The January 2022 issue of ColdType (Issue 230) is now online

28 December 2021 — ColdType

In this issue’s top stories, Koohan Paik-Mander shows how whales could be the key to our future – if the US military stops killing them, Rebecca Gordonexplains why it’s time for workers to take a stand against the trend towards an oppressive 24-hour economy, Joe Allen tells how Artificial Intelligence is probing the universe – including you, and John Pilger and Jonathan Cookrecount the latest agonies inflicted on jailed whistleblower Julian Assange.

We’ve also got photo features by Matt Black and Robert Capa, a long excerpt from Dell Franklin’s new book about life on a Mississippi steamboat, and essays by Linh Dinh and Edward Curtin.

This month’s Insights section (left) has articles from Norman Solomon, Granville William, Robert P. Alvarez, George Monbiot, Binoy Kampmark, and Jim Hightower

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