’s extensive notes on a transcript of the film cites factual

errors, misrepresentations and biased editing, covering everything from the

title (”an irresponsible libel”) to the damaging claim that Assange would

be interviewed for the film …


Former employee: Assange tried to hide ties to man who exposed rape accuser

Raw Story

A former WikiLeaks employee says that Julian Assange, the organization’s

founder, pressured him to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) that would

have hid the fact that he had been friends with the man who revealed the

identity of a woman he was …


Assange’s Australian Senate Bid Might Have What It Takes


A poll last month found that 26 percent of Australians were likely to vote

for Julian Assange, who has announced his intention to run for a seat in

the country’s Senate, and his WikiLeaks Party. The results suggest that the

WikiLeaks website founder …


Britain violating Assange’s ‘rights’

Sky News Australia

Ecuador’s president is accusing Britain of violating human rights by not

allowing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to leave its London embassy after

he was granted asylum. The Australian has been holed up in Ecuador’s

embassy for almost a year, as he …


Assange Talks About Possible Holder Prosecution


As Attorney General Holder faces possible perjury charges Julian Assange,

the publisher of Wikileaks, discussed his case with Amy Goodman of

Democracy Now. Amy Goodman asked Assange to comment on the AP spying

scandal as well as a Fox News …


From Hiding, Julian Assange Talks Manning Trial, Rape Charges, Fear of Being …

City Watch

FIRST PERSON – Bradley Manning, the Army private accused of disclosing a

trove of government documents and cables to WikiLeaks, is set to go on

trial next week. Manning has already pleaded guilty to misusing classified

material he felt “should become …


Thanking Bradley Manning

Dissident Voice

Hakim, who mentors the Afghan Peace Volunteers, recalled that Bradley

Manning passed on documents that record 91,730 “Significant Actions,”

or “SIGACTS” undertaken here by the U.S. /ISAF forces, of which 75,000

were released by WikiLeaks.


Amy Goodman: Obama uses sledgehammer against dissent

Capital Times

Attorney Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for

Constitutional Rights, and an attorney for WikiLeaks and its founder,

Julian Assange, said in front of the courthouse after Hammond’s court

appearance, “This is part of the sledgehammer of …


I have evidence of AGP’s past militancy links, says Gogoi

Times of India

RELATED. GUWAHATI: Chief minister Tarun Gogoi on Thursday defended Rahul

Gandhi’s reported comments to US officials in 2006 in which he equated AGP

with Palestinian insurgent group Hamas as revealed by WikiLeaks. “Rahul

Gandhi is correct.


Gogoi backs Rahul remarks on AGP

The Hindu

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Thursday said that Congress vice-president

Rahul Gandhi was hundred per cent correct when he remarked, as reportedly

revealed by WikiLeaks, that the leaders of the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP)

were insurgents, who were …


Britain accused of violating Assange’s human rights

Radio New Zealand

Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa has accused Britain of violating human

rights by not allowing Julian Assange to leave its London embassy, despite

being granted asylum by Ecuador. Mr Assange, who founded the whistleblowing

website WikiLeaks, has …’s-human-rights


Peter Mandelson set to join ‘Mafia-linked’ Russian firm

The Week UK

The former Labour minister is courting controversy after accepted a

nomination for a directorship at AFK Sistema, which is linked to one of

Russia’s largest organised crime gangs, Solntsevo, according to a cable

released by WikiLeaks. The cable alleged …


Summer Movie Guide: Venus, Serena and Bergdorf’s Get Real

E! Online

You’ll recognize the famous tennis sisters in Venus and Serena,

controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in We Steal Secrets, and a

whole cast of fashion characters in Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. Meet

some new folks, too, like the Source …


Bias Alleged in WikiLeaks Documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’ – Truthdig


Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney’s new documentary on Julian

Assange and Bradley Manning focuses “on character assassination rather

than conscience” and portrays “whistleblowing as something that is

deviant,” writes …


Wikileaks Insider: Julian Assange Is Everything He Once Despised

Julian Assange “has become everything he originally, rightly, despised,”

according to former Wikileaks spokesperson James Ball. Ball describes

Assange as an egomaniac who destroyed crowdsourcing site – Wikileaks by

failing to separate …


Julian Assange on Meeting with Google, Responds to Anti …

Julian Assange, founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks. He was granted

political asylum by …


Ecuador says UK violating human rights of WikiLeaks’ Assange …

QUITO (Reuters) – Ecuador’s foreign minister on Tuesday accused the British

government of trampling on the human rights of WikiLeaks founder Julian

Assange …


Julian Assange on Fighting the International Crackdown on …

In this 40-minute web exclusive interview, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks

discusses his more than 300 days in the Ecuadorean embassy, the U.S.

Justice …

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