Selected Articles: America the Failed State, Justice for George Floyd

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, June 01, 2020

The nationwide uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd and other recent racially-motivated events is a response to the bi-partisan failed state in which we live. It comes in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic and the largest economic collapse in the US in more than a century. These three crises have disproportionately impacted people of color and added to longterm racial inequality and injustice.

From Soft to Hard Fascism: “Get in Your House Right Now!”

By Kurt Nimmo, June 01, 2020

There can no longer be any doubt—America is now a full-blown fascist state. In the past, authoritarian fascism was kept reserved in the shadows, largely out of the public eye, but in a remarkably short period of time it has emerged from the darkness to show its fangs and snarl menacingly at the people, many of them cowed and dutifully following irrational orders from on high.

Racist Killing and Impunity

By Craig Murray, June 01, 2020

A court will judge whether there was intent to kill George Floyd; what is absolutely apparent is there was certainly no intent by the police to preserve his life or health. It is also plain that the force used was wildly disproportionate for the alleged offence. It is further undeniable that police violence in the USA impacts particularly on black people, and that in dealing with black people the police act with an arrogance founded on anticipated impunity. The societal change whereby the majority of adults have camera phones at the ready has given a new power of resistance to the public in this regard. That must be reinforced by exemplary sentencing.

Lenses on Riots, Murder, and Racism in the US and Hong Kong

By Kim Petersen, June 01, 2020

The despicable police murder of a person, another Black person, who allegedly used a counterfeit $20 bill has caused widespread revulsion among Americans. This time, however, authorities acted relatively quickly calling in the FBI and firing all four police officers at the scene — Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng.

“Social Identity” Is Not “The Answer”

By Robert Abele, June 01, 2020

The point here is that unless identity groups include a similar objective universal concept of “humanity” in their platforms that call me into unity with them, by virtue of a moral claim made on me, then they remain just small groups clamoring for a self-interested piece of the socio-economic pie that they feel has been denied to them and that they desire.

Systematic Racist Violence in America: Minnesota National Guard and State Police Deployed in Twin Cities Rebellion

By Abayomi Azikiwe, May 31, 2020

A cell phone videotaped deadly encounter between African American George Floyd and several Minneapolis law-enforcement officers resulting in a brutal strangulation has proven to be a turning point in the long saga of systematic racist violence in the United States.

The Human Heart and the Unspeakable Death of George Floyd

By Elizabeth Woodworth, May 31, 2020

We cannot unsee what we witnessed in the Floyd video.  This unspeakable murder is the only story that has broken through the Covid-19 headlines – showing that justice is as important as life itself.

Officials need to understand that the protests across America represent a core value of humanity:  The need for justice that is embedded in the human heart.

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