Palestine on Strike – Solidarity statement on events in Palestine

18 May 2021 — Medact

I am sure that you will have heard about the recent escalation of violence that Palestinians are experiencing, which began around two weeks ago with families in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem facing forced eviction as a result of a legal loophole.

Since then, Palestinians across the country have protested – in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth, Lydda, and more – calling for an end to Israeli state violence, the occupation, forced displacement and for equal rights.

Read our statement in solidarity with Palestinians

These protests have been met with heavy-handed violence by Israeli police, armed forces and ordinary citizens. And, most recently, Israel has been bombing Gaza non-stop for one week, which has led to the deaths of over 212 Palestinians. Devastatingly, this includes 61 children.

Last night, it was reported that Gaza’s only COVID-19 testing lab was destroyed after being bombed by Israel, and over the weekend, Gaza’s top neurologist Dr. Mouin Al-Aloul, the head of Al-Shifa Hospital’s coronavirus response, Dr. Ayman Abu Al-Ouf, and psychologist and social worker Rajaa Abu Al-Ouf and her children, were killed by an Israeli air strike.

It is important to commemorate those killed by continued Israeli state violence, and stand with Palestinians resisting.

We have published a statement in solidarity with Palestinians who are facing a renewed escalation of violence, in addition to the everyday oppression they face.

Today, Palestinians across the country have joined a historic general strike, to stand up for their rights and build on the momentum of the popular resistance.

There are small events taking place across the country this afternoon and this evening that we would encourage you to attend. If not, I invite you to put a banner up in your window saying either ‘Stop Arming Israel’ or ‘Solidarity with the Palestinian General Strike’, and share photos on social media with the hashtags #PalestineOnStrike #PalestineOnStrikeUK #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah


Tuesday 19th May 2021
Bring banners, candles, face masks & umbrellas

Archway, Navigator Square, 7:30pm
Brixton, Windrush Square, 5:30pm
Finsbury Park (Manor House Entrance), 7pm
Hackney Town Hall, 7:30pm
Hackney Wick (Fish Island Bridge), 8pm
Trafalgar Square, 6pm
Walthamstow High Street (near Turtle Bay), 7pm

Market Square, 6pm

Sheffield Town Hall, 5pm

PSC Scotland Online Rally – Palestinian General Strike: Live from Jerusalem, the West Bank, Haifa and Gaza, 7pm

We are also organising a Medact bloc at the National Demonstration for Palestine taking place in London this Saturday 22 May from 1pm.

Let us know if you can join the Medact bloc at the National Demonstration

If you have any questions about the protest, please don’t hesitate to email

Warm wishes and solidarity,

Reem Abu-Hayyeh
Campaigns and Policy Lead: Peace and Security

P.S. Share our statement in solidarity with Palestinians on Facebook and Twitter.

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