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Monday, 18 July 2022 — The Van Says…



Whilst this article looks just at America holding the leash, the picture pretty much sums up European obedience.


This week has not seen any great developments in the Ukraine, yet an increasingly bizarre situation is developing in the West. With things being what they are, this would be a great opportunity to take a sideways look at how western nations are reacting to Russia doing as it pleases.

Dogs on a Leash

More than one commentator has likened various nations and leaders to dogs in the past, but with global affairs going to the dogs, canine analogies have never been more apt. Washington most certainly has all of its allies on a leash, yet this is hardly news to anyone in the know. This has worked out well for all concerned in the past, but that past always resulted in imagined enemies surrendering to threats rather than standing their ground. This time, with other low-hanging fruits already harvested, the American empire and its lackeys have no other option than to grab at the rather more bitter offerings in Eastern Europe. This, along with the fact that Moscow just doesn’t respond to western demands means that the pack of yapping hounds that enjoyed immense successes since 1945 now find themselves at a loose end whilst still held firmly by Uncle Sam’s hand.

Ukrainian Yaps

As the most vocal and wayward member of Washington’s horde of hounds, Kiev has reveled in the support it has received since Maidan, the media coming up with all kinds of fairy stories in order to make the Ukrainian government’s bite look as big as its bark. Portrayed as the dog that was rescued from the clutches of the Kremlin, it has humped the legs of both NATO and the EU to gain treats from its leaders, yet every day that passes makes the Ukraine look more like the fleabitten mutt that it is.

Paris Poodles

Just as with other nations in Europe, even in spite of former differences with NATO, the poodles of the Élysée have been an integral part of Washington’s long term plans since the Russian renaissance began over a decade ago. From cancelling the Mistral naval deliveries to delivering arms to Kiev (some of which were sold to the Russians), France has been an integral part of the western establishment in spite of the costs that this has caused the French economy.

Baying from Berlin

Germany has played a pivotal role in both the European and transatlantic responses that have been made since February, yet this is where things get rather more complicated. The German government has been held by the scruff of the neck since the end of the Second World War, NATO’s first Secretary General, Hastings Ismay stating that the purpose of NATO was ‘to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.’ The Soviets left at the end of the 1980s, yet since then, at the same time that a reunited Germany has remained under Washington’s orders, it has come to rely absolutely on Russian energy imports. Any economist can see that cheap oil and gas are what keeps the German industrial freight train moving, yet in spite of that, it has attempted to derail Russia at every opportunity; subsequent governments in Berlin have spent a decade chasing their tails, yet all they appear to have done is bite themselves in the ass.

The British Bulldog

The British Bulldog has come to symbolize the UK’s attempts to remain relevant in the post-colonial era, yet decades of cutbacks and social division now mean that Britain’s biting bitch is toothless at best. The streets of the nation are littered with former soldiers who are down on their luck at the same time as a select few earn money hand over fist, modern Britain being anything but a howling success for the vast majority of the population. Even prior to Russia’s Military Operation in the Ukraine, there were as many serious misgivings regarding London’s ability to revive the economy as there were concerning its ability to both fight or resupply in war, yet with the UK emptying the arsenals to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, a wannabe superpower would never be able to sustain any serious conflict against Russian forces that have not to date been in any way pushed.

A Mass of Mongrels

Germany, France and the UK may be the three greatest allies of the US in Europe, yet there is a gamut of other states that wish to snap at Russia, albeit on a much smaller scale. The lapdogs of the Baltic along with Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania all want a piece of the action, but as nations in regions that have seen empires come and go over the ages, they may themselves fall victim to that which they wish upon others. Bucharest and Chișinău are two very interesting cases, the Romanians wanting new EU candidate Moldova to be part of their country again whilst Chișinău wants Transnistria back within its borders. The Bessarabian region has been ruled by countless powers through the centuries, yet states in the region pushing Russia and Russians in the way they are, there could be more changes in the future.

Leading from Behind

Just as any dog walks on a leash with his owner at his heels, Europe is forging ahead with the US leading it from behind. As the combined nations of Europe have played a game of ‘follow my leader’ with the US, it has never occurred to any of them that this may be part of America’s plan to give Washington the economic lead. This week has seen Josep Borrell, the European Union foreign policy chief call for a complete embargo on Russian oil imports at the same moment as the US has stated that in the face of domestic concern, it has no intentions of sanctioning Russian fertilizers. It is no secret that Europe is sorely lacking in energy resources whilst America is not, but European leaders are willing to obey Washington’s orders at the same time as DC is beginning to do precisely the opposite.

Rabid Reasoning

Klaus Müller, the president of Germany’s energy regulator has said that Germany simply cannot survive the coming winter without Russian gas, although imports from neighboring countries may alleviate the issue to a degree. Against a backdrop of Germany reopening coal-fired power plants, Müller went on to state that there remains the risk of serious shortages for at least the next two winters, yet for all the calamity that this promises, there appears to be no lack of generosity towards the government in Kiev. Although Zelenskiy has repeatedly slammed Scholz for not sending more arms to his country, Berlin is literally tying itself up in its own leash in order to play Washington’s game.

Bitten Back

At the same time as Europe is getting bitten in the ass for supplying America’s war, it is going to get bitten again as many of the arms that went eastwards seem to be heading back west. Various alarming reports have been published about a multitude of shady deals involving the resale of various weapons that have been donated to the regime in Kiev. Notwithstanding the stories of HIMARS and Caesar systems being flogged to the Russians, items such as antitank missiles, rifles and explosives have been widely advertised on the dark net, known dangers falling into unknown hands. The corruption and deviance of the élite in Kiev has been well documented for years, yet having given with such abandon, western nations may get a return on their investments that they never anticipated.

Top Dog

As mentioned, the US as leader of the western campaign against Russia is now looking to lift certain measures that are presently causing it difficulties whilst European nations are looking to raise the bar even higher. As Washington attempts to mitigate the losses of its agricultural sector, we learn that with Berlin by law being obliged to prioritize public energy before that used by industry, Europe’s principal manufacturing powerhouse is staring catastrophe in the face as its government faces off against Russia on America’s behalf. This not only stymies European industry, but also the euro, meaning that the American hand that will feed Europe also gets to bite the buyer.

Media Bitches

Dead russian

The fact that hate speech such as this is allowed to happen is one thing. That action is not taken against the author is something completely different.

We are all familiar with the bilge coming from western news outlets, yet both the headlines and social media have excelled of late. Saturday saw Alina Mykhailova posting pure hate speech on Twitter, yet what is most worrying is that the media platform neither removed the tweet nor suspended her account. Recent years have seen SJWs and the woke mentality reach their zeniths, yet in the face of pure hatred, rather than posts such as these being put down, they remain as a reminder of the thoroughly perverted culture that western life has become. As reported by the British Daily Mirror way back and trending on certain channels again this week, the Russians are apparently suffering so badly from western sanctions that they are using the chips out of domestic appliances to keep their war machines running. Quite how the chip out a washing machine is supposed to fix a fire control system remains a mystery, yet perhaps the ‘Z’ seen in so many Russian vehicles means that they have been upgraded with Zanussi components.


Washington has spent decades walking the European dog, yet after all these years, few if any in Europe realize that they are chasing their own tails for as long as Uncle Sam is holding their leash. An incongruous pack of mismatched mutts have been drawn together with some snapping at others whilst others bay at the Bear. All the while, their handler promises to throw them a bone, yet just like a team of huskies, it is they that have to do the work in order that their master reaches his destination.

The journey he has taken them on has not gone far from home, yet going where they have gone and doing what they have done, the feeding frenzies of yesterday are gone, scant pickings being all they can garner from the chaos they have caused. Are the obedient pooches of European really willing to starve for their master, or will we finally see them slip their leash and turn on an America that has attempted to destroy Europe from within?

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