‘Vaccine Passports’: An Update

20 April, 2021 — Swiss Policy Research

From a strategic perspective, ‘vaccine passports’ are the most important aspect of the entire pandemic; in fact, they are more important than the pandemic itself, at least in the long term. This is because vaccine passport advocates, such as the ID2020 consortium founded by Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, openly state that ‘vaccine passports’ may be used as a platform for a global biometric ID, allowing unprecedented population control and monitoring, modeled after China.

The push for ‘vaccine passports’ continues despite the fact that covid vaccines are experimental vaccines that have not yet been approved anywhere. In fact, some countries have already stopped the use of some of the vaccines: for instance, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health stopped the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, stating that “the risk of dying after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine would be higher than the risk of dying from the disease, particularly for younger people.”

In a careful analysis in MedPage Today, US medical professor Vinay Prasad argues that ‘vaccine passports’ are, from a medical and social perspective, ‘a bad idea’.

Some recent developments in the field of ‘vaccine passports’

  • In June, the Swiss will vote on the “covid law” enacted under ’emergency conditions’ by their government, which would form the legal basis for both ‘contact tracing’ and ‘vaccine passports’. Opponents call it ‘the most dangerous law Switzerland has ever seen’, while the government tries to entice the population into accepting it by including emergency payments to businesses in the same law.
  • In the US, several states have already prohibited ‘vaccine passports’. In contrast, some other US states have introduced ‘vaccine passport’ ‘pilot projects’, and some universities will require vaccinations for all students, despite the fact that covid vaccines have not yet been approved by the FDA and several students have already died after vaccination. The US federal government stated that it will leave ‘vaccine passports’ ‘to the private sector’.
  • The European Union is pushing towards an EU-wide ‘Green Pass’, something it has planned for behind the scenes already since 2018. The EU Commission claimed that if the EU doesn’t introduce ‘vaccine passports’, Google and Apple might do it (as they already inserted the ‘contact tracing’ interface into 3 billion mobile phones). On the other hand, an open petition with already close to 300,000 signatures demands a stop to vaccination certificates in the EU.
  • In the UK, ‘vaccine passports’ are also ‘being trialed’ by the government, whereas UK church leaders warned that ‘vaccine passports’ are “one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics” with the “potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it”.
  • The WHO argued against the introduction of ‘vaccine passports’, at least for the time being, noting that they would create global inequality and that the effectiveness of vaccines against transmission remains unclear. Indeed, several thousand cases of ‘breakthrough infections’ have already been reported in ‘fully vaccinated’ people.
  • Israel was the first country to implement a digital “Green Pass” scheme. Opponents call it ‘a nightmare’, and even supporters concede that it is ‘redundant’ as most people have already been vaccinated anyway.
  • India is also issuing digital ‘vaccination certificates’. A government official predicted that “these certificates may soon be required for people to travel internationally. Also, these certificates may be used to enter buildings domestically.”
  • South Korea announced the introduction of a “blockchain-protected digital vaccine passport”. The prime minister openly stated that “the introduction of a vaccine passport or ‘Green Pass’ will only allow those who have been vaccinated to experience the recovery to their daily lives.”
  • Japan announced to join the EU and China in issuing digital vaccine passports to “enable international travel for vaccinated people.”
  • New Zealand plans a “no jab, no job” policy enforced by employers.

Bill Gates demanding ‘digital immunity proof’ in March 2020

His last, apodictic sentence was edited out of the TED Talk.

Bill Gates demanding ‘digital immunity proof’ in March 2020 (source and full talk)

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