Ukraine News Links 20-21 December 2022

Wednesday, 21 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Of Note.

Ten Surprisingly Good Things that Happened in 2022

The decline and fall of the US world order is inevitable

Two Speeches – Two Worldviews

The Complex And Evolving US-China Relationship

Journalist Targeted By Ukraine Speaks Out: Wyatt Reed With Lee Camp

Washington Is Prolonging Ukraine’s Suffering

Syria Is Not Another NATO Narco State

Winterhilfe for the Eastern Front

The Conflict In Ukraine Has Evolved Into A War Between The United States And Russia

Medical horror in Ukraine

Putin and Shoigu speak

NATO Decides to Attack Russia in Ukraine

One hundred years of cattle-tagging

What “Victory” and “Defeat” Would Mean in Ukraine’s War. “Regime Change in Russia”

‘Israel’ Welcomes, Honors Nazi Azov Battalion

Ukraine News Links 19-20 December 2022

Zoomerangs of 2022

A Lexicon for Disaster

‘Israel’ and Ukraine: Two Sides with One Ideology 

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