Watch: “VIVA LOISADA” 1978


[Many years ago, in another life, I lived in ‘Loisada’, the Lower East Side of Manhattan for about 3 years. I lived in what they call a railroad apartment on the top floor of a five-floor ‘walk-up’ tenement building on East 5th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue at exactly the same time as this video was made, so watching it all these years later, brings back a flood of memories. WB]

Finally, after many hits on the short 10 min. version, here’s the full complete video of “Viva Loisada”, by Marlis Momber, that depicts the “before gentrification occurrences” in Lower East Side in the Fall of October, 1978 with Chino Garcia & Bimbo Rivas.

By 1978, Loisada had many murals depicting problems in housing, joblessnesses, budget cuts, worker’s rights, women’s rights, greedy landlords, slumlords, povery, education system and the need for self reliance with gardens, shelters. These neighborhood murals began with a grassroot artists’ collective, CityArts where through visual arts, a cultural history of protest & resistances can occur. Birth of Nuyorican Poetry Club featuring poets and musicians as well as the squatter’s movement are depicted in this video.

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