ColdType Mid-November 2020 (Issue 216) is now online

26 November 2020 — ColdType


You can read this issue at or at


  • THAT STRANGE ELECTION – We’ve got a collection of features from this month’s US election, beginning with Jonathan Cook’s explanation why he believes Joe Biden’s presidency will likely be a failure, and Joe Allen on the warring factions that are splitting the nation apart. C.J. Hopkins informs us that the nation’s political struggle is over – robocap is the winner; while John Rothwell provides images of the anger and humour on display in local election battlegrounds on America’s front lawns.
  • In other main stories, we’ve got Satya Vatti on the continuing plight of New Mexico’s nuclear test bomb victims, David Edwards on the death of ‘controversial’ UK journalist Robert Fisk, Justin Podur on the colonial roots of police culture, and Trevor Grundy on the day Malcolm X met the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Alan Macleod warns of the end of online privacy, Paul Armentano tells how marijuana was a big election winner, and Thomas S. Harrington looks for rationality in our approaches to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • This issue also features the photographs of Chris Killip, plus Andrew S. Fischer on Sonny Liston, Scott Rankin & Angus Duff on the people who live in their vans, Caitlin Johnstone on the victims of war, and Sam Pizzigati with more notes from the election campaign.


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