Information Clearing House Headlines 27 November 2020

27 November 2020 — Information Clearing House

Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Assassinated As Israel Tries To Provoke War

By Moon of Alabama

There is little doubt about who is responsible for this attack: – Continue 





Was a “Bomb for Iran” Set in the Middle East at Israel’s Request?

By Valery Kulikov
Israel continues to push Washington to launch armed strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, – Continue 


Declassified UK: REVEALED: The UK military’s overseas base network involves 145 sites in 42 countries

By Phil Miller
It is the first time the true size of this network has been revealed. – Continue 


Britain’s Class War On Children

By John Pilger
Poverty is the result of a disease that is still virulent yet rarely spoken about – class. – Continue 


The Ruling Elite’s War on Truth

By Chris Hedges
Silicon Valley billionaires know a Biden administration will serve their interests. – Continue 


Who’s your daddy? Here’s why European leaders are swooning like giddy submissives over Biden’s warmongering ‘back to normal’ team

By Finian Cunningham
Biden’s politics are predicated on more interventionism and imperialism under the banner of “leading the free world” – Continue 


Coming Soon From Joe and Kamala: Hooray for the Revolution!

By Philip Giraldi
Internal democracy for all will increasingly be imperiled by pandering to special interests and more foreign wars. – Continue 


For What Are America’s Wealthy Thankful? A Worsening Culture War

By Matt Taibbi
Culture war is the only thing standing between America’s plutocrat class and a lot of pitchforks. – Continue 


Oligarchic Imperialism Is The New Dominant World Religion

By Caitlin Johnstone 
It is the scripture that everyone reads from. It is what shapes our culture.
– Continue 


Demanding Silicon Valley Suppress “Hyper-Partisan Sites” in Favor of “Mainstream News” (The NYT) is a Fraud

By Glenn Greenwald
These outlets speak to Democrats, are built for Democrats, and produce news content designed to be pleasing and affirming to Democrats . – Continue 


Australia is guilty of state-sponsored terrorism

By Andrew Mitrovica 
And it is time Australians admit it. – Continue 


Interview with Edward Snowden on Silicon Valley Censorship, Biden, and Lurking Press Freedom Dangers

By Glenn Greenwald
A free internet is still worth fighting for and is still salvageable. – Continue 


Kill lists: Obama’s blind spot

By Clive Stafford Smith
He opposes the death penalty in the US, but issued kill orders for Muslims overseas. – Continue 


A Thanksgiving Prayer

By William S. Burroughs

Thanks for the American dream.  – Continue 


Sean McCarthy: 7th Gen Potato Famine Victim

By Niccolo Soldo
– WARNING – Is it OK to be Irish? Did JFK really kill himself? Can the right and left f**k the centre? Why is Colin Quinn God? – Continue 



By Kahlil Gibran 
“And in you I have found alonenes
And the joy of being shunned and scorned.”   – Continue

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