Why we must oppose vaccine passports

9 April 2021 — Manifesto Club

The vaccine passport is the nadir of ‘permission slip’ officialdom. It means that before you can go to the cinema, or a football match, or perhaps even to work, you must first have obtained official clearance. 

The vaccine passport means that participating in civic life is not a right, something every citizen can do without having to prove anything to anybody. There is a barrier of entry; papers must be shown at the entrance of the nightclub. The person who is not regularly vaccinated or tested is marked out as a danger to others, and their permission to participate in civic life is revoked.
Vaccine passports turn us all into second class citizens, and must be opposed.
With Britain under lockdown, dog walkers’ daily walk with their animals is literally one of their last remaining freedoms.
Yet the Manifesto Club has received an increasing number of complaints about arbitrary and pointless crackdowns on dog walkers. New restrictions on dog walkers have been introduced under lockdown, dog walkers have found themselves in the dock, and dog wardens have been out in force. Read on…
The government is pushing ahead with plans to require every existing rental property to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report prepared by April. Tenants are banned from having their friends or family around to their homes, yet they are required to have an electrician poking around the wiring in every room.
Why are governments sending electricians into homes, when they are telling people it is not safe to socialise? Read on…
“COVID marshals are intended to involve communities and generate legitimacy in a united, national fight against coronavirus. In reality, a government claiming to be ‘taking back control’ has instead given power to an actual form of unelected, unaccountable officials.” An essay analysing the role and function of Covid Marshals, by Nikolas Koch. Read on…
Best wishes,

Josie Appleton

director, Manifesto Club

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