Wikileaks Newslinks 11 June 2011

11 June 2011 —

Will Wikileaks founder Julian Assange win Nobel Peace Prize 2011?
Julian Assange, founder of the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks, is on the long shortlist and gets a 20-1 quote from Victor Chandler to win. This is despite Assange being on a sexual assault charge – presumably for screwing the United States government. …

Of WikiLeaks & sovereignty
Jamaica Gleaner
Towards the end of 2010, the word on everyone’s lips was ‘WikiLeaks’.
WikiLeaks maintains that it has an objective of “exposing oppressive
regimes … and … be of assistance to people of all regions who wish to
reveal unethical behaviour in their …

Pak wanted account in Kuwait in PM’s name: WikiLeaks
Pakistan Observer
Islamabad—The present Pakistan government requested the opening of a bank
account in Kuwait in the name of the prime minister for receiving donations
for internally displaced people, says a US diplomatic cable released by
WikiLeaks. …

Lawyers for Guantánamo Detainees Allowed to See Leaked Files
New York Times
By CHARLIE SAVAGE WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has eased
restrictions preventing lawyers representing prisoners at the military
prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, from reading the classified files about
their clients that were leaked to WikiLeaks …

Relief account in PM’s name arouses suspicion
The June 2009 US diplomatic cable, accessed by Dawn through WikiLeaks, said
that a counsellor from the Kuwaiti ministry of foreign affairs (MFA),
Rashed Al-Hajri, told an American official that the Pakistan embassy wanted
to open the account in the …

Spanish Police Arrest 3 Anonymous Members
Tom’s Guide
Their technical prowess has taken down websites owned by the Church of
Scientology, Amazon, MasterCard, and numerous others who they found hostile
towards Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange. Anonymous is also seems
quite unstable, spinning off …,news-11484.html

Julie Taymor Goes to Court, HBO’s WikiLeaks Movie Staffs Up
The Atlantic Wire
[The Hollywood Reporter] HBO is pulling away in the race to deliver the
first WikiLeaks movie.The cable network has reportedly hired Frank Marshall
and Kathleen Kennedy to produce the original film based on Raffi
Khatchadourian’s 2010 New Yorker …

‘Anonymous’ Warns NATO: ‘This Is No Longer Your World’
If the government was doing nothing underhand or illegal, there would be
nothing ’embarassing’ [sic] about Wikileaks revelations, nor would there
have been any scandal emanating from HBGary. The resulting scandals were
not a result of Anonymous’ or …

29 November 2010: Flurry of leaked US embassy cables reveal foreign strategies
The Guardian (blog)
But the secret dispatches, which were obtained by WikiLeaks, the
whistleblowers’ website, also reveal Washington’s evaluation of many other
highly sensitive international issues. These include a shift in relations
between China and North Korea, …

WikiLeaked: The WikiWeek: June 10, 2011
Foreign Policy
Julian Assange says WikiLeaks “played a significant role” in the Arab
Spring, but that “there are no official allegations in the public domain”
of anyone being hurt by the site’s document dumps. HBO has a WikiLeaks film
in the works. …

Delve into the ‘WikiWars’
Lansing State Journal
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange / Kirsty Wigglesworth /AP Now he’s back.
He’ll do opening and closing songs; he’ll also be part of a number
re-assembling a limited-run “Company,” with Jon Cryer, Stephen Colbert,
Patti LuPone and more. …

Valerie Belair-Gagnon: Is QuébecLeaks the New Democracy Watchdog to Replace …
Huffington Post
Whether you are living in the picturesque city of Halifax or the worldly
city of Toronto, you probably have had a glimpse at the proliferation of
information coming from sources such as the WikiLeaks. This organization
has leaked information on the …

Put restraints on sharing of terror suspects’ names
Globe and Mail
Roughly 20 Canadians a year, about half of whom have been charged with
involvement in terrorism, were reported by Canadian authorities to United
States intelligence in the past two years, according to US cables revealed
by WikiLeaks. …

Genesis Of Bankole’s Trouble With EFCC
Nigerian Tribune
Bankole had immediately denied ever levelling any allegation of corruption
against Waziri, describing the report by Wikileaks as false, although he
admitted having a meeting with Ms Sanders which, according to the the
rejoinder, did not last more than …

‘US not in favour of increased Indian role in Afghanistan’
Times of India
A fresh WikiLeaks cable shows that while India did discuss this with US
officials last year, it was categorically told that an increase in such
activity by India may not be in the interest of peace and stability in the
region. …

No News is New News
Pacific Free Press
When Wikileaks hit the headlines, stories were pouring out of the MSM at an
extreme rate of knots but it soon became clear that the leaked cables
contained quite damaging (to the Empire) information thus attention was
switched to Julian Assange, …

Two bullets in heart, one in mind
Press TV
Ethan McCord is a former member of Bravo Company 2-16, the ground troops
involved in the now infamous “collateral murder” video released by
Wikileaks in April of this year. He can be seen in the video carrying the
wounded children from the bullet …

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Frenemies Unmasked
Strategy Page
June 11, 2011: Recently released Wikileaks documents show how the US has
known for years that anti-American attitudes are not only rampant in the
Pakistani military, and were taught, and taken for granted, in the senior
military schools (like the War …

Leaked cables show Ahern doubts over use of Shannon by US military
Limerick Leader
The revelations are contained in diplomatic cables released by the
whistleblowing website Wikileaks. One cable from December 2004 summarises a
meeting attended by Mr Ahern, former US Ambassador James Kenny and Senator
John McCain. …

Politics of Indian Army
Pakistan Observer
The WikiLeaks have exposed the stark reality behind the democratic exterior
of the so-called ‘shining India’ of today. There is surely much more than
what meets the eye in the context of the prevalent Indian power structures.

Wikileaks Reveals US Wanted Lower Minimum Wage in Haiti to Protect Hanes & Levi’s
Midweek Politics
–Wikileaks reveals that the US fought to lower the minimum wage in Haiti
so that Hanes and Levis could save money. The David Pakman Show is an
internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by
David Pakman …

Chinese GDP Data: How Reliable?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The release last year of US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks has added
further fuel to the fire. Records of a 2007 conversation between China’s
Vice Premier Li Keqiang – then the Party Secretary of Liaoning province,
and US Ambassador Clark Randt …

After Japan, Where’s the Next Nuclear Weak Link?
A trove of US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and provided to
Reuters by a third party provide colorful and sometimes scary commentary on
the conditions in developing nations with nuclear power aspirations. In a
cable from the US embassy in …

Media attempts to blacken Sarah Palin once again
Irish Central
This was not Wikileaks or the Pentagon Papers or the Watergate files. This
was the e mails of a governor of a very small state, politically speaking,
one who just happened to end up as John McCain’s running mate. The media
found zilch of course on this …

Actors, rockstars and central banker honoured by Britain’s queen
Monsters and
London – British rockstar Bryan Ferry, Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth and
the combative lawyer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are among a list
of public figures honoured by Queen Elizabeth II on her 85th birthday, the
palace announced Saturday. …

Gandhism Returns to Fight Corruption
Inter Press Service
Julian Assange, founder of the non-profit media group WikiLeaks that
collects and publishes classified government documents, provided more
evidence in an interview given to the Times Now news channel on April 26.
“There is more Indian money in Swiss …

Shhh! No Opinions in the Library!!
Or consider another current events issue of ongoing significance:
WikiLeaks. When the story first broke, Scholastic News Online covered it in
an article titled “US Military Secrets Leaked, Details in Internet Postings
Cause Concern” (July 27, 2010), …

Will Mexico Feel Slighted by Choice of new US Ambassador?
Pascual was forced to resign after WikiLeaks cables showed his harsh
criticism of the Mexican authorities, specifically president Felipe
Calderón. Foreign Policy points out that it probably didn’t help that
Pascual was dating the daughter of a senior …

UK mobilizes offshoots to kill Press TV
Tehran Times
The WikiLeaks website also published cables of the US State Department, in
which the British Foreign Office had told the US embassy in London, back in
February 2010, that it was “”exploring ways to limit the operations of…
Press TV. …

Freedom House gives back Cuba funds
They really raise the risk of what we do, especially in the age of
Wikileaks.” The US programs are designed to support peaceful civil
society activities in the communist-ruled island, but Cuba has branded them
as subversive and made it illegal to …

This Week: How Would You Change Capitalism? PLUS: On Weinergate: A Debate
The Nation. (blog)
WIKILEAKS HAITI. As we’ll be doing every Wednesday for the next several
weeks, The Nation, in partnership with Haïti Liberté, published two
reports this week drawing from a trove of 1918 diplomatic cables obtained
by WikiLeaks. …

Power, glory fuel hacktivism against companies
USA Today
Spanish police say the suspects are members of Anonymous, a longstanding
hacktivist group best known for attacking corporations that opposed
WikiLeaks. Anonymous is believed to have knocked out Sony’s PlayStation
Network for nearly two weeks in late …

Ex-Official for NSA Accepts Deal in Leak Case
New York Times
The Justice Department also has been investigating the WikiLeaks founder,
Julian Assange, for leaking classified American diplomatic cables and
military information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The result in
the NSA case was widely seen as a …

Credit card data taken from 200000 customers as hackers target Citigroup
Appleton Post Crescent
For example, a group identifying itself as LulzSec claimed credit for the
fake PBS article calling it retaliation for a documentary about WikiLeaks,
the website that publishes classified documents. But often such data
breaches are an attempt to steal …

Keeping a lid on the social media cauldron
Recent revelations over the imposition of a £12 million gagging order on
staff at whistleblowing organisation Wikileaks has, not surprisingly,
heaped ridicule and accusations of paranoia on an organisation whose
defining function is to expose unethical …

Apple starts writing its next chapter (week in review)
Spate of Sony hacks amid more serious attacks shows revival of digital
pranks in wake of Anonymous online protests in support of WikiLeaks.
Security experts say cyberattacks on defense contractors fits the pattern
of China-related espionage. …

The Obama Doctrine: Lawless Imperial Aggression (Part II)
Bay Area Indymedia
WikiLeaks cables, however, revealed secret State Department funding for
opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel
(London-based Barada TV) beaming anti-government programming into the
country. Financing began after the …

Rowan Joffe Penning HBO’s Wikileaks Film | News | Dark Horizons
By Dark Horizons
Rowan Joffe has signed on to script the untitled WikiLeaks movie for HBO
and BBC.
Dark Horizons – General Feed

Rowan Joffe to pen HBO’s WikiLeaks project »
By Joshua Brunsting
With Charles Ferguson attached to direct the film, HBO’s upcoming project
surrounding WikiLeaks and its founder Jullian Assange is slowly becoming
one of the more intriguing films the TV giant has to offer. And now, it has
gotten even …

Of course Wikileaks is a force for good in the world « Antony …
By Antony Loewenstein
The WikiLeaks revelations are a watershed in decades of struggles to unmask
what really occurs in the conduct of powerful people and institutions, in
governments, corporations and the military. Julian Assange’s creativity,
plus the …

Rowan Joffe Penning HBO’s “WikiLeaks” Movie | Complex
Maybe Julian Assange will leak the film early online. The
original buyer’s guide for men.

More Disinformation from CIA Honeypot Wikileaks and Glenn …
By willyloman
Peppered into the mix with information we already know, the CIA backed
psyop called “Wikileaks” likes to toss out some pure disinformation
which helps their various causes. In today’s case it’s nothing less than
trying, once again, …

HBO’s WikiLeaks Movie Staffs Up: Well-Known Writer, Producers on …
By Chuck Ross
HBO’s WikiLeaks Movie Staffs Up: Well-Known Writer, Producers on Board THR.
HBO’s WikiLeaks movie has hired Rowan Joffe, the writer of “28 Weeks
Later,” “The American” and other films, according to The Hollywood
Reporter’s Live Feed …

Alison Powell » WikiLeaks and After at Polis Journalism conference
By Alison
I was on a fascinating panel “WikiLeaks and After” with some true
heavyweights: George Brock from City University, Angela Philips from
Goldsmiths University and John Naughton who writes for the Observer while
observing the world from …

10 June, 2011 – WikiLeaks shows bitter Canada-US water tiff
By cmorton
Manitoba’s “angry rhetoric” on a dispute over Devils Lake in North
Dakota embittered U.S. officials and made for a “terribly strained”
relationship, secret American diplomatic documents released by WikiLeaks
suggest. …

US Asked Zardari Not To Humiliate Musharraf: WikiLeaks | Weekly …
By The Weekly Voice
US Asked Zardari Not To Humiliate Musharraf: WikiLeaks The US had asked
Pakistani leadership not to humiliate Pervez Musharraf after he stepped
down as the country’s President on the promise of indemnity against
prosecution, …

Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj ?i?ek « Greek Left Review
Discussing the impact of WikiLeaks on the world and what it means for the
future, for this very special event WikiLeaks editor-in-chiefJulian Assange
will be in conversation with renowned Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj
?i?ek. …

This Week in Civil Liberties
By Jessica Monaco, ACLU
We filed a lawsuit after the State Department failed to respond to a
Freedom of Information Act request seeking the declassification of 23 State
Department cables disclosed by WikiLeaks and widely disseminated online and
in the press. …

Anonymous Arrests in Spain – Speaking Globally
By maomeara
Anonymous is the group that in the mid-2000?s and is similar to
WikiLeaks, in that it engaged in anonymous, decentralized action in support
of things it believes in (or against things it doesn’t). In the aftermath
of the WikiLeaks leak …

WikiLeaks Grand Jury investigation widens – Glenn Greenwald …
Will witnesses risk jail rather than cooperate with the Obama DOJ’s
pernicious war on whistleblowing?

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