Ukraine News Links 26-27 December 2021

27 December 2021 — The New Dark Age

Will 2022 be Better Than the Outgoing Year?

Big, Big Difference.

2022 — Year Of Major Power Conflict Over Ukraine

Perpetual war is capitalism’s hope for surviving the 21st century

Western Expansionism Turns Russia-China to a Strategic Partnership

Why Do Republicans Want To Designate Russia As A “State Sponsor Of Terrorism”?

Failure of US media on Ukraine

What Russia Says About Its Not-An-Ultimatum Demands To The US And NATO

Nord Stream 2 Is A Double-Edged Geopolitical Tool

US and Russia agree to talk as Putin hits out on Ukraine

A Bit Of Economic News.

Patrick Armstrong Went All In.

The US Fights Asia, Not Just China

Even More Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue

Fascism’s new rise, NATO’s war escalations, & human rights abuses

Gullibility and Poor Sportsmanship

The US Seems Determined to Repeat its Mistakes Regardless of the Lessons to be Learned

The Self-determination Struggle in Russian Crimea and the Pro-autonomy Struggle in Donbas (formerly eastern Ukraine)

War in Ukraine? NATO expansion drives conflict with Russia

Putin hints at military options in Ukraine

Ukraine Launched Production Of Bayraktar TB2 Attack Drones – Head Of Presidential Administration

Zelensky Opens The Way For Foreign Troops To Be Permanently And Legally Based In Ukraine

Kiev Granting Citizenship To Foreigners Who Fought For Ukraine In Donbass

Putin in a different December

Failure of US media on Ukraine

Putin hints at military options in Ukraine

Poking the Russian Bear: US-NATO Aggression and Russia’s Red Line

Washington’s Resolve to Protect Ukraine’s Nazis: The UN General Assembly Extraordinary Vote of Ukraine and the USA

Senators sound Ukraine “War Drums”, not “Peace Chimes” on Christmas Eve

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