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International Middle East Media Center

Israeli court rules to allow mosque demolition in Jerusalem
IMEMC – An Israeli court in Jerusalem has decided to allow the Israeli government to demolish part of a mosque, despite appeals from the mosque’s imam and several Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament). …

Israeli Army Bombards A Syrian Military Center In Damascus
IMEMC – Sunday at dawn, May 5 2013, Syrian sources reported that the Israeli Air Force bombarded a Syrian army center north of Damascus, causing excessive damage. …

Twelve Palestinians Injured Near Ramallah
IMEMC – Ramallah, Saturday May 4 2013; Palestinian medical sources reported that eight Palestinians have been injured by Israeli army rubber-coated metal bullets, while four others suffered fractures and bruises after being attacked by Israeli settlers who invaded Ras Karkar village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. …

Ma’an News

Israeli forces, settlers attack Ramallah village
5/5/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Settlers raided on Saturday night Ras Karkar village west of Ramallah, and attacked several houses there. Clashes between residents and Israeli forces erupted, locals said. Eight people were wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets, one of them wounded in the eye and one in the chest. Four others sustained bruises and fractures…. Related: Witness: Settlers prepare to raid Ramallah village

Rocket attack on Damascus, Syria agency blames Israel
5/5/2013 – NICOSIA (AFP) –Israeli rockets struck a military facility outside Damascus overnight, Syrian state media said Sunday. The official SANA news agency accused Israel of carrying out the attack on the Jamraya military research center in the Eastern Ghouta region. It did not say if there were any dead or wounded.” This new Israeli aggression is…. Related: Source: Israel behind Syria strikes, hit Iran missiles and Syria: Israel strike ‘opens door to all possibilities’

Witness: Settlers prepare to raid Ramallah village
5/5/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – A group of extremist settlers gathered early Sunday near the central West Bank village of al-Janiya in northwest Ramallah preparing to storm the village, locals told Ma’an. A witness said in a phone call that dozens of settlers escorted by Israeli troops and police officers gathered at the main…. Related: Israeli forces, settlers attack Ramallah village

PLO slams Israel over treatment of Palestinian Christians
5/5/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — The Palestine Liberation Organization denounced Israel for causing “countless difficulties” for Palestinian Christians and Muslims to reach their holy sites as Orthodox Christians held the “Holy Fire” ceremony in Jerusalem Saturday on the eve of Orthodox Easter.” It is not only that Israel has isolated our occupied capital from the rest of our….

Source: Israel behind Syria strikes, hit Iran missiles
5/5/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel carried out an air strike near Damascus airport overnight, targeting Iranian missiles destined for Hezbollah, a senior Israeli source said Sunday.” The attack was very close to the airport, the target was Iranian missiles which were destined for Hezbollah,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Earlier the official Syrian SANA…. Related: Rocket attack on Damascus, Syria agency blames Israel and Zahhar: Arabs must unite against Israeli attacks on Syria

Abbas in China for state visit
5/5/2013 – BEIJING (AFP) — President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Beijing on Sunday for a visit, official media said, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also set to meet Chinese leaders later this week. Abbas will stay in China through Tuesday, the state news agency Xinhua reported, while Netanyahu is due to arrive in the financial hub of….

Israeli citizen returns after entering Lebanon illegally
5/5/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An Israeli citizen returned from Lebanon on Saturday days after crossing the border illegally, an Israeli military spokeswoman said.”He returned today,” the official told Ma’an.”He was held in Lebanon and returned at 10 a. m. . . . in coordination with the Red Cross,” the spokeswoman said. The man was….

Senior Hamas officials denied entry to Egypt
5/5/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Egyptian forces on Sunday denied two senior Hamas officials entry to Egypt, a statement from the Islamist group said. Salah Bardawil and Ismail al-Ashqar were denied entry into Egypt by intelligence officers, Hamas said, with both officials en-route to take part in reconciliation talks. Hamas slammed the decision and demanded….

Egyptian forces seize 10 cars being smuggled into Gaza
5/5/2013 – EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Egyptian security forces seized 10 cars in a smuggling tunnel under the border with Gaza on Sunday, security sources said. Security forces raided a smuggling tunnel after receiving a tip-off and confiscated the cars around 100 meters from the Gaza Strip. The smugglers fled to Gaza and Egyptian forces destroyed the tunnel. [END]

Zahhar: Arabs must unite against Israeli attacks on Syria
5/5/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Arabs must unite against Israeli attacks on Syria, a senior Hamas official said Sunday. Mahmoud Zahhar, speaking at the Islamic University of Gaza, said that Israel has attacked Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and is threatening to attack Iran. The senior official, who represents a hard-line position within the Islamist movement…. Related: Source: Israel behind Syria strikes, hit Iran missiles and Rocket attack on Damascus, Syria agency blames Israel

Egypt, Arab League condemn attacks in Syria
5/5/2013 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt on Sunday condemned reported Israeli airstrikes on Syria, with the Arab League also demanding that the UN Security Council act to stop what it called “Israeli attacks” against the war-torn country. The Egyptian presidency said in a statement the air strikes “violated international law and principles that will further complicate the situation…. Related: Rocket attack on Damascus, Syria agency blames Israel and Source: Israel behind Syria strikes, hit Iran missiles

Turkey, Israel to meet Monday on raid compensation
5/5/2013 – ANKARA (AFP) – Turkish and Israeli officials will meet on Monday in Israel for another round of talks over compensation for a deadly 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, a diplomatic source told AFP.” The second round of negotiations will be held in Israel tomorrow,” the source said on Sunday, without elaborating. An initial meeting….

Hamas condemns Israeli ‘aggression’ against Syria
5/5/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Hamas movement on Sunday condemned Israeli strikes on Syria and called for an end to bloodshed in the country, a statement said. Hamas denounced the “Zionist aggression on Syria,” calling it a continuation of Israel’s “policy of terror.”The statement expressed sympathy with the Syrian people amid ongoing…. Related: Rocket attack on Damascus, Syria agency blames Israel and Egypt, Arab League condemn attacks in Syria

PLO official: Israeli attack on Syria ‘unjustifiable’
5/5/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Senior PLO official Yasser Abed Rabbo on Sunday slammed Israeli military strikes on Syria earlier in the day.” We condemn the unjustifiable attack on the sovereignty of Syria,” Abed Rabbo told Ma’an, calling on all parties in Syria to reach a political agreement to protect the rights of the…. Related: Egypt, Arab League condemn attacks in Syria and Hamas condemns Israeli ‘aggression’ against Syria

PA health minister visits Israeli hospital
5/5/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) – Palestinian Authority health minister Hani Abdeen on Sunday paid a visit to the Hadassah hospital in west Jerusalem, the first visit by a Palestinian minister to Israel’s largest medical facility, it said in a statement. Accompanied by a delegation of senior Palestinian officials, Abdeen met Dr Yuval Weiss, director of Hadassah….

Fatah: Gaza security bans party member from leaving Gaza
5/5/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Fatah official was prevented from leaving the Gaza Strip on Sunday to attend a meeting in Ramallah, the faction said. Amal Hamad, a member of Fatah’s central committee, said Hamas security forces prevented her from traveling despite coordinating with Hamas through a coordinator within Fatah. Hamad denounced….

Employees at Bethlehem, Hebron municipalities to strike
5/5/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – A committee representing employees at municipal and local councils in Bethlehem and Hebron announced Sunday a number of protests to urge the Palestinian ministry of local governance to secure employees’ rights. The committee said in a statement that employees would go on a two-hour strike Monday from 8-10 a….

Al-Quds University to pay staff salaries for March, April
5/5/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Al-Quds University will pay March and April salaries to its staff, an official from the university said Sunday. Deputy executive director of the university, Imad Abu Kishk, told Ma’an that the university will pay around 1,200 employees after receiving financial contributions. Classes at the university are due to resume….

Syria: Israel strike ‘opens door to all possibilities’
5/5/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Israeli strikes on Syrian military sites have opened the door “to all possibilities” and made the situation in the region “more dangerous,” Syria’s government said on Sunday.” The government of the Syrian Arab Republic confirms that this aggression opens the door wide to all possibilities,” the cabinet said in a statement…. Related: Source: Israel behind Syria strikes, hit Iran missiles and Rocket attack on Damascus, Syria agency blames Israel

Turkey delivers harshest attack yet on ‘butcher’ Assad
5/5/2013 – ISTANBUL (AFP) — Turkey’s prime minister on Sunday delivered his most virulent attack so far on Bashar Assad, calling the Syrian president a “butcher” and warning that he will be held to account for the deaths of tens of thousands of his citizens.” If God permits, we will see this butcher, this murderer receive….


Syria warns Israel after ‘latest air raids’
AlJazeera 5 May 2013 – Alleged attacks “open the door to all possibilities”, Syria’s information minister says, as Arab League urges UN action.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

During meeting with an ICRC delegation, PCHR stresses the necessity for ICRC to reconsider their work mechanisms
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

The National

Iran calls for Middle East stand against Israel after Syria attack
The National 5 May 2013 – Iran has called on the Middle East to unite against Israel after an attack on Syria and says it is ready to train the Damascus government’s army.

Israeli strikes raise stakes in Syria conflict
The National 5 May 2013 – Tensions are inflamed after Israeli warplanes target Iranian-made missiles destined for Hizbollah, with ‘many’ civilian casualties. Vita Bekker reports from Tel Aviv 

Bieber appears on Dubai stage 2 hours late for a second day in a row
The National 5 May 2013 – The 19-year-old singer, who was meant to start his show at 8pm, finally began at 10pm – this time to a crowd half the size of Saturday’s turnout.

Muslim Brotherhood opens direct link to rebels in Damascus
The National 5 May 2013 – Brotherhood opens direct contacts with opposition groups in Damascus, providing them with cash for the first time and promising political influence in an effort to gain their support. Phil Sands reports 

First Ajman Order of Honour for Abu Dhabi Crown Prince
The National 5 May 2013 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, was given the First Ajman Order of Honour on Sunday.

Malaysian regime retains its 56-year hold on power
The National 5 May 2013 – Malaysia’s long-governing coalition won national elections yesterday to extend its 56 years of unbroken rule, fending off the strongest opposition it has ever faced but exposing unresolved vulnerabilities in the process.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince meets ruling families of different emirates
The National 5 May 2013 – Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed received the rulers at his majlis in Al Dhaid city in Sharjah, said state news agency, Wam.

Saudi Arabian rules allowing girls to play sports could create more problems
The National 5 May 2013 – By mandating boys and girls stay separate, the rules are creating logistical challenges for schools. Elizabeth Dickinson reports 


Netanyahu leaves for talks in China, but his real audience sits in a Syrian palace
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Deputy FM tells Google: Recognition of Palestinian state undermines peace talks
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Juxtaposition of Israeli action and U.S. inaction on Syria puts more pressure on Obama
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Assad’s dilemma: Blame Israeli strike on rebels or retaliate and risk open war
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Israel launches second Syria strike in two days, sources say
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Report: Syria stations missiles aimed at Israel
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Over 300 detained African migrants stage peaceful protest
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Haredi author compares Lapid remarks to speech by Hitler
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Top Turkish delegation coming to Israel for flotilla compensation talks
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

TIMELINE: Recent developments on the Syrian front
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Syria’s army is not quite what Israelis have been led to believe
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

The Israel Air Force’s Popeye and Spice missiles – a primer
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Four Palestinians and two Israelis wounded in West Bank clashes
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Despite Syria tensions, Netanyahu to set out for China Sunday evening
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Israeli who slipped over Lebanon border returns home
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Before prison, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef promised Shas to Deri
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

536 pine trees in Jerusalem get the ax without a permit
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Israel’s northern front isn’t quiet anymore: Will Damascus retaliate?
Ha’aretz – 5 May 2013

Jerusalem Post

Confusion around chief rabbinate race
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Rumors circulate regarding a possible deal between Shas and Bayit Yehudi to cooperate on election of two new chief rabbis. 

Elkin asks Google to rethink ‘Palestine’ tagline
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – In letter to Google CEO, deputy FM says company’s decision could impact negatively efforts to have peace negotiations. 

Oil delegation heads to NY in search of investors
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Gas industry seeks knowledge and capital from international companies in New York and Houston. 

Knesset ignores law, costs J’lem NIS 760m.
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Study released claims that the government’s failure to comply with the law will cost J’lem millions of shekel over five year period. 

Journalist Rosen ‘welcomes chance to defend himself’
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – National Crime Unit refuses to say whether official investigation of numerous complaints has begun. 

Reality Check: Hitting the voters in their pockets
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Even though his focus must be on balancing the country’s books, Lapid must not make the mistake of not keeping his eye on opportunities for furthering the peace process and prodding an unwilling prime minister into action. 

Ongoing crises in Knesset-government relations
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Think About It: Lapid was constantly heckled, and wasn’t given the opportunity to finish a single sentence. 

McCain: Israeli strikes could force Obama to act on Syria
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Republican senator says alleged Israeli air strikes will put more pressure on Obama administration to intervene in Syria: “Every day that goes by, Hezbollah increases their influence and the radical jihadists flow into Syria.” 

Israel Trail runner Bowles back on his feet
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Tourism minister to Aussie athlete: ‘I hope you to get to know an important and beautiful part of Israel – the warm people within.’ 

‘Local dates are best variety to fight disease’
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Dates are a rich source of fiber, they attach themselves to harmful, oxygen-free radicals and remove them from the body. 

UN institution turns to Beterem for advice
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – The High Commissioner for Human Rights has published a chapter taken out of Beterem’s book. 

Message to Assad
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – The target seemed to be a Syrian version of Iran’s Fatah-110 missile, capable of traveling 300 kilometers with a half-ton warhead. 

The Region: Syria: The empire strikes back
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – US strategy, and that of the West and international organizations, has been based on two ideas that have proven to be wishful thinking. 

Erdogan warns ‘murderer’ Assad of payback
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Turkish PM says Assad will “pay a very, very heavy price” after mass killings over weekend in Syrian towns of Banias, Baida. 

Why the US must now lead in Syria
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – The Middle East, and most particularly the Assad regime and its Iranian sponsors, awaits the reaction to this development and will likely determine their future policies based on the US reaction. 

Celebrating Herzl
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Herzl took about finding a solution to the Jewish Problem, acutely analyzing both its positive and negative aspects. 

Israeli children’s author Dvora Omer laid to rest
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Like so many of Israel’s prominent writers, Omer’s writing career began on the children’s pages of a newspaper. 

Panel to discuss law regulating Bedouin settlement
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – The Ministerial Committee for Legislation is set to meet to consider a law meant to regulate Bedouin settlement building in the Negev. 

Egyptian, Hamas tensions increase
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Two Gaza Strip-based Hamas officials heading for Egypt to partake in reconciliation talks with Fatah banned from entering. 

Israel closes northern civilian airspace amid Syria tension
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Move comes after Israel deploys Iron Dome batteries in North. 

Op-ed in haredi daily compares Lapid to Hitler
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Haredim continue to react angrily to Lapid’s anti-Haredi party remarks made in his maiden speech to the Knesset. 

Deri reaches out to Yishai to heal Shas rift
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Deri orders his followers not to rejoice upon his return to the Shas leadership, because Yishai would see it as gloating. 

IDF detonates WWII era bomb found at Tel Aviv beach
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Police closed near-by streets in order to control detonate the World War II era bomb which weighed 130 kilogram. 

Ex-chief rabbi fails in bid to evade fraud case
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron is accused of issuing IDF, police officers fraudulent rabbinical certifications to acquire unlawful pay raises. 

MK Horowitz to enter in Tel Aviv mayoral race
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Meretz’s Nitzan Horowitz is expected to announce his entrance to the race, while Hadash MK Henin decides not to run. 

Egypt: Booze and bikinis are welcome in Egypt
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Egyptian tourism minister downplays recent calls for a ban on alcohol and women wearing swimsuits from Salafi Muslim groups. 

Court cancels murderer’s early release
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Ahmad Mahmoud Avler, a Palestinian man in jail for strangling Hagai Shalhevet to death, has early release plea rejected. 

Report: Syria stations missile batteries aimed at Israel
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Syria: Israeli strikes “open the door to all possibilities.” 

African migrants protest their detention
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Israel Prison Service says some 340 migrants at Saharonim prison protest, say they are being illegally held, call to be released. 

Iran urges condemnation of Israel for Syria hit
Jerusalem Post 5 May 2013 – Tehran tells Press TV weapons targeted by missiles in Damascus were not en route to Hezbollah; ready to train Syrian army for battle. 

The Guardian

Syria: civil war turns regional crisis | Editorial
The Guardian 5 May 2013 – What had been covert has been overtly declared. The regional map is suddenly crisscrossed with red lines The sequence of events was unmistakable, if not its trajectory. Hassan Nasrallah confirmed for the first time that Hezbollah…

Syrian regime accuses Israel of declaring war after further air strikes
The Guardian 5 May 2013 – Israel’s night raid on ‘missiles destined for Hezbollah’ deepens fears of conflict spreading beyond Syrian border across region The Syrian government said that Israeli air strikes against military targets around Damascus amounted to a “declaration of…

Israel launched air strike on Syrian military facility to ‘maintain security’
The Guardian 5 May 2013 – Pre-emptive attacks are an Israeli speciality, but action does not obviously herald wider international involvement in Syrian crisis Syria’s crisis always attracts intense international attention when outsiders get involved – especially Israel. Damascus called the latest…

Syria: Damascus blasts purportedly caused by Israel air strike – video
The Guardian 5 May 2013 – Amateur footage, which cannot be independently verified, purportedly shows explosions in the Syrian capital on Sunday

Israel carries out second air strike in Syria
The Guardian 5 May 2013 – Unnamed western intelligence sources reportedly claim attack was attempt to stop missiles reaching Hezbollah in Lebanon Israel has carried out a second air strike on Syria, hitting targets in and close to Damascus in what briefings…


Iraq snapshot – May 3, 2013

A former insider explains how Human Rights Watch panders to the Israel lobby

The bad joke called ‘the FISA court’ shows how a ‘drone court’ would work Newly released data show that the government submitted 1,789 eavesdropping requests last year, and none was rejected

Al-Maliki is directing Iraq to war once again

From Lidice to Deir Yassin: the Unbearable Shame of Forgetting

Drones for “Regime Protection” The CIA’s insurance plan for Karzai and Maliki—and what it means for Syria

PHOTOS: Israeli army attacks event for launch of graphic novel in Budrus

No Press Freedom for Those Who Aggressively Report on America’s Dirty Wars

Hamas ‘Talibanising’ Gaza

Have You Ever Tried to Force-Feed a Captured Human?

Daily Star

Jewish body to meet amid tight security in Hungary
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Budapest gears up for the start of the World Jewish Congress, putting in place extra tight security in a country which has experienced a sharp rise in anti-Semitism.

Palestinian health minister visits Israeli hospital
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Palestinian health minister Hani Abdeen pays a visit to the Hadassah hospital in west Jerusalem, the first visit by a Palestinian minister to Israel’s largest medical facility.

U.N. chief urges restraint after Israeli air strikes in Syria
Daily Star 5 May 2013 U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appeals for restraint to avoid an escalation in the Syrian conflict, expressing “grave concern” over Israeli air strikes.

Bahrain seeks to end U.S. envoy ‘interference’
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Bahrain’s cabinet approves a parliamentary proposal to stop “interference” by the U.S. envoy in the kingdom’s affairs, the government spokeswoman says, without clarifying what measures would be taken.

Iraq says Turkey controlling protests
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Acting defense minister Saadun al-Dulaimi accuses Turkey of controlling Sunni anti-government protests in Shiite-majority Iraq, saying the demonstrations are a haven for “terrorists and killers.

Israeli strikes could put more pressure on Obama: McCain
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Israel’s air strikes on Syria could add pressure on the Obama administration to intervene in Syria, a key Republican says, but the U.S. government faces tough questions on how it can help without adding to the…

Syrian rebel Coalition condemns Israel strikes
Daily Star 5 May 2013 The Syrian National Coalition opposition group condemns Israeli strikes inside Syria, saying the Jewish state had “taken advantage” of the ongoing conflict.

White House ‘horrified’ hearing of Syria killings
Daily Star 5 May 2013 The White House says it is “horrified” by reports that more than 100 people were executed Thursday in a western Syrian town.

Turkey delivers harshest attack yet on ‘butcher’ Assad
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Turkey’s prime minister delivers his most virulent attack so far on Bashar al-Assad, calling the Syrian president a “butcher” and warning that he will be held to account for the deaths of tens of thousands of…

A look at the missile reportedly targeted in Syria
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Israel has carried out airstrikes against Syria twice in the past three days, targeting what officials say are shipments of highly accurate, Iranian-made guided missiles known as Fateh-110s believed to be on their way to Lebanon’s…

Airspace over n. Israel closed off to civilian flights: report
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Airspace over northern Israel and Haifa are closed off to civilian flights, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reports.

Thousands march in Morocco against child abuse
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Thousands of people march in Casablanca to protest against child sexual abuse in Morocco after a harrowing assault last month nearly killed a nine-year-old girl.

Israel strikes open up “all possibilities”: Syrian minister
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi says that Israeli air strikes against three targets on the outskirts of Damascus “open the door to all possibilities.”

Lebanon condemns Israel’s use of airspace to strike Syria
Daily Star 5 May 2013 President Michel Sleiman strongly condemns Israel’s airstrike on Syria and its use of Lebanon’s airspace to carry out such an aggression.

Egypt, Arab League condemn Israeli attacks in Syria
Daily Star 5 May 2013 Egypt condemns Israeli air strikes on Syria, with the Arab League also demanding that the UN Security Council act to stop what it called “Israeli attacks” against the war-torn country.

YNet News

Egyptian court keeps activist in jail as trial starts
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – ….

Disrupting their eternal rest
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Considered the most important cemetery in Judaism, its dry earth is sent all over of world. Yet despite its importance, and even though the state comptroller issued a harsh report about it, The Mount of Olives is still open and unprotected, at the mercy of the residents of east Jerusalem. Menachem Begin, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, S.Y. Agnon and Rabbi Kook are turning over in their graves ….

Booze and bikinis are welcome in Egypt, says tourism minister
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – ‘We had talks with these Salafi groups and now they understand the importance of the tourism sector,’ Minister Hisham Zaazou says ….

Report: Syrian missiles to be launched next Israeli breach
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – ….

3 Palestinians caught near settlement with knives
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – ….

Shalom at Jewish Congress: Add Hezbollah to terror list 
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – ….

McCain: Israeli strikes in Syria could put more pressure on Obama 
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Republican senator says ‘every day that goes by, Hezbollah increases its influence, radical jihadists flow into Syria and situation becomes more tenuous;’ warns, calls for ‘game-changing action’ ….

Hungary’s prime minister denounces anti-Semitism
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – ….

Israeli officials believe no Syrian retaliation imminent
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Following special cabinet meeting, officials say Israel has no wish to escalate situation in north; Foreign Ministry prepares for condemnation onslaught for alleged Israeli strike in Syria ….

Syria says Israel strike ‘opens up options’; IDF closes northern airspace
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Following emergency cabinet meeting, Information Minister Zoabi tells reporters in Damascus reported Israeli strikes on Syria made Middle East ‘more dangerous,’ prove Jewish state’s links to rebel ‘terror cells.’ Egypt, Arab League also condemn airstrike, urge UN action. IDF closes civilian airspace in north ….

Truth still can’t be said
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Op-ed: From Boston to Tel Aviv, radical Islamist terrorists united in their ideology, goals and techniques ….

Fascist ‘Jobbik’ party wants Jews out of Hungary 
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – 2013, in a major European capital, hundreds of members of third largest party in country’s parliament hold anti-Semitic demonstration against gathering of World Jewish Congress, which opens Sunday night in Budapest ….

Man who crossed into Lebanon returns to Israel
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Red Cross transfers Ramla resident Simon Sa’adati to IDF custody five days after he illegally entered Lebanon ….

Netanyahu off to China with slight delay due to Syria
YNet News, 5 May 2013 – Despite tensions in north, rare visit to China takes place as planned. On agenda: Promotion of trade relations, support for harsher sanctions on Iran ….

Palestine Information Center

Jewish settlers chop down dozens of olive trees in Bethlehem village
PIC – Jewish settlers chopped down on Sunday dozens of old olive trees in Nahalin village, Bethlehem province.

Egyptian intelligence blocks travel of two Palestinians MPs
PIC – The Egyptian intelligence apparatus refused to allow two Palestinian lawmakers to travel via the Rafah border crossing on Sunday.

Haneyya discusses reconciliation with independent figures
PIC – Palestinian premier in Gaza Ismail Haneyya has affirmed that reconciliation was a national duty and there was no backtracking on it.

Prisoners in Raymond jail complain of systematic harassment
PIC – Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Raymond jail have addressed an urgent message calling for immediate intervention to stop the violent practices waged against them by the prison administration.

Report: Occupation escalates settlement activity in Jerusalem
PIC – A Palestinian report showed an escalation in the Israeli settlement activity during the past week, especially in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Israeli medical error causes a child from Gaza to lose his four limbs
PIC – Palestinian citizen from the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip revealed that due to a medical error committed by one of the Israeli hospitals, his child has lost his hands and feet. 

Jewish activists announce their intention to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday
PIC – Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage said on Sunday that Likud Beiteinu party affiliates have announced their intention to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday morning.

Bardawil: Abbas’s visit to China serves the occupation
PIC – Hamas leader Salah Bardawil warned that the visit of the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to China serves Israel more than the Palestinian cause.

PA security forces arrest 7 Hizb ut-Tahrir members in Jenin
PIC – PA security apparatuses attacked and arrested on Saturday afternoon cadres in Hizb ut-Tahrir during a rally in Jenin.


EUPOL COPPS, Palestinians Participate in EU Day in Brussels
WAFA – 5 May 2013

Prisoner Club Warns of Isolation of Sick Prisoner
WAFA – 5 May 2013


Syria blames Israel for predawn blasts near Damascus
LA Times 5 May 2013 – Israeli jets are suspected of targeting a military research facility outside Damascus, two days after another reported Israeli airstrike in Syria. BEIRUT — Huge explosions were reported in Damascus early Sunday, just two days after a reported Israeli airstrike in Syria targeting surface-to-air missiles possibly…

Strikes in Syria Linked to Israel May Be a Signal to Iran
New York Times 5 May 2013 – Airstrikes on military warehouses and other installations appear to underscore Israel’s determination to prevent advanced weapons from falling into Hezbollah’s hands. 

Syria Blames Israel for Fiery Attack in Damascus
New York Times 5 May 2013 – Israel would not confirm that it had carried out the airstrikes, but the four explosions near the Syrian capital demonstrated a firepower more potent than any seen before in the country’s civil war. 

Leumi sees gas export ceiling below Tzemach recommendations 
Globes Energy & Water – This is in view of the disappointments at the Myra and Sarah wells.

Treasury reports ballooning of tax breaks
Globes Main News – Teva, Israel Chemicals, Iscar, and Check Point received NIS 3.9 billion in tax breaks in 2010, but paid only a 3.3% companies tax rate.

Syria says Israel attack “declaration of war”
Globes Main News – Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Mekdad told “CNN” there is an alliance between Islamic terrorists and Israel.

Renault CEO deals blow to Better Place technology
Globes Main News – Carlos Ghosn told Denmark’s “Energi Watch” that swappable batteries will not make up the majority of the electric car market.

Sun: Delek’s energy exploration units drag TASE down
Globes Main News – Avner and Delek Drilling lost ground, while Israel Chemicals fell on the day’s largest turnover.

MK Zandberg calls for alleged Israel Corp. insider trading probe
Globes Main News – Tamar Zandberg: There was a huge NIS 500,000 short position a few days before Finance Minister Yair Lapid announced cancellation of the sale of Israel Chemicals.

BoI deputy governor: Deficit target is still high 
Globes Macro Economics – Stanley Fischer’s choice as his successor Karnit Flug: We can no longer claim that Israel has been consistently keeping fiscal discipline.

Mishkan Homebuyers Index down 
Globes Macro Economics – The index fell 2.7% in March. Bank Hapoalim: The position of homebuyers has worsened.

Cabinet approves 4.65% deficit target for 2013 
Globes Macro Economics – On Thursday, Lapid caused an outcry when it was learned that he proposed raising the 2013 deficit target to 4.9% of GDP.

Second Israeli Attack in Days Targets Syrian Missiles at Damascus Airport
Tikun Olam – Israeli and U.S. media confirm that Israel launched its second attack on Syrian military targets in three days.  Haaretz says that both attacks were against Iranian Fateh-10 0 series surface-to-surface missiles produced by Iran and destined for its Hezbollah allies.  Israel calls these weapons a “game…

Fear of democracy– Netanyahu calls for Palestinian deal so as to avert ‘binational state’
Mondoweiss – Benjamin Netanyahu has now joined the chorus of Israeli officials who say that Israel must avert a one-state future because it would be suicidal for the Jewish state. I haven’t seen this in the mainstream US press, but it’s in the Forward, picking up Haaretz , and…

Hagel, Livni and Free Syrian Army commanders reported to gather in D.C. at behest of Israel lobby
Mondoweiss – The U.S. is evidently closely coordinating its policy toward the Syrian civil war with Israel. On May 9, for instance, the Israel lobby group WINEP will hold an annual symposium in Washington. Reports have it here and here that speakers include Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, two…

Israel strikes Syria, explosions rock Damascus like ‘an earthquake’
Mondoweiss – A huge explosion shook Damascus early Sunday morning, widely reported as Israeli strikes on the outskirts of the city.  Al Jazeera spoke with a Damascus resident who described the blasts as feeling like ” an earthquake ” and “unprecedented.” Syrian State TV announced Israeli rockets struck a military…

340 African Immigrants Stage Israel Jail Protest 
The Foward Breaking News 5 May 2013 – More than 300 African migrants refused to return to their cells in an Israeli detention center this weekend, saying they are being held illegally and demanding release. Click here for the rest of the article…

Syria Says ‘All Possibilities’ Open After Israel Strike 
The Foward Breaking News 5 May 2013 – Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi said on Sunday that Israeli air strikes against three targets on the outskirts of Damascus “open the door to all possibilities.” Click here for the rest of the article…

Israel Hits Syria With Powerful Airstrike Near Damascus 
The Foward Breaking News 5 May 2013 – Israel carried out its second air strike in days on Syria early on Sunday, a Western intelligence source said, in an attack that shook Damascus with a series of powerful blasts and drove columns of fire into the night sky. Click here for the rest of…

Israeli Lesbians Become Face of Struggle for Gay Immigrants 
The Forward New 5 May 2013 – Two Israeli lesbians are key players in the fight to extend one of the cornerstones of U.S. immigration policy to gays and lesbian married couples. Click here for the rest of the article…

Syria condemns Israeli air strikes 
BBC 5 May 2013 – Israel’s air strikes on military targets in Syria show co-ordination between Israel and “terrorist groups”, the Syrian foreign ministry says.

Libya bans Gaddafi-era officials 
BBC 5 May 2013 – Libyan MPs pass a law banning top Gaddafi-era officials from political office, a week after militias backing the law laid siege to two ministries.

Israel Bombs Syria, Again 
Al-Akhbar Blogs 5 May 2013 – There is no mystery anymore. Israel has been a major player in the Syrian conflict. The Syrian conflict has been an open arena for all the enemies of Syria – dubbed for historical irony as “friends of Syria” – to help themselves to the destruction of…

Algeria demands death penalty for two civil war fighters 
Al-Akhbar News 5 May 2013 – An Algerian court demanded the death penalty in the case of two Islamists accused of being implicated in more than 500 murders and the rapes of 60 women between 1996 and 2004, according to an AFP correspondent. The two defendants, whose trial opened Sunday in front…

Bahrain sentences 31 accused of police attack 
Al-Akhbar News 5 May 2013 – A Bahraini court jailed 31 people for 15 years on Sunday after convicting them of attacking a police patrol in the village of Sitra, a lawyer said. The group was accused of attempted murder and setting a police car ablaze, in addition to rioting and possessing…

Settlers attack West Bank village with Israeli army support 
Al-Akhbar News 5 May 2013 – Israeli police prevent settlers from blocking the main road near Palestinian village of Hawara during attacks on the West Bank, as smoke billows from crops they set fire to on 30 April 2013. (Photo: AFP – Menahem Kahana) Updated at 3:15pm: Jewish settlers raided a West…

Israeli air strike targets Damascus military facility 
Al-Akhbar News 5 May 2013 – Updated at 4:30pm: Israeli rockets struck a military facility outside Damascus overnight, Syrian state media said Sunday, marking Israel’s second reported attack on Syria in three days. The official SANA news agency said Israel was responsible for the attack on the Jamraya military research centre in…

Syria condemns Israeli air strikes 
BBC 5 May 2013 – Israel’s air strikes on military targets in Syria show co-ordination between Israel and “terrorist groups”, the Syrian foreign ministry says.

Libya bans Gaddafi-era officials 
BBC 5 May 2013 – Libyan MPs pass a law banning top Gaddafi-era officials from political office, a week after militias backing the law laid siege to two ministries.

VIDEO: Head ‘torn off Assad father statue’ 
BBC 5 May 2013 – Amateur footage apparently showing a statue of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s father being attacked has been posted online.

VIDEO: Dubai’s scandal-hit Godolphin stable 
BBC 5 May 2013 – Described as the biggest crisis to hit horse racing for years, the revelation that 11 horses from the Godolphin stable had been given banned anabolic steroids has rocked the sport.


Truth-tellers and justice-seekers: don’t give up! 
Stuart Littlewood, Redress 5/5/2013
      William Cook in his masterly way tells us not to give up, even if “overwhelmed by darkness of the times”.
     And he reminds us that,
     “65 years ago this 14 May the world body [the United Nations] admitted to its membership the state of Israel even as that self-declared state was in the process of invading, destroying and leveling 418 towns and villages owned by the people of Palestine who suffered death or expulsion out of their homeland to live without human rights anywhere in the world.”
     His eloquence is designed to stiffen the sinews. But some weary truth-tellers and justice-seekers simply don’t want their sinew stiffened any more. For years they’ve given the Palestine cause their best shot, their family life has suffered, and for what? Suffering and failure
     With 14 May comes the realization that the crimes of the US-backed Israelis continue with impunity, encouraged and rewarded by those on high who should know better, while the suffering of the Palestinians knows no limit. This has been the longest and cruellest jackbooted torment of modern times yet the blood-spattered perpetrators are warmly welcomed into the drawing rooms of supposedly civilized Western rulers and promised undying support for ever. The British government has effectively disabled its Universal Jurisdiction laws to give these creatures a safe haven.
     Of course, the problem is not just the Israelis. Sami Jamil Jadallah reports how the Palestinian leadership has,
     “failed at every thing it set out to do. It failed at liberation, it failed at ending the occupation, failed at building governing institutions, failed at disengaging the Palestinian economy from the Israeli economy, failed at ending the continued expansion of Jewish settlements, failed at bringing down the Apartheid Wall (though it had a court ruling), failed at creating a transparent and clean government….” more.. e-mail

The truth is that after Israel’s air strikes, we are involved 
Robert Fisk, The Independent 5/5/2013
      If the EU and US say nothing about these attacks, approval is granted
     Lights in the sky over Damascus. Another Israeli raid – “daring” of course, in the words of Israel’s supporters, and the second in two days – on Bashar al-Assad’s weaponry and military facilities and weapons stores. The story is already familiar: the Israelis wanted to prevent a shipment of Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles reaching Hezbollah in Lebanon; they were being sent by the Syrian government. According, at least, to a ‘Western intelligence source’. Anonymous, of course. And it opens the old question: why when the Syrian regime is fighting for its life would it send advanced missiles out of Syria?
     But the Syrians themselves have officially confirmed that military installations were hit by the Israelis. And not for the first time during the rebellion. The Fateh-110 – the new version, at least – has a range of perhaps 250km. And it could indeed reach Tel Aviv from southern Lebanon. If the Hezbollah has actually acquired any. But why would the Syrians send them, as US sources were also claiming last night, when the Americans themselves claimed only last December that the Syrians had used the same ground-to-ground missiles against rebel forces in Syria.
     In other words, the Syrian regime was prepared to dispense with their rockets to Lebanon when they were already using them in the brutal war in Syria… Now there are other questions to be asked. If the Syrian air force can use their MiGs so devastatingly – and at such civilian cost – against their enemies inside Syria, why couldn’t they have sent their jets to protect Damascus and attack the Israeli aircraft? Isn’t the Syrian air force supposed to be guarding Syria from Israel? Or are the MiGs just not technically able to take on Israel’s state-of-the-art (American) hardware? Or would that just be a step too far?
     Much more important, however, is the salient fact that Israel has now intervened in the Syrian war…. more.. e-mail

The solution is the problem 
Saleh Al-Naami, Al-Ahram Weekly 5/1/2013
      After years of on-off negotiations, and with two agreements signed, implementation of Hamas-Fatah reconciliation is far from plain sailing.
     Ghazi Hamad, undersecretary for foreign affairs in the Gaza government and a leading Hamas member, could not believe his ears when he heard Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had started consultations to form a national consensus government without coordinating with Hamas. Hamad was quite embarrassed because he was a key link between the leaders of Hamas and Fatah, and always urged his fellow Hamas leaders to give reconciliation a chance and believe in Abbas’s good intentions.
     He told Al-Ahram Weekly that Hamas had no prior knowledge of Abbas’s plan and that he personally and his group’s leaders found out via the media. “While we welcome forming a national consensus government, the step must be part of several others, as stated in the Cairo Agreement and Doha Declaration. Most notably: holding elections, including the National Council, address the issue of general freedoms, rebuilding the security apparatus and restructuring the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on democratic foundations.”
     Hamad cautioned that the only step that could save the situation is holding an urgent meeting in Cairo between the two groups to consult and agree on the names of cabinet members, as well as implementing all the understandings of the Cairo Agreement and Doha Declaration. “If the issue is not addressed, then reconciliation efforts could return to zero point,” he warned. “How can they announce the start of consultations without reaching an agreement on how to hold elections? How can there be elections without elections to choose the new National Council?” more.. e-mail

The Syria-Iran red line show 
Pepe Escobar, Asia Times 5/2/2013
      This eminently Bushist Obama “red line” business, applied to Syria, Iran or both, is becoming a tad ridiculous.
     Take Pentagon head Chuck Hagel’s tour of Israel and the “friendly” GCC (the de facto Gulf Counter-revolution Club) last week. US defense contractors had the Moet flowing as Hagel merrily congregated with that prodigy of democracy – United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed – to celebrate the sale of 25 F-16 fighter jets.
     There’s more on the way; 48 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD missile interceptors, at a cool US$1 billion. The Pentagon is sending one of its only two of such systems to Guam this month to counter that other threat – missiles from North Korea.
     The weaponizing free fest to Israel and the Gulf petro-monarchies – missile defense, fighter jets, mega-bombs – could not but be duly hailed as the proverbial “message” to “counter Iran’s nuclear ambitions”, or “the air and missile threat posed by Iran”, or the general “worry about Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon” or “Washington’s determination to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”
     There’s no “red line” here; just hardcore weaponizing of Israel and the GCC. Any doubts, blame it on Iran. And this while Saudi-controlled media in the Middle East – roughly everything except al-Jazeera – was breathlessly spinning that Tel Aviv is pursuing a deal to use Turkish soil for an attack on Iran.
     Wait; there’s more weaponizing on the way – bound to neighboring latitudes. Kraus-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) from Germany closed another $2.48 billion deal with Qatar – five years in the making – to deliver 62 Leopard 2 tanks and 24 self-propelled howitzers. Qatar is not exactly using them for the 2022 FIFA World Cup…. more.. e-mail

Librarians, Archivists, the Transformation of Information and Palestine: A Call
Dissident Voice: 5 May 2013 – This June, a delegation of librarians, archivists, and other library workers will travel to Palestine. They will connect with our colleagues in library- and archive-related projects and institutions there, traveling as truth seekers and information skeptics, applying their experience in the form of skill shares and other types of joint work. Their hope is to shed light on Palestinian voices, refute various myths common in the West about Palestine, and bear witness to the destruction and appropriation of information. Furthermore, they will support efforts to preserve cultural heritage and archival materials (of all kinds) in Palestine. Upon their return, this delegation hopes to share the information and experience from their trip. In all their travels, they have stated that they will respect the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel and will not partner with any organization that violates this call. Upon hearing of this…more

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