11 June 2019 — Syrian Perspective

Don’t you just love hypocrisy?  Don’t you love it when Evangelicals like Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence pontificate about Christianity and their ideological love for all things Zionist?  Isn’t it just beautiful when Syrian security services come upon 4 tons of C-4 all manufactured in the United States?  On June 1, 2019, that’s exactly what happened.

This enhanced explosive used so frequently by terrorists all over the world was buried below the surface of the earth and was discovered after locals began describing ISIS’ frantic digging during last year’s love affair with the Zionist Settler State.  But, to demonstrate how anarchic Daa`esh’s withdrawal really was, you have to imagine their willingness to leave millions of dollars worth of prime explosives right there for the security services to collect it and use it, hopefully, to wipe out the entire Saudi “royal” gang of birdbrains.



توسيع نطاق العمليات العسكرية على مقرات وخطوط إمداد ارهابيي “النصرة” بريفي حماة وإدلب

Al-Huwayz:  Liberated by the SAA in late May.  The chaotic effort by the American-supported terrorists of Nusra to regain control of this village resulted in the untimely, but appropriate, deaths of 7 Uigher suicide bombers.  Syrian Army snipers and roving patrols spotted the weaponized trucks with the doomed drivers praying at the doors of the vehicles with shamans around them soothing their wracked nerves and promising them a world much better than this in the afterlife.  And that’s exactly what they got.  As the trucks formed a line, the SAA opened fire with RPGs and Grads.  The line fell apart as the Uighers of Nusra tried desperately to escape the rockets raining down on them, but to no avail. They were all incinerated.  But, hey!  There’s a price to pay for Paradise, right?

Shahrnaaz and Al-‘Inkaawi villages:   On June 1, 2019, Nusra lost all vehicles along with 9 confirmed fatalities when the SAA and the RuAF descended upon them like the wolf on the fold.  Monitored terrorist chatter indicated a wild retreat and reports of scores wounded and needing immediate medical attention.

Kafr Hood:  The SAA confirmed destroying 7 4-wheel drive vehicles and 3 flatbeds with the usual Doschka on June 10, 2019.

Tal Milih-Jibbeen-North Maharda Axis:  Today, June 11, 2019, after confirming surveillance reports from spotters and drones, the SAA initiated an attack on Nusra and Kataa`ib Al-‘Izza with several direct hits on an undisclosed number of pickups with 23mm Doschka anti-aircraft machine gun cannons.

Kafr Zaytaa:  A robust assault by the SAA on a formation of rocket launchers resulted in a serious degradation of terrorist capabilities which has now opened up the way to liberating this important town.



سيناتور أمريكي: الحرب في سوريا ستنتهي فور انسحاب قواتنا!

Al-Naqeer:  Evidence suggests the SAA is preparing a huge assault on this town belonging to Khaan Shaykhoon.

`Urayniba:  This village in the area of Areeha was the scene of a cleverly executed ambush by SAA-SOF killing a confirmed 5 terrorists and the capture of 11 others.  Interestingly, none were Syrian nationals.  That’s all I know.

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