Captured militant of the “Kraken” battalion speaks about the morale in the AFU

Thursday, 21 July, 2022 — Youtube

Four militants of the national battalion “Kraken” were captured after the defeat of their assault squad near Belogorovka by the forces of motorized infantry of the Central Military District (group “O”).

One of them is the commander of a detachment of 60 nationalists.

With the fighting spirit, everything is sad. According to one of them, the battalion believes that they were redirected to Donbass for slaughter. No one can leave. The dismissal report is simply burned.


Revelations of fiends: a captured militant of the national battalion “Kraken” told why they were kicked out of Kharkov two weeks ago:

“We were sent [from Kharkov] because [call sign] Konoplya started… they found seven corpses in his backyard.”



“Why did he kill them?”

“Just for no reason.”

It was the Kraken militants who were involved in one of the most scandalous episodes of this conflict: they filmed how they shot the knees of captured Russian soldiers, gouged out their eyes and simply executed them, smiling and laughing.

In the rear, apparently, they were doing the same thing

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