Crashing a Continent

Tuesday, 12 July 2022 — The Van Says…

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Europe is rushing to run a fool’s errand against Russia


This week has seen the euro plummet against the dollar as well as the German government publishing pretty dire figures and with even worse prospects, affairs in Europe are bleak. This article will examine why this is and what can be expected from both East and West over coming months.

Ukrainian Upset

Just as with pretty much everything at present, the hostilities in the Ukraine are critical to the matter, a local war making waves much further afield if for no other reason than this war having been caused by a plethora of nations, all of them in the West. This conflict is still engineered around the idea of Washington fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, Uncle Sam wanting others to pay the price for his reckless brinksmanship. Events, or more precisely the effects of current happenings are beginning to spread however, the war that so many people wished for beginning to have consequences they never wanted.

Upset Opponents

It just wasn’t supposed to happen like this. The European Union, NATO, US and other organizations that have made the old continent into an instrument of the American state have for decades gotten what they wanted through threats, leveraging or war. Every world leader that stood up to the western establishment was coerced, invaded and/or murdered, seventy years of military and economic superiority meaning that the wars were child’s play and the subsequent riches for western corporations were like taking candy off a baby. Never once was there any peril that the West’s created enemies could in any way retaliate, the age of Pax Americana being one of easy oil, easy money and an easy life for the victors. And then Russia rose from the ashes of the USSR.

Understanding the Europeans

The history of the Russian Federation from the fall of the USSR to the rise of Putin needs no repetition, yet in spite of repeated leaps forward by the country, it was not until after Maidan in 2014 and the annexation of Crimea by Moscow that Europe woke up to the fact that its largest nation by area was not some moribund bear hiding on the steppes. The millennium years had seen a number of projects supply Western Europe with hydrocarbons, capitals as keen on cheap energy as they were on the environmental credentials of using gas rather than coal. On top of that, Russia also exported vast quantities of fertilizer, ores minerals and metals, fruit and foodstuffs returning in the other direction. Increasing energy demands and Moscow’s vast reserves along with food and fruit ensured that for a while at least, everyone was happy.

Upsetting the Apple Cart

In short, everyone could see that Russia to a large degree relied on Europe for revenue whilst Europe enjoyed fuel supplies on very good terms. What few chose to see was that with China becoming an increasingly important customer for Russia and Europe suddenly waving the green flag, Moscow’s customers suddenly needed Russia far more than Moscow needed its western neighbors, yet in spite of that, European nations followed America’s lead in their attempt to punish Moscow for reacting to events that were caused by Washington. Eight tense years saw relations between East and West sour to previously unseen levels, but when the Kremlin finally launched its Special Military Operation in the Ukraine, in spite of sanctions not having had any effect on Moscow, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic promised to oust Putin and sink Russia with yet more restrictions. Moscow then really took the western world to task, exports of the primary resources they desperately needed coming under examination.

Upsetting the Europeans

With the coup that Washington had engineered turning into a war, the tit-for-tat measures now meant that it was not just energy prices that took a hike, but many of the other materials that western industry needed were suddenly either scarce or prohibitively expensive. The fact that Europe needed Russia was obvious to anyone who cared to look, yet blinded by the rhetoric coming from the White House, Europe’s leaders found themselves at a very loose end. The one nation that allowed Europe to compete with the US had been stymied by Europeans at America’s behest, the clouds of war having turned into an economic storm that is now raining on most parades on the eastern side of the Atlantic.

European Upset

Ever since the end of the Second World War, not only has the US kept immense military resources in Europe, it has held a stranglehold over European decision making, a series of leaders having ensured that the old continent is of use to the new world order. The industry for which it was once famous has declined precipitously in the last twenty years, yet still remained competitive against an America that suffers near-identical woes. Ingenuity and tech have been two key industries in which Europe has excelled, proving to be a worthy match for the international competition. That however is coming to a very rapid and unceremonious end for no other reason than one of Washington’s greatest competitors is also its slave. Things may not have been as rosy as most would have liked before February, yet there were a select few who were more than happy with the trends of four months ago. As seen on innumerable previous occasions, rather than take the lead, DC is much happier dragging others back, and although the fact that US wishes to conquer Russia is well known, what is less understood is that if events can be arranged whereby a rival is quashed at the same time, all the better.

Crashing the Continent

As mentioned, Washington will gladly fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, throwaway allies being part and parcel of US foreign policy. As the consequences of the Ukraine War begin to cause difficulties further afield, the stability that the West has enjoyed will rapidly erode, the pack mentality of western nations evaporating in a new dog-eat-dog world. Moreover, if Washington wishes that the strength of Europe is used against Russia (or China) it is imperative that it be weakened enough to remain under White House control, an asset local and subservient enough to serve a purpose, yet disposable if circumstances dictate. In the capitalist world of today, the most powerful tool in the box is that of economics, yet if it is to be used to the greatest effect, skilled persons are needed to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Men in Europe

No self-respecting statesman wishes bad on either their country or people, therefore it is necessary to establish over decades a political establishment in collusion with the media to gradually normalize both the politician and their ideology. This has over the last half century led to a burgeoning one-party system in the most powerful western nations, their gradual ideological convergence having been masked by clever media manipulation. Moreover, within the grip that supranational organizations have gained, this has meant that certain states in these institutions now have disproportionate influence over lesser nations, many being dragged along in the political wake of their more important partners.

Our Men in Europe

Since Maidan, Paris, Berlin and notwithstanding Brexit, London have been the real movers and shakers regarding Europe’s stance towards Russia. A series of British leaders, Macron and to a degree Merkel forced Brussels’ hand in implementing measures against Moscow, yet it is the here and now that is more worrying. Emmanuel Macron has again been voted into power for another term, yet it is London and Berlin which are of greater interest. With Boris Johnson out of the door, there is a veritable rogue’s gallery of faces lining up to take the top job, yet Berlin could be even more problematic. Olaf Scholz is now German chancellor, yet he is hardly as charismatic or steadfast as Merkel was. Ten months of rule have seen him as a follower of Brussels rather than a leader of Germany, this not sitting well with either the German public nor behind the scenes in Washington. Another character who gained office last September was Annalena Baerbock, who whilst representing the Green Party has far more interest in Washington’s success than she does in any benefits for Berlin. This week has seen Scholz embroiled in a scandal, Tagesspiegel reporting that he attended a party recently where a number of girls were raped after being drugged. This is not the kind of headline any leader wants to be involved in, moreover not in Germany. More than one pundit has suggested that moves are already afoot to not only force Scholz to resign, but to ensure that others within the political framework are given more influence.

Other Men in Europe

Not only are the corridors of power governed by a select few, they are also manned by those whose loyalties lie far from European shores, intelligence and security agencies having an undisclosed remit on the decisions made for the benefit of others. This has best been demonstrated by the fact that German governmental agencies in the Ukraine were working in the bioweapons sphere right up until February this year, yet Merkel seems at least to be blissfully unaware of what was really happening for so many years of her leadership. On top of that, we have a myriad of US agents working under diplomatic cover, these having access to the very apex of European administration, an army of chaperones steering Europe towards war.

Minding the Money

If Europe were to work for its own benefit rather than for Washington’s aims, it could become the next world superpower. With still enough manufacturing, brains and ingenuity, there is no reason why it should not beat the US across the board. The divisions which exist are no barrier to the progress that European potential offers, yet that progress would be a real barrier to American success both in the old continent and elsewhere. There is one enormous difference between the US and Europe however, and one that the US will use to ever-greater effect as it attempts to turn current events to its advantage.


The one thing that Western Europe does not have is adequate energy to meet its needs from within its own borders. The importance of oil and gas in today’s economies cannot be overstated, this being almost as essential part of life as food or water. The US on the other hand has, through both exploration and invasion secured more oil and gas than it will ever need, yet the very energy blackmail that Washington has spoken of regarding Russia is the same tactic that is being used today by the White House. Take Russia away from the European marketplace and things are going to get very dark and cold awfully fast, and the high-flying markets of Europe will suddenly find themselves in a very serious tailspin, their economies following soon after.

Feeding the Discontent

Whilst energy is nearly as important as food, the prices on supermarket shelves are going to be equally troublesome for European markets as we go forward. The situation in the Ukraine does have an effect on global trends, yet with energy, food and economic malfeasance all in play, the spiraling inflation that we have seen over recent months is not going to get any better in coming months. A recession has been fast approaching for years now, and in spite of the challenges this presents, just as with the pandemic, the few at the top will continue to rake in enormous profits whilst the rest of the public suffers.

Pessimistic Prospects

The wheeler-dealers on global exchanges do not miss a trick, and they can foresee events months or even years before they ever happen. Every trend or tendency is factored into the equation, outright greed being the only obstacle to global markets enjoying steady growth. The Federal Reserve and CIA are also keenly aware of what can be achieved through careful manipulation, and should supply chain issues be coupled with a lack of hydrocarbons and food, they know that not only can they scotch European economic prospects, but the sale of overpriced American equivalents can give huge leverage to Washington in its efforts to keep Brussels et al under its thumb. It does not stop there however.

Anemic Economics

As Europe’s crusade against Moscow has backfired and the ensuing consequences have caused the value of its currencies to slide versus the dollar, it has backed itself into a corner, now needing American materials more than ever before at the same time as the dollar is riding the crest of a wave. In simple terms, not only are goods going to cost a lot more in dollars, but those dollars are also going to be harder to purchase. Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin have therefore done all the leg work in ensuring that Washington is in a win-win position with the European consumer paying the bill. With that we now need to look at where it may lead.

Continental Catastrophe

With energy being the prime driver of economics around the globe, any region that finds itself disadvantaged will be on its behind rather on the back foot. It is impossible to underestimate the importance that this has on both country and community, bills going up, profits going down and life in general going sideways. Even those nations that have their bases in the service rather than manufacturing sectors will find themselves facing unprecedented hurdles. With a dearth of consumer spending, domestic as well as international trade is going to take a hit, yet for all the woes that Europeans will face, a select few in the US will do very well indeed, as will their assistants once they have left office. The day will come when those wielding power in Europe will find themselves out of office, yet with washed-up politicians keen to continue telling everyone of their washed-out ideals, former leaders very often find consulting and speaking at seminars stateside to be very lucrative work indeed.

People Power

People may factor into the future, but for two very different reasons. The first is that as a consequence of western interference, it can be expected that quite literally millions of Ukrainians are going to head westwards nearly as fast as the Russian Army has done. Most will end up doing dead-end jobs, but more than a few are going to cause real headaches for the authorities in their host nations. Radicalized and brought up in a time of imbalance, hatred and violence are the only languages they know, they causing problems completely disproportionate to their numbers. The other issue for governments may be people power itself, the public in Western Europe belatedly awakening to the consequences of their leaders’ misguided decisions, soaring food and fuel prices causing previously unseen protests in what were once the most stable of nations.


The politicians running Europe have been keen to dance to America’s tune for decades now, putting the interests of Washington before those of their own nations. This has meant that the new world has played the old like a fiddle, the threat of Russian blackmail being used to cover the truths that the White House have always wanted to play on Europe. A single objective engineered through a myriad of methods is seeing the US attempt to bring most of a continent under Uncle Sam’s control, former imperial powers now subject to transatlantic imperialism, centuries-old industries being strangled just as empires did to every corner of the world a hundred years ago.

The hurdles that lie ahead have been created by one nation and one nation alone, and competition between erstwhile allies will become apparent as the situation worsens, this likely leading to wider conflicts in the European theater to Washington’s benefit. The day will come when Washington will attempt to fight the ills of its own making to the last European…

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