Black Agenda Report 25 January 2019: Lessons From the LA Teachers Strike; Bernie Sanders vs Kamala the Jailer and Her Corporate Backers; Freedom…

25 January 2019 — Black Agenda Report

Some Early Lessons From the Los Angeles Teacher Strike 

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Los Angeles wasn’t West Virgina, or Oklahoma or Arizona. LA Teachers prepared months and years in advance and used deep organizing techniques to prepare their members and communities for the crisis

Bernie Sanders vs Kamala the Jailer and Her Corporate Backers 

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
The best thing that can happen in 2020 is for Sanders to do fantastically in the primaries and then be cheated out of the nomination, once again, thus giving millions of leftish Democrats a chance to do something useful with their lives: leave the party.

Freedom Rider: Free Marzieh Hashemi 

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
A Black American journalist languishes in a DC jail, imprisoned without charge as part of the US vendetta against Iran, yet the Black political class has not raised a peep in protest.

Anti-imperialist Dilemma: What If the US is “Right” About the Election in DR Congo? 

– Ann Garrison , BAR contributor
The US may, for once, be doing the right thing in the Congo, although undoubtedly for its own imperial reasons.

Chicago Racist Police-State Blues: Sixteen Shots for Laquan, Three Years for Van Dyke 

Paul Street
Street activism led to an historic murder conviction of a killer cop, but then a racist judge let him off with a light sentence.

Arrest of Marzieh Hashemi Reveals Nature of Bipartisan Police State 

Ajamu Baraka, BAR editor and columnist
The only reason our sister is being held captive is to once again demonstrate how a runaway slave is treated.

Can the “Wretched” Rule? On Socialism, the State, and the Future of Humanity 

Danny Haiphong, BAR contributor
it is merely a fantasy to believe that the struggle to bring socialism in the United States will not involve a revolutionary struggle against the state.

Letters from Our Readers 

Jahan Chowdhry, BAR Comments Editor
This week we present readers’ thoughts on Kamala Harris, fact checking in the media, and possibilities for the Green New Deal.

BAR Book Forum: Amber Musser’s “Sensual Excess” 

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
The author examines the framing power of sexuality as an ideology of respectability and control.

Week of January 21, 2019

Click the link above for the entire one hour show, or any of the following three links for the individual segments thereof.

Make MLK’s Teachings Part of School Curriculum 
Dr Martin Luther King’s writings and speeches “should be a part of the curriculum of public schools,” said Larry Hamm, chairman of the Peoples Organization for Progress.
Russiagate “Collusion” is a “Crock”
The charge of “collusion” between Wikileaks, the Russian government and the Trump campaign to hack emails from the Democratic National Committee,said Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. The actual forensic evidence points to a leak from inside the DNC, said McGovern, and “there’s no hard evidence at all that Wikileaks got anything from a hack” of the DNC.
Poverty Criminalized in “Shackland” South Africa
Twenty-five years after the end of apartheid, 5.2 million South Africans live in urban shack settlements that are unfit for human habitation…

Billionaires vs. LA Schools 

Eric Blanc
A cabal of oligarchs has targeted Los Angeles public schools for hostile private takeover.

America Has Its Gunsights on Venezuela 

Vijay Prashad
The Trump administration brazenly calls for a coup in the oil-rich nation.

Beyond NATO: Time to Break the Silence, End NATO’s Militarism 

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
Dr King would be opposed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) because it is an instrument of US and European militarism.

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