ColdType Mid-May (Issue 206) is now online

14 May 2020 — ColdType

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  • FEAR IN THE FOOD FACTORY – We don’t often consider how the meat that we eat comes to our table, but in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps we should. In this issue’s cover story, Sam Pizzigati looks at the mammoth slaughterhouse operations in the USA that are not only killing the animals we eat, but also the people they employ.
  • Other top stories include Conn Hallinan on the latest multi-billion cash cow for the US military, while Nigel Yates bypasses the lockdown in New Zealand, and  Ronnie Kasrils remembers an Apartheid freedom fighter.
  • We’ve also got C.J. Hopkins on the Virus of Mass Destruction and Bill Van Auken on Trump’s ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion of Venezuela; along with Ann Jones’s startling story of the contrasts in the way Norway and the US handled Covid-19.
  • Trevor Grundy reviews a book on the sinking of Jeremy Corbyn at the UK’s last election, Yves Engler comes to the rescue of Michael Moore’s latest film, Joe Allen advises us to stay indoors and kill robots, John W. Whitehead warns of a world of digital book burners, and Linda McQuaig explains why Canada’s Justin Trudeau should lift harmful sanctions.
  • We’ve also got a photo essay by David Goldblatt, and Andrew Fischer tells of the life and times of a politically incorrect sailor.
  • And more . . . .


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