CDC Is Causing A US National Security Threat By “Guiding” COVID-Recovered Americans To Get Vaccinated?

26 June 2021 — Medium

[As someone who has had the virus this is personal! WB]

A Recent Poll By The CDC, On Twitter, Showed that over 70% of Respondents Believe COVID-Recovered Persons Do Not Need To Be Vaccinated.

Hooman NoorchashmHooman Noorchashm

A sample of 55,559 Twitter respondents to a CDC poll believe that the COVID-recovered do NOT need to get vaccinated.

Yesterday, 6/25/21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out a poll on social media. It was a simple statement the agency interrogated as a TRUE/FALSE query: “If you’ve already had #COVID-19 and recovered, your should still get vaccinated against COVID-19

55,559 Twitter members participated in the poll over the course of 24 hrs. With over 70% of respondents designating the CDC statement as “FALSE”.

Of course, this is not a “scientific poll”. But it does represent the overall opinion of folks on Twitter. And we all know how powerful this social media platform is in channeling messages and revealing public sentiment. To be clear, a President of the United States was elected and governed based on Twitter messaging. So, I don’t think it’s wise for anyone to ignore the result of this CDC poll on Twitter.

In my opinion, the results of the CDC poll on vaccination of COVID-recovered Americans is pointing a serious national security threat.

But what exactly is the national security threat?

Wherever government policy and recommendations, especially ones that are being “mandated” and imposed on American citizens, are vastly mismatched from where the public stands — a serious threat to our republic is revealed.

Now, the CDC “experts” may claim that the public is “misinformed” on this issue. But, of course, when it comes to vaccination of the COVID-recovered they truly do not have that leg to stand on either.

In fact, within minutes of the CDC realizing that its Twitter poll is going in the opposite direction of agency policy, they put out tweet linked to their poll that read: “True! Experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from #COVID-19. Get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you can.”

In other words, they “believe” that the American people who responded to their twitter poll are wrong. And even though their own “experts do not yet know”, they want us to get these shots anyway — presumably in what their marketing and PR folks would call an “abundance of caution”.

Of course, the CDC and its director, Harvard’s Rochelle Walensky, know full well that both basic clinical/scientific principles AND emerging epidemiological data from Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University and Israel show that the COVID-recovered and naturally immune stand to gain little to no benefit from added vaccination.

In fact, to the contrary, though the COVID-19 vaccines do benefit the majority of un-immune people, they also have a range of unique and terrible risks of injury and harm to a minority subset of people. These risks include risks of blood clotting, myocarditis and neurological injury. But even more importantly, the epidemiological data is bearing out that COVID-recovered persons are at higher risk of developing adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination.

So, really, wouldn’t acting out of an “abundance of caution” be for CDC NOT to rush into vaccinating the COVID-recovered Americans? Instead of idiotically stating “True! Experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from #COVID-19. Get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you can.”

Basically, CDC is saying to you, the American people, “we don’t know how long your immunity will last, but even though you are most likely immune and even though this vaccine has some bad side-effects that might harm previously infected people disproportionately — just, trust us, go ahead and get the shots….Because we and our ‘experts’ say so…”

And when they are called on their unsafe logic and dangerous clinical “guidance”, they simply state that they are only “guiding the American public” and that it’s up to private enterprises and individual choice to make decisions about vaccination.


The Biden administration’s CDC is giving a green light to liability averse American enterprises to impose a draconian and incorrect vaccine mandate on millions of Americans with natural immunity from a prior infection — irrespective of the clear lack of medical necessity and the very real potential for totally avoidable bodily harm.

To be very clear, CDC is now aware, based on its own Twitter poll, that a vast majority of people in America are very likely opposed to their policy of indiscriminate vaccination of the COVID-recovered and already immune — of whom there are literally millions in America. They are also aware that basic science and clinical judgement tells us that the vast majority of infected folks ARE well immune (it’s IMMUNOLOGY 101, Dr. Walensky!). AND, they are aware that strong epidemiological data is showing that naturally infected people are well protected from re-infection — almost as well as vaccinated folks are protected from de novo infection.

Dr. Walensky and her colleagues also know that the American people are being mandated and, in many cases, coerced into getting vaccinated, based on the CDC’s “guidance”, by private American corporate enterprises and educational institutions — not nefariously, but because American private enterprises are risk averse and fear liability. So when CDC of FDA make a “guidance” private enterprises are far more likely to mindlessly create draconian and harmful policies that provide them with federal level legal defense in court. No matter how unethical or unsafe the policy at hand may be. Federal “guidances” are not benign entities, they have moving power on a broad scale!

You might ask: “why is the Biden administration’s CDC acting in such a terrible and mindlessly dangerous fashion?”

Really, the only rational explanations for the CDC’s dangerous and irrational behavior in insisting that COVID-recovered folks be vaccinated are the following: a) the agency is not operating on a well-rounded, ethical and objective scientific foundation, b) the agency “experts” are captured or brain-washed by the vaccine industry and the politics of ego and professional dynamics and c) the agency believes that the American people are stupid, misinformed and incapable of making correct choices to preserve their own health, so they are electing to use a “one-size-fits-all” guidance.

Any one or a combination of the above problems at CDC is a terrible problem and hazard to the lives of unsuspecting Americans.

But most concerning, as I stated above, is that the result of the CDC Twitter poll points to a vast and alarming chasm between public opinion and our federal government’s policy, guiding no less than a mandated bodily treatment of individual American citizens numbering in the millions. This problem the Biden administration and its CDC have created and are handling with mindless imprecision and carelessness is a serious problem of trust. Because at the root of a functional democratic republic is a requirement for voluntary public trust by a vast majority of citizens.

By last check when 70% of Americans disagree with a federal government policy affecting their very bodies — we have a very big national security problem in our republic.

When the people no longer trust government policies, governing bodies fail and fall.

It is tragic to see that the Biden administration, its CDC and its “experts” are failing to see with clarity that a vast majority of Americans oppose vaccination of COVID-recovered and naturally immune folks — AND that the feds opening the door to and allowing American private enterprises to mandate vaccination, is simply demolishing public trust in US government.

It’s time for CDC to stop its insane “one-size-fits-all” vaccine marketing campaign and become rational and clinically cogent. It’s time for CDC to stop assuming the American people are either “stupid” or “misinformed”. Because the FDA and CDC are, at the moment, posing a grave threat to US national security by directly causing the public to lose trust in government.

I suppose despite the CDC’s goal of creating a marketing tool using the poll it put out on Twitter yesterday, the fact that the poll was put out is a good thing. Because it provides an opportunity and window for CDC leaders and the Biden administration to correct a huge political and public health error they are making in this vaccine campaign.

Alas, I don’t think CDC and its leaders and “experts” are smart and savvy enough to see the problem they are causing.

My prediction is that CDC’s PR apparatus will spin the results of this Twitter poll to claim that the American people are being misled by “misinformation” from nefarious players, foreign or domestic…Or maybe they’ll try to claim that the 70% respondents are Russian, Chinese or Iranian spies and bots. But, the majority of the American people are on to that stale old narrative that’s born in elitist echo-chambers that are tearing the foundation of America apart.

Unfortunately for the Biden administration’s CDC, Twitter is actually manned mostly by Americans. And most Americans are calling the CDC on its vaccine BS using their own Twitter poll.

In summary, I write here for the record and to publicly warn the Biden administration, the CDC and FDA of a grave national security error they are committing by their “one-size-fits-all” approach to COVID-19 vaccination of the COVID-recovered in the United States — in a setting where millions of such Americans are being forced and coerced into getting shots they believe (correctly) do not benefit them, and might harm them.

In defense of US public health and US national security,

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD

2 thoughts on “CDC Is Causing A US National Security Threat By “Guiding” COVID-Recovered Americans To Get Vaccinated?

  1. tamarque says:

    Alas the author also misses a major point: this event is a political one that is using fearmongering to scare the public into submission on 2 accounts. The first is to subscribe to a new drug that is making $$billions for the pharma industry and its stockholders. The second is the political policy geared to removing our civil liberties and priming people into becoming submissive to losing our rights which has been happening with lightening speed.

    The author needs to look at the WEF Great Reset project with it population reduction goal (think of the several 100 thousand deaths that were unnecessary). Think of the admission by scientists of how these drugs are designed to cause infertility which has been happening with increased miscarriages. Think of the conditioning of the public to isolate themselves and accept living on an electronic devise for their
    communication with the world and doing business. Think of how this is causing local, small businesses to close which is focusing people on the huge corporations that sell online. The list of how the public is being manipulated is very long. One end goal of the Great Reset is to do away with independent control of finances which leads to a government/industry that can force all kinds of mandates just so people will have the ‘credit’ to buy food or to pay their rent. Yes, this is part of the proposed Great Reset. This is not conspiracy theory as it is in writing. The WEF did this one in Dec, 2019 just before declaring a world wide pandemic.

    Let me also note that nothing about this illness was unique at the time. This health crisis never was anything but a planned event for political and economic goals. That the 1% allowed the deaths of so many people is not only evil in the truest sense of the word, but was part of the planning. People of color have no problem understanding this as they have suffered at the genocidal hands of white supremacy. They have not forgotten the medical experiments on them such as Tuskeegee! Or Willowbrook! White, middle class people are the ones who need to wake up and realize this is an evil government–both Dems and GOP.

    So I would suggest the author expand his knowledge which will help him in describing what our challenge is. And hopefully he will begin to quote people like Dr. Malone, the man who developed the mRNA and is now saying it is dangerous. Maybe he will read Mike Yeadon, the top science advisor to Pfizer for 13 years who is saying these drugs are not vaccines but untested gene therapy just as is Dr. Malone. And then there are the many 1000s of doctors and scientists who have been trying to get the message out since early 2020 about lies we are being told and the manipulation of data to sell the lies.

    One of the biggest lies is that only this new, toxic, untested drug will save lives. It has been known all along that Hydroxychloroquin and Ivermectin work quite well. Naturally, Vit D3 (sun), Vit C, Zinc and other natural elements that boost our immune system are critical for our health. It is known that the people most susceptible are those with low Vit D levels, a serious problem with people with ongoing illnesses as in older people who have had their health compromised with numerous drugs and shuttered living.

    What we have been subjected to is worse than the Tobacco Science that promoted cigarette smoking as healthy despite knowledge to the contrary. Or think about the Oil industry that has known they were causing major negative impact on the climate but denied it. And recently we have the opiod crisis where the pharma industry assured the safety of these drugs knowing otherwise and just waiting to sell more drugs to deal with people’s killing addictions. The pharma industry has a long history of Tobacco Science and this current situation is no different.


    • barovsky says:

      I think you miss the entire point of his essay! He’s NOT dealing with vast geopolitical issues but with whether or not people who’ve had the bug should get inoculated. What you say, may or may not be true but has little to with the issues he raises.


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